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  1. Don't worry about it. You're doing the bank a favor, showing them how far they have to go to secure their money. Stopping the robbery is just so Karma leaves you alone for robbing the bank.
  2. I just ran it slow and steady. Do lots of task forces and strike forces, repeatables in Dark Astoria. Conservative estimate I should be done in a month or two
  3. So far I have t4s in both musculature and pyronic. next up interface, this is far harder then I thought it would be
  4. When you only picked an empath after failing to get any other defender. I still get a little upset just typing enhancement diversification. Doing 1 sewer run, hopefully all the way to King's Row, adding your team to friend's list at the end. The feeling of accomplishment after dinging 50 for the first time.
  5. Intangible pool power- A pool of powers that allows a player to render themselves and others intangible Level 4 Peek- click power no new animations needed, allows 10 seconds of intangibility to pass through doors and walls. Fast recharge, Low endurance cost. Allowed enhancements- endurance reduction, Allowed Sets- universal travel Level 4 Team sync- click power pbaoe animation, buffs self and close teammates with a +to hit and +damage for a short time. Fast recharge, Low endurance cost. Allowed enhancements- +to hit, +damage, end. redux, rech redux Allowed Sets +to hit Level 14 + 1 other Intangible- toggle power no new animations, makes self intangible allowing passthrough walls, doors, buildings. Moderate recharge, Moderate endurance cost. Allowed enhancements- end redux, rech redux, confuse Allowed Sets Confuse Level 14 + 2 others Group intangibility- toggle power no new animations, renders self and close teammates intangible as long as endurance allows. Slow recharge, High endurance cost. Allowed enhancements- end redux, rech redux, range, confuse Allowed Sets Confuse, Universal Travel Level 14 + 2 others Phase touch- toggle power no new animations, On a successful hit makes target intangible, immune to damage for duration of contact. Very slow recharge, Very high endurance cost Allowed enhancements- end redux, rech redux, accuracy, holds Allowed Sets- Holds,
  6. Created a blapper from the ground up for the fun of it. Ranged does hit harder, but martial is what I enjoy, the combination of reaction time,burst of speed, and oppressive gloom keeps everything so simple
  7. I'm alright with taking musculature and I know that there aren't any bad choices for Lore, but are there better choices. What about the other slots?
  8. I used to ignore teleport pool unless I was a support that had to have recall, but with i27 I've grown addicted to the pool. Due to combat teleport making it easier to keep my melee target even through knockback. I've started adding a second teleport to it.
  9. I have a lvl 50 beam/rad sentinel. I'm in the process of unlocking Hybrid, but I haven't created any powers for the other slots as I really want to get all t4 powers on this toon without all the mistakes I've made on others. Mostly dps, occasionally tank. Didn't take single shot or meltdown. Mishmash of enhancements, don't think I'll be doing many sets beyond the 5 I got now. All advice will be considered, not necessarily taken.
  10. I have a 50 human peacebringer. It was a lot of hard work until I realised I was soloing to much. Soon as I kept him in a group everything got so much easier. Keep at it, don't listen to the naysayers, and above all try to keep to clockwork and thorn missions as they don't spawn quantums when you do solo. Was doing Tarikoss strikeforce yesterday with SG mates. Things were difficult because we didn't have a tank to hold aggro as my warshade didn't have a taunt. After another team wipe I trained up to level 20 and for no reason I can think of I clicked dwarf form, never having played it before and only being an average tank player, everything changed we breezed through the second half of the strikeforce . Going to be reading the thread for a bit, because i'm walking on new ground here.
  11. This is just my personal opinion, but all the Shadow Shard task force should be nuked from orbit twice just to be sure. Too much travel, too many kill all disguised as something else, too many missions (staring real hard at you Dr. Quaterfield)
  12. I have a sonic/pain corruptor that tf team loves. Soothing Aura, works good enough and occasionally i let loose with a pbaoe heal by mistake, dumbasses get a single target once that usually gets them back in line. Other than that i am as much a dps as some poorly constructed blasters. Got a baby dp/time corruptor. Very different to play, got a little backlash for not have a rez and I don't quite have the whole time manipulation thing figured out, but it is fun in a group.
  13. I do things differently on slotting. With Tanks, I rarely go over 2xACC, 1xDMG, 1xRechargeRedux or 1xEND Redux until I have all my primaries are fully slotted. You're never going to outslug anything, best to hit it and keep hitting it until you wear it out. Find mobs that you do better against, than others, and seek out missions that they're in. Join a supergroup that has a lot of crafting supplies and no problems with you using them. Single origin and IO's are great, but you will need sets, so plan and get recipes when you can so that you don't go broke playing the auction house.
  14. I don't have both on 1 toon yet, but I have used both. Combat Teleport can be slotted with +to hit, Jaunt has a much longer range.
  15. I only have 1 tanker. An electric/fire, I love his survivability. I tell mates he is a zero range blaster as that's my mindset. Got an urge to make another, something weird like bio/staff
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