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  1. I look for AE missions that provide Reward Merits, Incarnate components and other types of merits or rewards other than just the xp that comes with any mission. Having played many characters.. as everyone has.. from 1 to 50 I look at the creations of AE for new experience. There are plenty of great missions there. However I find I am ticking away day job time and not getting day job rewards for completing missions (such as Brain Storms). I wouldn't mind if there were other rewards to get.. a Reward Merit or 3 for an arc of missions. .. Maybe some incarnate components. Is there a search criteri
  2. I did miss normal flight speed will be faster for the description on page 1 under Fly reading "speed cap boost" instead of "speed". I understood speed cap to mean speed cap (the maximum the value could be; not any current value lower than what I understand cap to mean). You mentioning here my new Fly speed will be closer to my old Afterburner speed was the enlightenment. I had to go back to page 1 and find where you read this. I located the detail under Evasive Maneuvers. There, under a power that is not Fly is stated that the old Afterburner speed boost will be built into Fly. I made error ex
  3. Thanks for the information about evasive maneuvers replacement power still being able to accept enhancements. That is a relief. Related to buff vs. nerf; I had not thought of the change being either. The speed is buffed; the duration is nerfed. More speed for less duration is what I mentioned not preferring. I would give up the increased speed to keep afterburner always on. I've tested and calculated a flight from the north wall of Independence Port to the door of the magic store there (2.77 miles away). The character used has a flight speed of 58.63 mph (0.0162 miles per second) and an afterb
  4. Afterburner is becoming a free popup power. Does this mean it will no longer be able to be enhanced with a Luck of the Gambler global recharge rate? Many of my builds are just on the edge of permanent clicks.. hasten.. boost range.. most of those builds are not going to be able to find another defensive power to squeeze in to accept the enhancement. Dang.. it's not broken.. don't fix it.
  5. I don't care for the afterburner change of timed duration being half of its new cool down coming. I'd give up the extra speed it will have for 30 seconds to keep afterburner always on.
  6. My Mids v3.0.4.7 loads characters with the yellow proc radio buttons on. Though only a minor inconvenience I've been searching for a way to make procs default off until I decide to click on the button. Is there a way to keep the proc buttons from always being on when loading a build?
  7. Some of my builds run tight on requirements. I rely on observation of slot placement levels a lot to ensure something like recovery is enough up through the levels of a new character advancing. I figured out a fairly easy solution to hold me over until this particular kink is ironed out. I list the power levels (1,2,4,6.. 33,35,38..) in a column in a spreadsheet I always have in the background when playing. Pencil and paper would be just as well. Beside that column are listed the power names I've chosen at each level. In a third column are the level numbers where I actually want slots pla
  8. I remember before auto sidekick a friend brought a lower level stone tanker to our weekly team. Most of us were on the usual rampage moving as fast as they could. .. So fast they missed defeating the mob the stone tank was holding; a mob 7 levels higher than the tank. He mentioned he could use some help killin 'em but there was no hurry; the mob wasn't hurting him either. Awesome tanking. I never made a Stone tank though; I couldn't bring myself to spend an hour on a good costume just to end up looking like the same rock monster as every other stone character. I may die in horribly twisted way
  9. Thank you so much. That did it. Finding the config.json file took a moment.. windows file search returned 0 results. I would never have known to delete that file. I'll be putting these instructions in my SG message of the day. Who but a programmer would know to delete one extra file after uninstalling a program? That may be something to develop for an uninstall option in the builder itself for us dummies.
  10. Thanks. There's my trouble. I downloaded mids from I may find from where to download before you get back. However might you let me know where that download is from?
  11. I'm sorry I should have mentioned that's the first thing I tried before posting. Just a few moments ago I clicked Check for Updates Now under Options again. The return is "No update is available at this time." The update url I have is https://midsreborn.com/mids_updates/update.xml Is that the correct url?
  12. Brute archtype origins are unable to both be slotted. That is to say for example a Brute's Fury accuracy/damage cannot be slotted if an Unrelenting Fury is already placed in a power. An error window titled "Can't Slot Enhancement" reads "Brute's Fury: Accuracy/Damage is mutually exclusive with enhancements in the ArchtypeF group. You can only slot one member of this group across your entire build." I get ArchtypeA in the explanation when Unrelenting Fury is the enhancement placed first. Before I go exploring through the database editor I was wondering if this is supposed to be. Other archtypes
  13. Yes; really. .. And ya don't know why.. do ya? Why would anyone use so many words? Hmmm.. moving on.
  14. Nope. You're not alone here. My empathy defender felt useless back in 2008 or somewhere around there. I'd emote reading a newspaper while teammates plowed the road. Healing others became unnecessary. We gotta remember, however, the game ended before new challenges came along. With whatever battles Homecoming fights with NcSoft hope is not lost we will eventually see these new challenges should our guys get some kind of creative rights finally. What I found enjoyment doing is taking that then useless defender to lower levels; exemplar to new players. Defending them as they learned. .. And there
  15. Great Maker not another one. How do you understand "every team" from my description? The ONE particular blaster I described needs a teammate that can hold aggro. On a team of all blasters the build I made is going to be the one getting aggro. It will be doing the most damage. Mobs spawned to match team sizes greater than 3 are gonna cut it down without someone having ability to capture aggro. The blaster is built that way on purpose. Damage, recharge, recovery and more damage. It has an accidental 6% resistance to energy negative and just as accidental 6% defenses. This ONE blaster is meant fo
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