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  1. My main on homecoming is also a recreation of my main from live. Agent R22. He is the character I do all my selling and crafting with. He is the one that I do most of the TFs with. He is the one that I do badging with. I think you get my point here. If I was told I could only play him I would not mind it at all. That being said it is fun to play other characters. However at the end of the day I know Agent R22 is right there in the top spot of character select just waiting for me to log him in. With all that we have been thru together how can I deny him that wish?
  2. I think I found a new way to respond to people thank you Azrael.
  3. I never got around to making the Elec/Elec controller but I did make an Ill(I know what I said)/rad one. I have to say it just decimates the SBB. The heal is barely needed and the Avs just stand around and die. I like it so much that I am using it for regular content now. Funny how that goes! I am currently 39 and doing tip missions with him. I also rolled a plant/cold that I enjoy in the SBB as well though not like the Ill/rad one. Infrigidate procced out does some good damage. All in all I have 7 current heroes suited for the SBB with more on the way. Hey what can I say I enjoy it.
  4. This is what I do as well to the T.
  5. So after a lot of rewrites and changes I am finally ready to unleash my first(and last?) AE creation upon you all. It is loosely based on the Miraculous Ladybug cartoon so you may see some familiar faces. I did this to try and get my daughter who is a fan of that show interested in this game. However I failed at that lol. You all can experience it for yourselves though. Please be kind in your feedback but also let me know where I faltered and where I succeeded. Thank you and enjoy.
  6. This is what I am seeing lol. I did switch maps to make it work for me. I guess writing a good 5 mission story arc is really tough work. I am now going onto week 3 (I play sporadically) of trying to get it just right. Ty for the advice.
  7. Thank you for this info. I figured you couldn't but just wanted to make sure.
  8. Let me clarify. When creating a mission and say you want to place a collection or a rescue in a particular area all I seem to be able to do is choose front,middle or back. So is it possible to manually place stuff where you want to or is it always random to the option you select?
  9. I was trying to do it to save influence but I guess it makes more sense to make some money off of it. It’s kind of what I’ve been doing all along anyhow. Thank you all for the replies. I recently started a super group and made a base and am in the process of buying all the I/Os I will need for future endeavors so I could be prepared for whatever alt I decide to roll next.
  10. Hello I do a lot of converting. This is how I outfit my alts. I only slot attuned I/Os. So I am wondering how to sell something I have created and buy it back as an attuned. I heard you can not use the same character. So I dabbled with it a bit. I first tried with a few lower costing ones and did indeed buy mine. So I decided to try a big one. I crafted a Panacea proc and put it on the market for 16,789,000. I logged onto another account (my daughters but much to my dismay she hardly plays it) and put in the same 16,789,000 bid. I did buy one for that price but it wasn't mine. How can I avoid this in the future. Is it possible or totally random. I eventually took my pan proc down and relisted at 13M and it sold for 14M so all in all not that bad for a freebie drop.
  11. Hard to make a boxing type hero without boxing shorts. He’s a former boxer turned hero.
  12. I think this may be it. I run this with many team makeups and lots of times there is no tank or brute. I will pay attention the next few I run and see if having one helps the running. -OR- This may be it. I use my blasters a lot for SBBs and I do use hover. I will test this as well. TY for the replies. I just don't remember it happening as much as it is now but I am doing this event a lot lately.
  13. Does anyone know why do the 3 AVs start running around constantly when doing the casino heist part? I mean its great to take less damage but as a meleer it is very frustrating as they jump onto the shelves and run all over the map. I do not remember this happening a few weeks ago and I run this thing a lot. Is this a bug or is this how it was always intended and I missed a patch note? The Gladiator part seems normal.
  14. Being able to play COH again. Oh wait I read that title as what makes the homecoming DEVS so great. My bad oh wait not really they are truly great.
  15. I have run these missions multiple times (about 10)on my blaster and I got 40 merits every single time. The last time was a couple weeks ago so unless they changed it since then it’s 40 merits. Just an FYI, You are able to do them all In AP. Saves a lot of running around because Atlas Park is a rather small zone.
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