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  1. It's probably been mentioned, but the "basic" office theme. I'd like to set up a generic corporate office.
  2. And now I need a new vanity supergroup: Champions of Negotiated D. We'll be a vigilante group that kills everyone on sight and reminds them that even though YOU MIGHT THINK EVERYTHING IS AWESOME, D WAS NEGOTIATED AWAY. And when the deads' families come to ask us, "What was D?" we will stare deeply into their eyes and say, "It was everything. EVERYTHING."
  3. This actualy did it. I have a very high def screen at home and use specific size windows so I can ultra-multitask, while at work I have a smaller monitor on an older PC so I'm used to not having all the windows showing at once. It literally never occurred to me to just make the window wider.
  4. Ok, this is going to sound odd, I think. I use Firefox both at home and in my office. When I'm at home, the forum header in sub-forums is like this: And I have to click that stupid arrow for each directory to get back "up" a directory. In my office, it shows the full directory tree and I can click any point in the tree (for example, to go all the way back to the home directory of the forum). What setting do I need to enable in what thing to fix this issue?
  5. ...and then have her RP walking around looking for her alternate-dimension self. She was in some kind of science experiment and some kind of chromosome changes happened. She's definitely ALL XX, but she's pretty sure the other half of her got a SUPER-DOSE of the manly genes... brb, rolling a claws/regen scrapper...
  6. Homages were always fine. But if you literally made Wolverine and named yourself WulverineXX you were 4-xure gonna get whapped with the generic bat as soon as a GM saw you. Every time. It was sort of a game for some people to see what level they could make it to before they got Generic-Batted.
  7. That's where my forum name comes from. My sister started the joke that my memory is so bad I probably have "the Mad Cow" and since I didn't get it she told me to watch Boston Legal. I love James Spader and William Shatner so I can't understand how I had never watched the show before. One quick binge later and my Steam and forum names are now "MadCow"
  8. Yup. Once Homecoming becomes an Official Thing, I believe everyone should just assume that in the deal will be "Homecoming GMs will be required to enforce known trademarks." I've mentioned it a few times. I'm actually kind of surprised they haven't had that warning go out already as a "Be Prepared for this!" to get people ready for it.
  9. https://www.washingtonpost.com/dc-md-va/2019/08/14/someone-left-old-tvs-outside-homes-virginia-while-wearing-tv-his-head-no-one-knows-why/?noredirect=on
  10. In this thread, we discover that the Titan Network designed the Titanic...
  11. And now we absolutely need the forum to use inspiration icons instead of smileys as post responses. I amend my earlier suggestion!
  12. Am I the only one that believes the "Thanks" icon in the feedback should be renamed "Trophy" or "Win" or something? Because really, that's how *I* use it, and I assume that's how everyone else is using it. So obviously, that's what needs to happen, right?
  13. Rookie. I sat out a _2_ year forum ban on Paradox. But when you've been registered on a forum for 18 years stuff like that happens. Fun side effect of that: When the HC servers came online, someone necro-posted in a thread of mine about City of Heroes and I got a notification telling me that my computer specs sucked... on a thread from 2006. Yup. 13 year thread necromancy for the win.
  14. Bingo. The doomsayers in this thread are, for once, the ones that aren't actually in touch with reality. Because if NCSoft wasn't interested in what the HC team had to offer, the cease and desist would already have been sent and the servers would have already been shut down either by the HC team themselves or by a direct C+D to the host ISPs. Which means, by textbook logic, that no C+Ds were sent. Which means that NCSoft didn't send them. And since the HC project has been about as public as a brand new MMO launch and about as stealthy as an nrg/nrg blaster.... ...I'm forced to put on my Sherlock Holmes... Once you eliminate all of the impossibilities, whatever is left, no matter how improbable, must be the truth. The truth therefore is that NCSoft sees some value in negotiating with the HC team, which means they feel like the HC project has value to NCSoft. Do I _know_ what that value is? No, I'm no in the negotiations. Can I make some reasonable guesses? Yes, and I've done so several times in this thread. Could I be mistaken about several of them? Yes. Could the entire thing fall apart at the negotiating table and result in shutdown anyway? Yes. But I'm willing to bet this story has a reasonably happy ending. Because otherwise it already would have ended. You know why? Because ending it in violent shutdown and death was the EASY solution and NCSoft already skipped past the easy solution.
  15. Trust me when I say that people will never, ever let go of their biases, not matter how many facts you put in front of them. Especially since there were two very public things that used the word "Titan". You're howling into the wind.
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