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  1. I play an Ice / Emp controller and Ice is a decent set. There are a few powers in the set that I wouldn't consider Mandatory to take, so you can concentrate on survivability by taking either the Fighting pool with Tough & Weave, or go with another pool. The key for an effective Ice control Controller is situational awareness and power placement. Arctic Air is definitely a necessity but it's also an endurance hog. Ice Slick can delay enemies long enough that you can finish off a mob while they are all falling down, and Glacier can freeze them in their tracks allowing you time for you and Jack Frost to finish off mobs before moving to the next. It isn't an out & out decent damage set like fire control but it has its strengths.
  2. Win 10 Pro ver 1903 CPU: Intel I-7 4770 @ 3.5 GHZ Video Card: EVGA 2770 (Driver Ver. 436.48 *Current*) 32 GB RAM
  3. Personally I'd like to see some new story Arcs. I think it'd be interesting to bring Sister Psyche back but without / or altered Powers (Either by making her into the Signature Sentinel Character, or if no powers, Make her into Maniticore's Equal Partner)
  4. Personally I'd wish they'd add a bar or 2 to the 3 that you can already Display
  5. Here's my 2 Influence: I think Training Enhancements are fine up to level 10. It helps newer players get the hang of slotting, and it doesn't punish you if you make too big a mistake in slotting. Newer players also can't send themselves millions in INF so they could fully slot SO's at level 10, so TO's are still a necessary evil. Yes Training Enh suck, but the mobs are scaled around TO's until around lvl 15 ish when the Cheaper and not as good SO's become available anyway.
  6. Dr. Illuminatis here. Was on Justice with the CHROME super Group Characters: Dr. Illuminatis Kitty Blizzard Ice Veil Avian Woman Aviator X
  7. I'd prefer that Ms. Liberty take up the FP Tanker Status, have the new Fan created character join the Vindicators. -It would make more sense story wise to handle it this way, and it could be used as a good story arc where finally we get a Sidekick character that takes over for their mentor. Story wise have some incarnate energy infect the Liberty Belt, which alters Ms. Liberty's powers to a more tanker type set. Have the fan created character be part of the arc as well. The end result would be Ms. Liberty joining the FP, and being the Incarnate signature character, with the Fan made character joining the Vindicators.
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