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  1. Obviously a Nemesis plot.
  2. I've only managed to donate once. I wish there was a way to subscribe to an email announcement when the window opens so I'd know to hit the donation button fast enough.
  3. So... there hasn't been any sort of update in a long, long time. What is the status of this project?
  4. You know. I think if we were just able to customize the appearance of thugs/mercs/zombies (which would probably be a huge pain in the tail, because it would require costume customization for 3? toons per mastermind) I would die happy. Also... Female Huge. And fully-open costumes, so I can use the dresses and hairstyles on male and/or huge.
  5. This, but more importantly to me would be to update the old zone content to be more in line with what "modern" MMOs have for zone content: In zone content and storylines should all REMAIN in one zone, not travel all over 10 different zones. Each archetype should have a "path" that leads through a set of zones (frequently that will be the same set of zones, but not always!) so that when leveling new toons and doing storyline content we have a reason to do the STORY content and not do radio mishes. I know the reason I mostly do radio is so I know I'm not bouncing all over 20 zones.
  6. Technically speaking, the NFL is a non-profit...
  7. After all, without the D Homecoming is sure to fail. ...I may or may not still be pondering /petitioning for my supergroup on Everlasting to be changed to "the unnegotiated D" or something.
  8. Here I was hoping they could update the graphics engine to remove an antiquated relic while they were updating the rest. This is my sadface.
  9. Except that there IS personally identifying information available. There is a delaware corporation formed. With someone who was as dogged as you are at NOT LETTING THIS GO, someone could look up who formed it and then internet stalk backwards. And then, if the HC team posted some basics like "Jimmy has worked with 4 corporate mergers before" you could cross-compare on LinkedIn and other social media platforms fairly easily and, within a matter of a day or two, the weaponized autism of the internet would know the names, home addresses, phone numbers, and credit scores of the entire H
  10. Strange question, but since my daughter's laptops both use integrated intel graphics: Will this engine update eliminate the "OpenGL" requirement? I'd love for them to be able to play CoH with me.
  11. Nice work team. This is an amazing patch. Upgrading the engine itself speaks to the long term viability of the team's plan instead of spending time tweaking game balance numbers. I'm excited.
  12. It's probably been mentioned, but the "basic" office theme. I'd like to set up a generic corporate office.
  13. And now I need a new vanity supergroup: Champions of Negotiated D. We'll be a vigilante group that kills everyone on sight and reminds them that even though YOU MIGHT THINK EVERYTHING IS AWESOME, D WAS NEGOTIATED AWAY. And when the deads' families come to ask us, "What was D?" we will stare deeply into their eyes and say, "It was everything. EVERYTHING."
  14. This actualy did it. I have a very high def screen at home and use specific size windows so I can ultra-multitask, while at work I have a smaller monitor on an older PC so I'm used to not having all the windows showing at once. It literally never occurred to me to just make the window wider.
  15. Ok, this is going to sound odd, I think. I use Firefox both at home and in my office. When I'm at home, the forum header in sub-forums is like this: And I have to click that stupid arrow for each directory to get back "up" a directory. In my office, it shows the full directory tree and I can click any point in the tree (for example, to go all the way back to the home directory of the forum). What setting do I need to enable in what thing to fix this issue?
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