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    I am returning to the game after a break and had a concept for this combo as well. I am very informed about Ice but I have never used Martial so I have a few questions. How does Burst of speed get slotted, with procs or a set? Do you toggle off reaction time to get a bump to recharge or just leave it on? As a sustain it does not ever get toggled off by itself correct ie run out of end, mezzed etc? TY
  2. For some reason I can not seem to update the mids using Boppers links. Can someone please assist me as I enjoy creating builds in Mids then go in game and create the character. I want to utilize the changes that I27 brought.
  3. For some reason I cannot start a thread in the mids subforum. In addition I can not seem to update the mids using Boppers links. Can someone please assist me as I enjoy creating builds in Mids then go in game and create the character. I want to utilize the changes that I27 brought. Ok I found out why I couldn't post in that section. I had to join their club. Ya I know right.
  4. I am wholeheartedly rooting for you to succeed here. Know that I went to great lengths to get my daughter to enjoy this game the way I do, even spending a month creating a Ladybug (from the Miraculous Ladybug Netflix cartoon) themed AE 5 mission arc which to my dismay she never played :(. Spending time with your child is so valuable that a good caring parent will do anything they can to make it happen. So Kudos to you and good luck.
  5. I tried this because I really wanted my daughter to enjoy this game. I let her create many toons. I let her pick any combo ultimately I failed which is why my interest wanes from this game. I sincerely hope you have better luck than I did. If you do please tell me how you did it.
  6. To kill the first born Pharaoh's son. I'm Creeping death.
  7. And this, for you folks at home that are keeping score, is what we call point/counterpoint. It’s when you think the grass is greener on the other side. However you usually find out, often times too late, that this is not the case at all. Touché pussycat.
  8. I see Knockback getting knocked about (pun intended) a lot here in this thread. Yeah sure holding a foe is cool and watching a foe beat up his own buddy is a neat parlor trick. Sleeping people? seriously? My wife does that everytime she starts telling a story. Prob why we don't get many re-invites. But seriously what looks cooler: watching a bad guy walk in a circle dazed or getting shot across the room. When Spider-man web swings into a baddie and smashes him to the wall or when Superman punches the Bejeesus outta someone and sends him flying THRU that wall ya just gotta admit it looks damn cool. Now I know this thread is about what is the better way to keep the baddies under control but if they are all asleep/stunned/feared none of them can go back to their gang leader( after getting released from jail) and talk about the awesomeness that is you. Criminal Attorney to client that was not Knockbacked and defeated: "How did you end up in jail this time?" Bad guy (who was slept,stunned,confused etc) "I don't know I was chillin minding my own business with a few buddies just ya know out for a lark and suddenly I'm in jail." Criminal Attorney to client: "What the hell happen to you? What did you go thru a wall?" Bad guy who did indeed go thru a wall and got defeated: "So what if I did you gonna rep me or not?" Knockback the lesser control I think not. Seriously its way cool.
  9. It’s a steroid and I understand your situation but trust me I have suffered multiple multiple times. It is the best option available as it starts to work as soon as you take it and by the next morning you feel a lot better.
  10. From my recollection hot water does take the itch away for a while. I suffered many summers with it and would take very hot showers for a bit of relief. But that was me. I learned how to identify it and as an HVAC tech it is the first thing I look for when walking to a condenser.
  11. Get the prednisone it magic for the ivy
  12. Happened to me a few times when I was younger. I couldn’t even make a fist. To make it worse when it dried and started going away all the skin on my hands peeled. That was a fun school experience. Today though there’s prednisone. Back then it was calamine lotion😝. Remember that useless crap?
  13. Finally someone who appreciates Hawkeye the way I do. Here’s to you my good man.
  14. Didn’t read all 9 pages but since there are 25 posts per page that means there are a lot of old foagies playing this game.
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