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  1. I think its too much effort to be honest to invite multiple alts like that every time you make a new toon. No fun.
  2. Here is something we all may agree on.... account wide supergroup invites. Raise cap to five supergroups per account.
  3. Currently influence, salvage, recipes and vault reserve are held individually by each character. Would it make sense to have the influence and other currencies account wide? I draw that thought from Guild Wars 2 (NCSoft/ArenaNet)
  4. Hey Heros/Villains, This is my first half-effort for an academic argument on Homecoming Forums. I've played Peacebringer in both Homecoming and live. City of Heroes forces PB/WS users into two builds, Humans and Forms. Problem is there's not enough enhancements slots for three forms and all their powers to go around. Would it be too simple to just allow PB's and WS's to be able to unlock max (6) enhancement slots on all of their powers? Maybe for all characters and not just PB's/WS's? Make it an "Incarnate enhancement slot" unlock? Unlocked t
  5. I believe that is correct. In which case all Tanker and Brute taunt power icons should have a Targeted Area of Effect border, and Scrappers should remain unchanged with Single Target border. https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Power_Icons_Legend https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Taunt
  6. Taunt is a Targeted Area of Effect power. Most Taunt power icons in power sets are indicated as Single Target instead of Targeted Area of Effect.
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