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  1. Simple is good. /diceroll XdX should be it, and multiplication simply based on the X values. RPers can build around that. There's no dice system inherent to CoH, of course, and shoehorning other game systems dice into CoH seems like adding more work to the request for what would be exceptionally unique needs. (For example, percentages can be accomplished of course with 1d100.)
  2. I just wanted to chime in here and say that I've spoken with a lot of RPers who would absolutely use a diceroll feature. I actually thought this already existed (beyond 1d6) because it seems so obvious in value. This should be relatively easy since it's just multiplication. I've seen this on old school MUDs. /dice 2d10 /dice 1d100 Hope this happens someday 🙂
  3. I love all the effort put into refining here. I'm also really psyched you did the Illusion Control clone cosmetic option (Mirror, etc). Please tell me there's a plan to also do this for PHANTASM and not just Phantom Army? It would be really cool to have both do this! Also, that base/mission may display bug you fixed has been a constantly complain people had since 2009, so it's super cool you fixed that one.
  4. More of the missing Preatorian NPC costume pieces should be available, including the awesome Banshee dresses.
  5. The Grim Vale The Grim Vale is a new, small, Heavy RP group (meant here as “serious, serial-based stories”) starting on the Everlasting shard of the Homecoming server. The setting is Croatoa. We’ll have characters who operate, live, or are based on the lore of the region, or characters that work well with the group’s themes. These themes can be: HORROR (scary/spooky/gothic. some monsters, or gore.) MAGIC (mythology, wizards, the afterlife, supernatural, weirdness) DRAMA (characters who are flawed, beset within the Croatoan Wa
  6. Could we have a special day where we get a ton of repeating Nemesis Invasions triggers? Some of us want the badge, and it would be amusing. Possible we could add other features to make it more special, like spawning a few Nemesis GMs or something along those lines.
  7. I think a type of temporary-spawn tailor that works just like the field craft power would be pretty sweet. That is all.
  8. Well, I guess it's not all THAT special, but due to the restraints of high-level factors (multiple sky/indoor-outdoor lighting can't exist on the same base), we were planning to make a series of bases and use the command to zip between them. This is RP stuff, so it's within the story of the group. If there was a way to make base teleporters go from one base to another, that would solve this "need" instead.
  9. That would work for me. I do love binds, but also: simplicity can still be a attitude with player controls.
  10. I really love those longer dresses that the banshees have in Preatoria. I've seen them from Paragon Chat in action. They look awesome.
  11. A bindable command that would set all 3 sound temporarily to 0. This would be a wonderful level of sound control that would allow for me to listen to sound sources more flexibly while playing the game, without having stop what I'm doing, and to take time out to manually adjust sliders, remember the numbers, and then do it again to re-enable. I suspect this might be covered in /optionsave /optionload? I guess I could look into that, although having two versions of this file means every option change needs to saved and maintained twice.
  12. The new /roleplayer command tag is really fantastic. A great idea. But I know that some people, including myself, are deterred from using it because the color is simply too dark and saturated. It's honestly very hard to read the names. If you could make it less dark, that would be awesome.
  13. I absolutely love this command. It's a gamechanger for me. I was even planning some SG content around it. I hope a solution can be found so it doesn't have to be removed entirely.
  14. A single sentence in a MOTD could communicate this, I think.
  15. This is a good idea. Zolgar's (tacky) comment does bring up some need for filtering.
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