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  1. The first time I soloed Kahn, the Reichsman fight took an hour 15 about. I used the temp only once. Burk's follow up explains why. Practically, you probably never actually saw it reset. You may be mistaking it for unstoppable, which he pops constantly throughout the fight.
  2. First blind test on my fire/fire blaster was 4:34. I used ageless core, had assault hybrid passive (not clicked), alpha and interface slotted, no other incarnates. (+4x8 and EB, as per what Kanil said in discord.) There were lots of mistakes. Lost at least 20 seconds chasing down a boss who ran away. Had a few attack chain mistakes, didn't prioritize bosses well at all, and some movement inefficiencies. Will try again in the future. I expect to get at least sub 4 with a little practice.
  3. For us, it was actually a last minute switch when someone couldn't make it, based on the available characters. Swapping the defender for a mm was better than dropping a fire/fire or one of the corruptors :P But to do a bit of performance analysis: Mechanically, mms have the highest st dps ceiling in the game, the challenge is getting the pets to the right location in time and keeping them buffed (especially because external buffs are dropped on rezone). Therefore, in practice, I think they do well in tfs with lots of avs and incan chaining, like mltf. However, they work very poorly
  4. Old record, but pre video ban: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0FnrN69L10
  5. Counter proposal: no blaster runs :) And for reference, our team ran 2x fire/fire blaster fire/cold corr fire/kin corr plant/fire dom demons/sonic mm We did originally plan to run a defender, but on account of some rl issues, we had some last minute team comp switch ups. (Huge thank you to Burk for filling in for us last minute!) Thank you Mojo for all the work you put into the event!
  6. Update: Some testing and data from pre i27. It does indeed appear that procs in cauterizing aura have changed, perhaps unintentionally. First, here is a chatlog from 8/28/2020 proving that cauterizing aura used to proc without hitting mobs. I was hitting no mobs here, or else the log would report hit rolls and damage. This is an ice/fire blaster, so theft of essence can only be slotted in cauterizing aura. Note line 33 where it procs. Now here I demonstrate that cauterizing aura is procing when it is hitting enemies. In this screenshot, cauterizing is slotte
  7. Edit: I did something really stupid and left procs in health/stamina without thinking, so that wasn't procing on cauterizing. I unslotted them from health and I'm actually not seeing procs on cauterizing while idle. The strange thing is I am like 99% sure this was not true in the past, because I remember testing proc rates of these things while idling in my base. I am certain these were going off in cauterizing because I was specifically noting theft of the essence proc rates, which cannot go in health. Whereas now I am not getting a single theft of the essence proc. I will test later while hi
  8. Look at this man just slaughtering me like that.
  9. Both of these are not much of an issue on a full team where you can divide up in a predetermined way, but solo, they are huge. I was extremely lucky on my current solo ITF and LGTF records. Had the linear cyst map on ITF. LGTF could have been better, but glacia was just one spawn point of backtracking, and thankfully I checked backwards first. Kahn also has some map rng on mission 3, but it's not too bad if you memorize all the maps and the Franz and glowie locations. The real craziness, though, is when you do a solo run so many times that you start talking about hit roll rng. Like
  10. When (in some distant future) the video ban is lifted, you will get to see first hand 🙂 (I have a recording of mine which I will post on youtube once I'm able. Although Bloodom has already destroyed my time because he's a monster. I'm sure he also has a recording.) In the meantime, enjoy this glorious screenshot of how I attacked the eb phase in mission 1:
  11. Sounds like this is about Synapse? I soloed Synapse in 29 mins (screenshot in the previous page). A team of 3 beat me by about a minute or two iirc. So sub 30 is possible. I personally expect a duo to achieve the best possible time. Getting into the low 20s should be possible. When I review my video, I can add up all the tiny mistakes I made an estimate what an ideal run could have looked like. It's at least like 3 minutes faster. Thing with Synapse though, is that map rng is big. Some of the kill all maps are much smaller than others. I restarted the tf like 10 times in a row the
  12. ZeeHero, Jimmy has asked us not to call out people publicly. As I see it, calling out a specific channel whose leadership is already publicly cited in this thread is tantamount to calling out those individuals as being toxic. I would rather not have any more drama aired than is necessary, but in light of the discussion you prompted, I'll just say a few things: 1. Everlasting TFs is a public channel, not a private one. Anyone is free and encouraged to join. The purpose is to foster an active community for players of all levels around scheduled endgame content. 2. In spite of the channel's publi
  13. I actually don't have a fire/ice blaster, you must be thinking of either my fire/fire blaster or my fire/cold corruptor. I have soloed a lot of content on both of these. I've done solo speedruns of most endgame task forces on the fire/fire. I also mained an ill/rad for a while when I first joined Homecoming, and successfully soloed a lot of content on this, including speedruns of LGTF (27 mins). As for MLTF and Kahn, I have soloed both. I did MLTF in 31 mins on my fire/fire and Kahn in 16 mins on my fire/cold, and I know Bloodom soloed Kahn on his fire/fire in a faster time. Long a
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