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  1. I suppose we'll need to work in Tough, Weave, Maneuvers, Tactics into being inherent too, since practically everyone takes them, or removing them from the game and balancing powers with higher values to start and modifying enemies to work with these new values, or lowering enemy values / accuracy / ToHit , etc to compensate. Granted they did this for Fitness, but literally 99.9% of the player base took it, and is the entire basis of how a character works with endurance management and HP. You don't -need- hasten, it's just nice to have. I can't say i'd be for removing Hasten, or asking the developers to rework the entire game around it not existing, or rolling it into a inherent. The amount of effort needed, as opposed to new content, or fixing things like Trick Arrow, Super Strength's Rage and the fact that it props up the otherwise incredibly weak set, the crash, Energy Melee having one AoE if you aren't a Stalker-- is preferable than finding a way to make the game not function without hasten or with hasten as an inherent, even if it was necessary to do.
  2. The only suggestion I would make, in particular to Everfreefire's comment? Is just changing the Aura IOs to something else entirely, such as pet debuff resist, chance for damage, pet chance for debuff, such as -DMG or -Recharge. The existing Aura IOs would just be rolled into pet upgrades. 10% Res / 5% All Def, but I think that was the intent of Everfreefire? Pets just need to be equal level to the MM to remain relevance in late game or have something else tagged onto them in iTrial content other than the level shifts they share with the MM, as they still can have trouble hitting things / low damage to begin with. These suggestions are quite good. However, I would make Serum a passive bonus, with an active effect, akin to Fortify Pack, affecting all the pets, with a lockout period of 60s, so you can't abuse Burnout. 100% regen base, with it going up to 200% regeneration when the active effect is used. +5% ToHit, +10% ToHit when active. +5% All Res, +10% Res when active. +10% Max HP (strictly passive, no effect from the active component) +Mez Prot while Active. It currently slots Resistance IOs, Endurance IOs and ToHit IOs and SOs. Should remain as such. 7m CD, 1m active effect. Medic loses Frag Grenade for Smoke Grenade. Soldiers gain the Frag Grenades instead to help with AoE. Soldiers alternatively have a Medic, Soldier, and a Heavy. The Gunner would use the Resistance Heavy's gun, granted the energy bolts could be recolored to be grey / LRM rockets in appearance for the auto-fire, it's kind of like a auto-cannon instead of a energy weapon, the sounds are by in largely perfect. Spec Ops gain Venom Grenade from Upgrade at 32 at lower -Res values. Spec Ops retains the snipe, the sound is iconic. Alternatively. Spec Ops changed to have a Marksman (unsure of what powers he'd get outside of Sniper Rifle attacks perhaps something akin to Piercing Shot for -Res, Cyro Round, Incendiary Round, HE Round (TAoE), and and the original Spec Ops. Commando works fine outside of the long recharge on LRM Rocket, Flamethrower needs a lower-cast time. And if possible? I'd LOVE for them to properly shoulder weapons like Beam Rifle does--granted that'd be fine as a customization option so people can keep the 80's Hipfire if they want to. Target Caps should certainly be addressed, they're quite low as I recall. Number values in themselves also just need upping. I'd really like them to get Smoke Flash as an inherent, and the power filled with something else entirely, unsure what to replace it with though.
  3. Morning, i'll have to re-level a character to confirm this but, I essentially used the commands to level a brand new character to 50, a Robotics/Electric Affinity Mastermind to be specific, and then used the badge grant to give me access to Patron pools. I was unable to choose a patron or epic power pool like you normally could on later Issues, and was using the older level requirements. Going to make another Robotics/Electric Affinity MM, before trying on other ATs or power sets that aren't the new power set to see if this is an isolated case or not. --- Seems to be an isolated case. Weird, will repeat.
  4. Because it's a good idea, FF isn't that great of a set and it would dramatically increase it's utility outside of just bringing +Defense, a Mez Protection Toggle, some endurance heavy CC and a capture that isn't all that great in general practice. Having force fields absorb and deflect damage seems reasonable, and fits within the set theme overall.
