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  1. Sets are designed to be played with, and balanced around SOs. This to be taken into account whenever balancing a set or reworking a set to bring it to a point where it can function. SS as it works right now, sort of functions, due to the lower-DPA/DPS nature of its attacks, and essentially only functions decently / well due to Rage. So, either the powers need to be adjusted appropriately in terms of base damage, the attacks given an AoE like Rad Melee is with successive hits to help with it's lack of AoE outside of Foot Stomp. Rage should I think, function kind of like how the Adaptations do for Bio Armor, except being on-use ability, rather than a toggle, activating it gives a flat -10% all res except Psi, -10% all def since you're recklessly going into battle, or focused on only hitting the enemy as HARD as possible. Giving it some -recover or flat endurance increases for SS attacks, which can be mitigated by either picking a set where it gives you additional recovery, or grants endurance based on say, Consume, Power Sink, or simply SOing more endurance reduction in the attacks, or additional recovery enhancements into Stamina, and furthermore enables the small PbAoE's for it's Single Target attacks / +damage boost, with the damage crash applying whenever the buff falls off, and can no longer be stacked, retaining the enormous boost in damage / ToHit, with the base increases to the individual powers to begin with to compensate for the loss of stacking. I think this would be a middle ground between most of the suggestions put forth so far.
  2. I certainly prefer the snipes as they currently exist, but as a compromise. I'd like Targeting Drone to auto-give you the fast snipe, as it has no Build Up, it does a flat damage increase to snipes somewhat as it is as I remember, but nothing really enough to be happy about. Devices is already sort of in a rough spot / under-tuned and that was it's gimmick with the Insta-Snipe rework when the blaster changes came about since it was so easy to acquire it.
  3. wtb concrete pieces / chunks / sewer items from Praetoria. I'd -really- love the Vanguard pillars. (Won't let me directly post pictures, says the data folder is full on this thread.)
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