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  1. Smoke went from "wtf does this even do?" to "we're not getting hit at all" with fire/forcefield controller
  2. I agree with most of the uncapitalized letters in your post. un guarde! /s 😄
  3. I had got around the end drain with pairing electric control/FF controller's aura. not a fender, but there are ways to make repel field work Edit: Oh...yes it takes KD/KB conversion, tried that too of course~ Sudden Acceleration set
  4. Yes~the 500 vet level FF defender is mine from the other thred. The threat/agro generated seems to "pull" everything in right after buffing teamates. There is a connection between FB tapping mobs, buffing teamates, and agro "flags" i regularly exploit to do it. Its a strange effect, like they "wake up" suddenly and come running in. edit: I feel like when this comes up it resembles similar times from years ago. I don't want to be like "yo, i'm right, check out my lvls", that's dismissing to your input in a way. I believe we've seen similar tactics which makes expla
  5. the mobs pause from being At agro Cap - I know it. to overcome the pause on the return trip after touching them with force bubble, the agro "transfers" to teammates after buffing them. The team takes on the agro as a whole after buffing teamates. The whole cycle is run/fly into several mobs, FB toggled.-- come back and buff team. mobs will run in for the whole team. turn off FB~
  6. To get the most out of FF, it can be utilized like "team of tanks" where everyone pulls from everywhere and converges onto one point-tank. Team with HARDcap defense can do that, the bubbler can make the team capped out on defense---its a beautiful thing to see in action. this gets past that pesky 16mob agro cap, you see? Like Octopus Arms
  7. Wav-burger-sensai, we meet again 😄 . (Xalus)
  8. Force bubble's strength is how big it is. It is an agro-magnet that can pull lots of mob groups at once, on the return trip the agro has to be transfered to the rest of the team to pull above the cap. *Its the opposite of what you think it should be.* When you have a 1. Dispersion bubble for anti mez, on you and team 2. Forcebubble active/deactivated in a controlled toggle as if it were a taunt aura 3. Team buffs that'll not only softcap, but hardcap potential for the entire team, for 4 whole minutes the shields are active. ....all of these fa
  9. Gimmicky powers are what make the set viable to controllers/masterminds in some cases that I like to build characters around. I use some gimmicks conceptual builds like Elec/FF controller with repel field/knockdown + that aura that drains endurance. I would be upset if they were drastically changed if the concepts I played with for years no longer worked properly, but not so sour about it if they worked 'better' than they do currently.
  10. the art isn't lost! only patched over a few times 😄
  11. the oldschool method before the pbaoe team bubble change was 4 minutes for each shield applied. Made it quite weird buffing cycle of Powerboost + 4x shields on teamates, then 2 minutes wait for power boost to come back up to buff the remaining 4 players. When I came back I was in shock after finding out it went from single shield to the team targeted aoe it is now. Super QoL addition, not sure who did that but that was 70% the bubbler's work at least in those days. Way back there was a program called herostats anyone could remember - that kept a timer on screen for various buffs, kinda l
  12. there is likely 4 parallel dimensions of AE content I have never witnessed
  13. How do you like playing with beam on FF? I've wondered a lot how fast disintegrate comes into play after the whole luck of gamblers 7.5s peppered into the build
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