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  1. On 3/17/2021 at 9:31 AM, Marshal_General said:

    I once mentioned to a 19 year old that I went to the same high school as Tommy Shaw of Styx and she said, "Who's Styx?"


    I felt like going home and taking Geritol while gumming my oatmeal.


    That's nothing.  I was once very earnestly informed that the thing that made U2 the greatest band was that they, unlike anyone else, included social protest in their music.


    To quote the Straight Dope, "People today have the historical awareness of tree squirrels."

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  2. 8 hours ago, DougGraves said:

    I normally play controllers.  I want control and healing, so dominators and defenders only do half.  But controllers lack damage.


    But a dark defender gets an aoe stun and an aoe fear plus healing plus damage.   A dark/dark defender gets an extra aoe stun.


    My Storm/Dark/Dark Defender gets four AoE stuns.  Thunder Clap, Dark Pit, Oppressive Gloom, and Tornado (weirdly, it has a stun component).


  3. On 3/4/2021 at 10:46 AM, Li_Sensei said:

    Oh, and Huang, regarding defence soft capping?  Unless you're something like a melee AT with Energy Aura, Shield or SR, softcapping before late 30's-mid 40's is not easily achievable.  I'm not saying it's impossible, but it may distort your build horribly to achieve it.  30% or so defence on a blaster seems to give solid survivability, especially when you factor in the blaster secondary sustain powers.

    Second this.  Not all ATs and not every character should strive for soft-capped defenses -- it's sort of a fascination the playerbase has, but impractical or problematic in many cases.  I have Level 50 Blasters who are short of the soft cap, and they work fine.  I have a level 50 Defender who solos all the time without any intentional investment in defense at all.  He is hardly ever hit.  Defense is great for many characters, but not mandatory.

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  4. I really, REALLY like being able to "finish" a character.  I hate the idea of never maturing.  I have a hard time with Incarnate abilities, to be honest.


    I still play Diablo III, which has unlimited "paragon levels" that work like what you described, and you fight an unlimited increasing enemy strength in scaling "greater rifts."  It's fine, but it's a narrow kind of stunt as far as games go -- you compete for highest rift level and best time...and...uh...then you go play COH/V.


    edited to add:  also, shouldn't this be in the Suggestions forum?

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  5. On 2/26/2021 at 12:56 PM, Bill Z Bubba said:

    Edit: However, the stone/ma almost lived just due to the hilarity of granite feet to the face.

    Gotta say I've made a few Martial Arts characters with the large hooves just for kicking.  And a 60s chick who wears platform go-go boots.

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  6. 23 hours ago, parabola said:

    Send yourself an email but with nothing attached to it and leave it forevermore at the top of your inbox. Then hit reply to that email every time you want to send yourself something. All you have to do is attach something and it's good to go, saves a load of time. Now if only you could do multiple attachments per email...

    I sent myself an e-mail like that but with an inspiration attached -- I leave it in my e-mail to use for quick replies to myself, but also because as long as the inspiration remains, I know they're not deleting e-mails.  It's very old now and if it ever goes away I know immediately to claim anything sitting in e-mail that might get deleted.

  7. We did okay.  I joined a Moonfire team with my Fire/Fire/Pyre Tanker, Oriflamme, and we blitzed through that.  After that ended triumphantly, I queued up a +2/x8 Arachnos mission for 4 diehards.  We did a bit of dying and it was hard, but we burninated/smashified/slice'n'diced them all.  Everyone but the Arachnos goons were polite and friendly.

  8. In the bottom left of your screen (unless you moved it yourself) there's the chat window.  To the right of where you type is a little word-balloon-looking thingie called "quick chat."  Clicking that will expand a menu of emotes...and at the bottom is "set notoriety."  The arrow to the right of that allows you to change the difficulty -- you can make ity so you don't face elite bosses most of the time (there are a few exceptional missions).  Use that to move your difficulty settings up and down until you arrive at something comfortable,

  9. On 2/25/2021 at 6:48 AM, Black Zot said:

    Where you and the last enemy in a spawn trade mez effects and you both stand around looking like idiots for a bit.

    Captain Ego:  "So, stun here often?"


    Death Doll:  "Get a hold of yourself!"


    Captain Ego:  "Does this mean you won't sleep with me?"


    Death Doll:  "I'm so confused."


    Captain Ego:  "Well, it was nice yeeting you!"

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  10. So once again I log in and pull up my global friends list.  There are a few names on it, so I look to see who is...damn, it just re-ordered that list and I can't see all the names.  I manually sort by shard and it stays up for a few moments, then re-sorts itself differently.


    My apologies if this has been brought up before  -- I did a search and looked at a couple of pages of results and did not recognize it.  This must happen to other people, right?  Is there a setting i can change to keep the global friends list from acting autonomously?  It's a minor annoyance but I wince every time.

  11. I'm fine with it, but it doesn't go far enough.  If we're gonna do this, diminishing returns on DAMAGE dealing too.


    Seriously, the game already prioritizes damage over all. If yer gonna nerf team buffs, in the gamer that makes team buffs great, nerf damage too.  Live with it.

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  12. I now plan my characters from the beginning to avoid respecs, and when I discover my planning has been inadequate and I need to respec after all, I am crushed, and wind up putting it off for a long time.  I was just searching for suggestions like this before making my own thread, thank you.  I know resources are painfully limited bur this would be a a nice quality of life thing someday.

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  13. In general, I don't feel the need for defense on a dedicated Hurricaner.  Mine got 17% ranged defense by accident, but running Hurricane most of the time is better than being soft-capped.  My main Stormy (who has only one Stormy?)

    is a Storm/Dark Defender.

  14. On 11/15/2020 at 10:06 PM, Darkir said:

    This will have the FF proc at all times pretty much and it has softccapped def and great resists. 

    Doesn't the proc have a 10-second cooldown and 5-second duration?  Isn't  50% the theoretical upper limit on uptime?

  15. These days I generally put 1 generic End Mod (and boost it to +5  when I can), 1 attuned Perf Shifter End Mod, and 1 attuned Perf Shifter proc.  I don't think attuning the proc makes any material difference to its performance, but it lets me get the 2-piece bonus (+7%) movement speed) at all levels.

  16. All right, Blaster looks good.  I was starting to make one and got hung up on primary choices.  Considered in terms of pairing with Trip mines, is there any reason to recommend one over another?  Sonic for -resist?  Ice for slows?

  17. 16 hours ago, Techwright said:

    Well, if this defines "sub-optimal" then I'd vote for the slow animation of Eagle Claw.  Combined with my scarf costume element, the ballet between whirling kick and twirling cloth is elegant art in motion.  If I've managed to time the shot as the coup de grâce, dropping the enemy, it is a very satisfying finish.

    Also, for MA/SR combos, when you defeat a foe with Storm Kick and immediately the animation for Practiced Brawler chains.  That looks so cool.

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