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  1. Agent Shifter Dual Pistols/Martial Combat Blaster
  2. Supreme Centurion Super Strength/Energy Aura Brute
  3. Miss Meteorite Energy Melee/Invunerability Brute
  4. This is a sad decision i've made😭, i will release the name "Night Avenger"
  5. I'm playing Freedom Force and I'm playing with mods. Here is the screenshot of an unlucky thug.
  6. I don't know if this is a "tip" or a useful comment. but my opinion is that it depends a lot on what you want to create and the background of your character. Personally I prefer to use 2 colors, I have few costumes in which I use more than 2 colors For exemple:
  7. To hold the weapon like this you need to use a Broadsword, Mace or Axe and activate the + zoom option that is there in the middle of the screen ( In this case the image has a - symbol because the zoom is already activated) This is the whole costume, but as it was just an idea I didn't finish it. Ullr.costume
  8. That was an old idea that I had but I wanted to post here anyway.
  9. I agree with you , the smoke aura could be used too I think but this Celestial Aura fit perfectly
  10. Well, to me its a very good costume! and its hard to create a good "plant based" costume, I really like the samurai and fighters theme, but these are the characters that I have few likes compared to others. I just wanted to say that sometimes people prefer different themes 😁
  11. @Sparrows Very Good costumes my friend. Are you Brazilian?
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