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  1. My Hami-O market manipulation isn't working nearly as well as I hoped. I've gotten the last five from 25k INF to 500k INF so I think I need more time before I can get each enhancement to a sustainable 1M INF.
  2. I prefer logical fallacies.
  3. Oooo look at this person with rational thinking. jk
  4. Because revive powers go against what scrappers need. If your secondary has a revive, it means its a crappy secondary. Ironic because I have a /dark brute and a /regen stalker.
  5. Delicious. BRB going to manipulate the market even more.
  6. I am trying to see if putting in a few hundred 1 INF bids on cheap hami-os will cause an artificial scarcity and cause the price to rise. Has anyone ever done this before?
  7. I'm considering buying and deleting rare hami-os. What kind of market pvp is that?
  8. I totally missed that.
  9. https://www.midsreborn.com/builds/download.php?uc=1520&c=696&a=1392&f=HEX&dc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
  10. For some reason, my defense is not showing my melee soft cap. All of my toggles are enabled but I don't see what I am doing wrong.
  11. O my, i'm going to give this a shot....
  12. When did L53s come back into the market? I hadn't seen those since live.
  13. Call me crazy but I feel like travel powers are too fast now. They're difficult to control, is there a way to slow them down?
  14. Immediately get in my car and drive as fast and as far as I can. Paragon City is a death trap for civilians.
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