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  1. "Doctor Meltdown" Science Tanker Radiation Armor/Street Justice "Arcann" Magic Corruptor Fire Blast/Time Manipulation
  2. I understand you, a year ago i downloaded this game for the first time and created a lot of characters with cool names but i unistalled later , and now most of them are taken like my speedster "Mach Speed" one of my first heroes 😁
  3. "Alyster" Magic Controller (Illusion Control/Electrical Affinity)
  4. LOL a distant cousin 😁, still very good.
  5. I tried to create Wukong before but i couldn't find costume parts that match. That's a very good costume
  6. looks cool but you can change the colors of the thugs? i think i saw people with different thugs or im just crazy 😁
  7. I've seen similar issues with blasters, some animations are strange like the assault rifle animations
  8. "The Cyber Disciple" Technology Blaster Archery/Ninja Training
  9. "Templar Shield" I Like the idea of "Square Swords" Some Sci-fi guns Cyber Katanas and Swords And Double-Bladed Laser Staffs
  10. Well, i changed the look of Farmboy to a Jedi/Sith that I created based on the Old Republic, these are the costumes with pieces of armor Jedi/Sith
  11. I think the costumes we need the most now are weapons in the back and more backpacks
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