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  1. I made somewhat of a mashup. A Mu who cut his bindings with a certain axe starts to become more and more taken by his new master (need to come up with more steps between 2 and 3)
  2. Gave my AR blaster a Dredd inspired costume. This claims to be the Mechsiah, though he may not be, he may just be a very naughty bot.
  3. A handful of my current favourites. Jin Wu: Ninja/Storm MM - Hoard: my dapper mummy - Sinistar: a tiny sentient star stuck in some armour - Shotaro: I like Super Sentai, ok? - Royal Guard: I'm also a big fan of epaulettes.
  4. Here is my Assault Rifle/Fire Sentinel: Jetforce This was my attempt at a Kamen Rider inspired costume for my Staff/Regen Stalker: Reach. And this is my Dark/Martial Dominator, Yusei. I thought the Malaise pattern on the metallic skin gave a decent oil effect.
  5. Collars. Or any more options to hide the neckline.
  6. My main and namesake. This costume just evolved over time since I started playing on live, but it's one of my favourites and I fear that may be pure bias (though I have recieved some compliments here and there for it) My dark/poison corruptor, Papa Ghede. And this is Scabs. With the power of.....scabs.
  7. Not sure if this topic has come up before, but I think it would be nice for the Static Discharge in the blaster epic pool to have the option to look how it does in Dominators Electric Assault. Also thought it'd be nice for Surge of Power to have an option to not disappear when activating, like how Peacebringers can change the setting for their Light Form.
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