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  1. Tbh, I find it tragic that BS is pretty much a subpar set. Especially given how visually striking and iconic the combo of sword and board is.
  2. Just in case a few of these new requests have already been asked, I apologize. Now, with that out of the way, for a few more "simpler" costume pieces. Could we please get the boots and gloves, or even just the pattern, the Strongmen in the Carnival of Shadows wear? As well as making the Full pattern for Tights Sleek and Full made available for all glove types, with maybe even a similar option made for boots? I would also like to see Small Pointed Glove, Small Flared Glove and Wristbands get a Tights option like Barbarian Ring and Barbarian Iron have.
  3. CouatlXIII

    Ice Armor/?

    I made an Ice/Elec. Mostly because I loved the combo of Chilling Embrace's -rec paired with Elec's -end. And while I don't slot for end drain. Leaving the enemy slowed with no end to do anything with once a power does recharge amuses me greatly.
  4. Add Power Slide as an option for Flight and Super Speed
  5. For anyone who actually knows me, they wouldn't be surprised to hear this costume piece request Shark Heads and fins. Seriously, I am totally bummed that that we never got a shark head back when the game was Live, especially given how many people loved Captain Mako's look and design. So requesting not only shark head(s) but also legitimate fins for both the head and back option is totally reasonable. I would also love to see a "Monstrous Feet" option for non monstrous legs. And not just the monstrous feet we already have, but something closer to the monstrous hands we have. Slightly l
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