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  1. Nope lol just haven't gotten around to them. I am currently in the process of making my incarnate build all +5 enhancements so that's taking a while and a lot of INF lol. My next project is how to include force of will in the build so I can get new flavor foot stomp.
  2. Create badges that you have to buy from The Vault/Bank/whatever the villain equivalent is that says how much you spent to buy the badge in orders of magnitude: 1000: Broke 100,000: Not as Broke 1,000,000: Walkin' Around Money 100,000,000: Gettin' Up in the World 1,000,000,000: .1%'er 2,000,000,000: All I got was a Badge These are just meant to be fun and an influence sink into the game. I know not many people would willingly buy a 2bn INF badge but I certainly would
  3. Drop taunt and use the slots elsewhere, also you have a metric ton of extra melee def so diversify some of your sets. Maybe splurge for some very rare sets?
  4. When everyone gets footstomp, no one is footstomping?
  5. This is how I would slot it http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1586&c=725&a=1450&f=HEX&dc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
  6. Energy/WM because its strong and pretty
  7. Good is subjective, as others have said it is a rare combination. Play it on the Pineapple test server and see if you like it. That way you can jump to 50 and add IOs with less time spent in it than live.
  8. What is the most efficient way of testing and providing feedback for this change?
  9. You can only get Pulp Assault if it comes with a BAMF wallet.
  10. I want Super Energy Strength Melee, but only if its made up of the worst powers of each set.
  11. I am playing an arch/sr sentinel. It is fun, lower damage than I hoped for but much more survivable than any other of the ATs listed.
  12. So if I'm reading this right, lets take an already unbalanced game and make it even more unbalanced. Nice
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