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  1. Lot of good info here. Ty all. I will see if I can update the wiki with some info that is missing. Can we do that? I will keep trucking on and by using my 50 blaster with Ouro I will see which contacts I need to talk to and keep a list like Oxmox did.
  2. The problem with using that page is it sends me to a lot of the contacts that run basic missions and not story arcs. I do appreciate the feedback but I was looking for someone that had already done the story arcs the way I’m doing them (in lvl range)to possibly tell me the order that they did them in or to possibly just list them.
  3. I could definitely play this game solo as I solo all my missions anyway and really just team up on task forces. However that being said I do enjoy reading the chat as other people talk. So I probably would miss that but it wouldn’t stop me from playing. In addition I could also do without the incarnate system, PVP as well as all the villain stuff including the ATs. I only make heroes anyhow.
  4. I am wondering if anyone has a list of current story-arcs from lvl 1-50. Paragon Wiki has a bunch but is also missing some that I have already done in AP lvl range 1-6. It doesn't even show 2 that I know of in KR either. I am trying to do all the arcs as I bring up my STJ/EA scrapper curently lvl 6. I have done the following: AP Matt habashy Aaron Thiery Officer Fields Twinshot 1st arc next is at 10 I have done these on another alt before rerolling to my current alt and will hit them next KR Sandra Costel Eagle Eye Any info is appreciated. I want to do them as I lvl and not thru Ouro if possible. I am disabling xp as needed. I have a couple 50's and am in no rush with this one as I am really enjoying this guy. I know at certain lvls you get contacts for zones like First ward and such so I am mainly interested in the contacts I would not ordinarily get as I level up. Thank you
  5. Ty for the info. It will help me build a controller that I hope I can take to 50. I only plan on playing it while teamed with my daughter.
  6. I am a blaster at heart. Now that the Halloween event is here my daughter has gotten very interested in the game. She loves the TOT aspect (gotta admit so do I). She has made a scrapper and I decided to make a support character to compliment her. I have chosen Ice control because I love the ice theme. I am most likely going to pair it with radiation(seems like this is a good all around secondary). Since I have never played a controller past lvl 10 I am looking for advice for either the Ice primary or Rad secondary(skippable powers, must haves etc). If there is a secondary that we will benefit from better please bring that to my attention. We will primarily duo but my hope is that we will eventually join TFs once we get the grasp of our characters. Ty for any advice you all give.
  7. Man I must be an oddball because I rarely if ever make multiple costumes for my characters. I try to get it just right at creation and just stick with it. Guess my imagination needs an imagination!
  8. What stinks the most is I really enjoyed all the characters you used. Everytime I thought I saw them all another familiar face came up. Is there any other way to get you the info besides discord? I don't use it currently and prefer not to. If there is not it's no biggie. But man I would love to see Agent R22 in there.
  9. I just bought a new (used)PC at a local computer show. Mine was messing up bad and about 12-15 years old. It took roughly 1 hr ish to reinstall and play again. I have DSL if that helps you gauge it. I just let it go and did some chores in the meantime. No longer that 2 hrs though.
  10. Thank you for the advice. I have made a build with at least 45% Def to all 3 positionals and decent, albeit not great, resists. Also picked up 200+ hp along the way using no purples or ATOs. Being that shield has plenty of places to slot LOTGs I do not need grant cover for that(I have all 5 slotted). My last selection is SJ so I may choose Grant instead. I will see how it plays out on test before finalizing it. In addition I most likely will not incarnate this guy. My Ice blaster is getting that honor. However who knows I may like Macing peoples faces off. LOL
  11. Hey there fellow brutes. I am a blaster at heart but want to experience the game from the mosh pit instead of the seats lol. I have decided on a War Mace brute. I am also liking the Shield secondary for thematic reasons and they look cool. Can someone (or a lot of folks) give me some guidance on how to slot up Shield. I am currently 16 from DFBs. I am pretty good at putting builds together - for blasters anyhow - but since I am newer to the melee game I would just like some advice. I do not plan to farm but would like to do +8/+0(or +1/-1 if necessary) stuff solo. I solo my missions but do like to team up for the TFS. Basically what I need to know is should I go for Defense or Resistance or try to get both. Any other tips/tricks are encouraged. Thank You
  12. I agree. I'm so happy that the Devs keep doing phenomenal work for this game.
  13. Wow! Did not expect so many replies to this thread. Now that I read it all I'm very clear on what I need to do. Thank you everybody for all the information you've definitely helped me out a lot.
  14. Thank you for the reply. I also slot my character as I lvl with sets to take advantage of bonuses. As I am not 50 yet I will just wait and continue on. Since I have dabbled in the conversion market and have some Inf I will attune future alts. Ty for clarifying it for me.
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