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  1. It’s a steroid and I understand your situation but trust me I have suffered multiple multiple times. It is the best option available as it starts to work as soon as you take it and by the next morning you feel a lot better.
  2. From my recollection hot water does take the itch away for a while. I suffered many summers with it and would take very hot showers for a bit of relief. But that was me. I learned how to identify it and as an HVAC tech it is the first thing I look for when walking to a condenser.
  3. Get the prednisone it magic for the ivy
  4. Happened to me a few times when I was younger. I couldn’t even make a fist. To make it worse when it dried and started going away all the skin on my hands peeled. That was a fun school experience. Today though there’s prednisone. Back then it was calamine lotion😝. Remember that useless crap?
  5. Finally someone who appreciates Hawkeye the way I do. Here’s to you my good man.
  6. Didn’t read all 9 pages but since there are 25 posts per page that means there are a lot of old foagies playing this game.
  7. This is me as well. I personally have never had an issue with anyone nor have I ever seen anybody being treated rudely In a chat channel.
  8. It is fun whacking villains with a big mace. Currently lvl 10 and doing the Hollows arcs. Plan to go to Faultline after that as I can not remember if I ever did them on live.
  9. After reading this thread I myself was inclined to make a character named Alabama Slamma. A warmace /willpower brute. I’ve constantly wanted to try warmace but kept stalling now that I have a cool name I hopefully will take this one all the way.
  10. I had some time to play so I logged in with my level 29 energy blaster. A level 25 team was looking for more and normally I don’t join random teams unless it’s a TF or an SBB but I said what the hell I’m trying to turn over a new leaf. I did tell the team when I joined that I would be doing knockback but nobody seem to mind. I did about five missions total and while people came and went there was no drama just a bunch of heroes doing hero things. The main point is that it was fun . So I guess you get out what you put in. I will be more open to Radio/tip team invites In the future. Hopefully they all go this way. I do have my doubts but we will see.
  11. This is what happened to me when I attempted to try Gold side. I kept getting lost in the tunnels so like any good quitter I quit Gold and went back Blue side. Now I play so rarely that it doesn't even matter.
  12. Glad to see you found your way back to Paragon City. Enjoy the ride.
  13. Glad to see you are sticking it out.
  14. I always thought it went Six to one half dozen to another. Anyway back to topic. Since I love the blaster I vote for blaster. Oh crap you want an unbiased opinion. Well then blaster it is.
  15. Honestly since I run mostly blasters I have no problem with someone announcing they are about to cast a buff that would help me. That being said on my only support character(at this time) I have stopped announcing "gather for AM" and just try to cast it when the team is closest together.
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