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  1. Even though I tend to minmax 90% of the characters I play, I keep getting drawn back to MA just because of how fluid and smooth it is. For that reason, I end up sticking with the classic Thunder Kick/Storm Kick/Crane Kick chain, I just love the flow. I even love how Crane Kick's knockback works, it's the one time in the game I tolerate moving something out of AOE range, just because of how good it feels (that said, the KB to KD converter still becomes a necessity eventually). So I'm very down for keeping MA as my "rule of cool" set, even if the numbers just don't quite add up to some of the
  2. I'm really enjoying all the new customization options for power pools, inherents, stances, etc. I was wondering how feasible it might be to provide customization options for powers that are granted by enhancements? For example, the Lockdown: Chance for +2 Mag Hold enhancement, when it procs, causes the target to be enveloped in the default purple electric hold animation. It would be neat if there were a way to customize the colors or style of this as well.
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