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  1. This right here is why I had asked earlier 😉 On the whole, a goal is definitely to allow for variety with the IO system as that is a very fun part of the game. If there is something that is messing with that goal then it will be on our radar. Something that has had a little bit of focus here are the "bad" procs. The Tempest: Chance of End Drain one was brought up a few times as something that would go against the goal above as its poor performance in relation to other options effectively takes it away as a choice instead of adding to the variety of fun options. Looking
  2. Perfect, thank you and @skoryy for providing context! So, the goal with having these on the table is to get a feel for what "procs" if any are actually an issue, good or bad. What could be an issue is looking at certain categories where there are a plethora of certain options (Holds and Damage) while others are not as lucky (Fear). An other could be certain powers being able to stack up on a lot of damage procs in particular, another with how certain procs "feed" into other procs, and so on. In terms of the last question, we do and we don't at the same time. In the co
  3. Something that would be helpful to such a discussion would be actually sorting through all the "procs" and categorizing them and what they do to shed light on what is actually going on. It could be something as simple as: Category Set Proc / Bonus Accurate Healing Theft of Essence Chance of +End Accurate Healing Touch of the Nictus Chance of Negative energy damage Def Debuff Touch of Lady Grey Chance of Negative energy damage Def Debuff
  4. Many good points here, though I will echo what Powerhouse has said before: any "global" switch for KB will not only simplify the task of conversion, but simplify the animosity towards the "wrong" choice for many players given there is an even smaller "barrier". A good point raised that should be thought about is that not all KB is the same! A Single target power like Power Thrust =/= Explosive Arrow =/= Gale =/= Water Spout, and not all power sets with KB are the same either! Just look at Energy Blast vs Archery, two sets with either every power or just a single power with KB.
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