  5. Looks good, but if I may make a few suggestions myself. Force Bolt - +Absorb, Knockback, - Accepts Accurate Healing sets, , Damage Sets, Healing Sets, and Knockback sets. Now able to target Allies, adds an Absorb to an ally or acts as normal against enemies, akin to Injection in the Medicine Power Pool. Def. need it's costs adjusted. Detention Field - Slow Movement, Immobilize, -Recharge. - Accepts Slow Movement, Immobilization sets. I really don't like how it currently functions, and wouldn't mind it being a temporary toggle, or a placed intangibility along the lines of Dimension Shift where players can still affect the enemies if they want by entering the area, via the expert control of the Force Fields. Repulsion Bomb - +Absorb, Knockback, Disorient (Mag 2) - Accepts Accurate Healing sets, Healing sets, Damage sets, and Disorient sets. Same concept as Force Bolt, except it gives a Targeted AoE absorb from it's target to allies / original ally, retaining it's KB / damage on foes regardless of target. Definitely needs it's costs adjusted. Force Bubble - +Absorb, Slow Movement, +All Resists (but Psi) -Fly, -Max Run, -Jump Height, -Max Jump - Accepts Healing Sets, Slow Movement Sets, Knockback Sets. I wouldn't mind it being a toggle ticking +Absorb, Slow Movement, -Fly, -Jump Mag, -RunSpd for 10s after leaving the bubble, and +All Resist except Psi for allies in it's aura, since attacks would be substantially slowed down by the attacks and thus do less damage. in addition to it's KB, granted the Repel should go in my humble opinion. Endurance Cost reduced to .45 Area reduced to 25ft.
  6. I personally would prefer it to scale fully with damage, as a DoT, however, basing it on current Endurance, I haven't had time to test this (as it takes me forever to download even a gig, let alone beta, as i'm still downloading it on my garbage internet), does the current endurance thing work like this? ToHit Check - > Grants Endurance - > Checks Current End - > Damage Dealt. It having a decent radius, 15ft - 20ft radius, some base up-front damage, fully scalable by enhancements and +DMG buffs + DoT based on current endurance, would be my take on it I think. Having it critically strike would be preferable, to put it in line with other existing AoEs outside of those done via psuedopets. Having Touch of Fear turned into an AoE DoT / Fear would I think alleviate some of the AoE issues, perhaps using Dark Assault's Engulfing Darkness with a Radius 10 instead of 15, and maybe named Engulfing Terror, which would also give the Stalker AT an AoE that it's sorely lacking from Dark Melee. It'd be a back loaded AoE, but it'd be something other than just Shadow Maul.
  7. Can't say I have any problems playing Mercenaries, especially after some of the AI improvements. Here's what I use. Traps is certainly not recommended for newer players, as it requires a lot of investment to make phenomenal, it comes into it's own at 16 and 20, when it gets Force Field Generator and Poison Trap. I use Soul Mastery for Oppressive Gloom, Dark Embrace and Soul Storm for additional CC. But if you aren't comfortable with that, Mace Mastery for Scorpion Shield does allow you to grab some other powers since Power Boost doesn't do much for you. Mastermind - Mercenaries - Traps - Soul Mastery - Kesh.mxd
  8. Sets are designed to be played with, and balanced around SOs. This to be taken into account whenever balancing a set or reworking a set to bring it to a point where it can function. SS as it works right now, sort of functions, due to the lower-DPA/DPS nature of its attacks, and essentially only functions decently / well due to Rage. So, either the powers need to be adjusted appropriately in terms of base damage, the attacks given an AoE like Rad Melee is with successive hits to help with it's lack of AoE outside of Foot Stomp. Rage should I think, function kind of like how the Adaptations do for Bio Armor, except being on-use ability, rather than a toggle, activating it gives a flat -10% all res except Psi, -10% all def since you're recklessly going into battle, or focused on only hitting the enemy as HARD as possible. Giving it some -recover or flat endurance increases for SS attacks, which can be mitigated by either picking a set where it gives you additional recovery, or grants endurance based on say, Consume, Power Sink, or simply SOing more endurance reduction in the attacks, or additional recovery enhancements into Stamina, and furthermore enables the small PbAoE's for it's Single Target attacks / +damage boost, with the damage crash applying whenever the buff falls off, and can no longer be stacked, retaining the enormous boost in damage / ToHit, with the base increases to the individual powers to begin with to compensate for the loss of stacking. I think this would be a middle ground between most of the suggestions put forth so far.
  9. I certainly prefer the snipes as they currently exist, but as a compromise. I'd like Targeting Drone to auto-give you the fast snipe, as it has no Build Up, it does a flat damage increase to snipes somewhat as it is as I remember, but nothing really enough to be happy about. Devices is already sort of in a rough spot / under-tuned and that was it's gimmick with the Insta-Snipe rework when the blaster changes came about since it was so easy to acquire it.
  10. wtb concrete pieces / chunks / sewer items from Praetoria. I'd -really- love the Vanguard pillars. (Won't let me directly post pictures, says the data folder is full on this thread.)
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