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  1. That’s the thread where I learned about that dome. All the time I spend in AP and I never noticed it on my own. A quality read. Here it is.
  2. This is excellent info about converting for newer players or those that have minimal knowledge about it. Go. Convert. Make Influence.
  3. A true hero would never turn evil even if it meant bettering himself.
  4. Good thing I ate before reading this thread. Also what is more superheroey than knocking something back with your power? Spoiler alert NOTHING. Just my opinion.
  5. Is it a blaster? If so I say stay away from Ice. I mean Ice on a blaster totally rocks but it will permanently spoil you. You get 3 fast activating blasts, an awesome and fast recharging Hold that OH BTW does excellent damage on its own and one of the(if not the) highest damage dealing nukes. Combined with the secondary that allows to you slow everything down while you punch and slash them down with your sword. Also not to mention making a patch of ice that they can not stop slipping on as the try (and fail) to run from the ice storm you conjured up. Yessiree stay far away from Ice is My advice. JK I love, love, love ice on a blaster. Have a blast (pun intended) with it.
  6. The only thing I needed to learn from this thread is that @Haijinx has, like myself, great taste in music. RIP DIO.
  7. Thank you guys for all the various different ways I can play the game. I really love the game and have been playing since 2004 when it first started. Having it back is a great thing. Know that when it came back I had hoped that I would play with my daughter who is currently 12 years old. However no matter how hard I tried I could not get her to play for longer than 10-15 minutes and now she won’t even play it at all. That really crushed me. Curse you Roblox! So I will look into some ways you guys suggested and go about it (playing) a different way. I think I definitely need to start teaming as I find I generally just solo and that might be some of my problem.I said I wouldn’t do that when I started up on Homecoming and yet here I am doing just that. Something something about old habits hard to break…
  8. How do you guys keep that kind of interest in this game? I struggle trying to stay interested in it. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. I love the game but sometimes it just seems like it’s the same thing over and over and over again. And this is only while playing maybe 8 to 10 hours a week and that’s a good week.
  9. Last time I checked Superman came to earth in a SPACESHIP. Spaceships generally involve SCIENCE. Therefore I see him as SCIENCE ORIGIN. No ship no Superman. On a side note almost all my characters are science origin as well because most of them have had something happen to give them said powers. Don't blame me. Instead blame Stan Lee for creating the greatest superhero ever, Spider-man. There I said it you happy?
  10. This sounds like a fun idea and it may spark me to try some ATs that I never would have tried and also bring some interest back to the game. I find with this game I either love it or I’m bored of it and it just keeps going up and down up and down Like a kiddy roller coaster. I will do everything exactly as you said it but I will randomize the primary and secondary by pulling out of a hat and just eliminating when I’ve used one up.
  11. This is a common trick that your contacts like to play on you. Right before they give you the hunting mission they contact the villains and tell them to hide. Prove me wrong.
  12. In game its when people are recruiting for a team and you send a message asking if there is still room or if they will let you join on an alt and they never respond to you. Out of game its when my wife complains non stop about how much she dislikes her job but then gets irate at me when I tell her to find a new one.
  13. Like when all you really want to do is jump in game and play and your wife/girlfriend has other ideas and they’re not the fun kind of ideas you really want to do with them.
  14. The players must be feeling rather mischievous tonite.
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