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  1. Wow! Did not expect so many replies to this thread. Now that I read it all I'm very clear on what I need to do. Thank you everybody for all the information you've definitely helped me out a lot.
  2. Thank you for the reply. I also slot my character as I lvl with sets to take advantage of bonuses. As I am not 50 yet I will just wait and continue on. Since I have dabbled in the conversion market and have some Inf I will attune future alts. Ty for clarifying it for me.
  3. I understand that attuned enhancements grow with the character. Do you attune them yourself or just buy them that way? When is it more beneficial to have an attuned Enh over a normal one?
  4. I have to say using Sprint with Ninja Run is actually pretty darn good. In addition I have a Celerity+stealth in the Sprint base slot. I also somehow got a temporary jetpack that I use very sparingly. Although now that I think about it I completed a bank Mission from the radio so I think that's how I got it. Good for an hour of game time.
  5. I missed it too. Maybe later this month.
  6. That what I thought. Since I will be playing this guy well past 50 I will use up the xp bonuses as to not waste them. I mean I have had 50's on live so... and I have started playing the converter game. Not going crazy but I have a modest nest egg already.
  7. I guess I'll have to read up on Incarnate stuff. Ty for the info so far. However a question remains. Can you use the xp bonuses for this post 50 leveling? I have not used any so far on my Ice/Ta blaster. Currently 28th lvl. Want to get him to 50 before rolling alts. Hes a re-roll of my most often played character from live( Ice/dev).
  8. I have heard that you can lvl past 50. Is this true? Can you use the xp bonuses from P2W for this? What are the advantages of this besides really loving your character.
  9. All I can add is I met my wife in a bowling alley. You figure it out.
  10. I am here for the long haul. I lost it once(not my choice) but now its back and better than ever.
  11. I have a question regarding -tohit. Is it the same as defense? If you have 40% def to ranged and you fire something for 5% -tohit would you in essence have 45% def?
  12. I did not realize that you no longer crashed from the using of nukes. That is definitely a game-changer. Usually I always saved my nuke for the boss at the end or as I came across bosses. This is definitely helpful advice thank you. I'm not a min/max person. I just like to go about at my pace increasing the difficulty when I feel the need or know I can handle it. That's why I chose ice. The ability to be able to freeze bosses always helped.
  13. On live I remember having my ice blaster with hasten just about Perma because of sets and the global recharge of luck of the gamblers. However I'm wondering if I'm able to just get to the 70% global recharge via sets and luck of the gamblers if I even need to have hasten in the build. Do I gain any benefit from it at all. I know it'll eventually overall help getting my nuke, blizzard, up quicker but how often do I actually use that in Solo play. By the way my ice Blaster is more or less for soloing. I plan on going scrapper or tank for team play as I mostly played blasters on live. I want to change it up this time around and even try that controller I've always wanted.
  14. Thank you for the answer. It is a big help in building out my character
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