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  1. Why would you wish for something like that?this is just a joke
  2. It looks like TW is going to get hit with the nerf bat. Let's all discuss some of the grossly overpowered accomplishments TW has done in the past.
  3. RIP Titan Weapons. I want to see F in the chat.
  4. One with the Shield doesn't crash hard enough. Everytime it crashes it should literally kill the character AND the player.
  5. I can't believe no one wished this thread a happy birthday!
  6. I got defensive when I read that and then realized it was a well placed trololol.
  7. I never get a chance to donate, is there a way where you can set a time in the future after you create the post? That way it'll give slow pokes like me a chance? Or is there another way I can donate?
  8. Scrappers still don't have super strength?
  9. I prefer to use the stealth IO in SS so I can maintain a higher level of stealth while I run. Murcielago is a vampire so part of his concept is invisibility.
  10. This is a work-in-progress build. I use it for exemplaring so I am not stuck with two attacks. http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1517&c=699&a=1398&f=HEX&dc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
  11. I like what the live devs did with the Resistance at higher levels by adding a lot more +Acc to them in order to combat IO'd heroes. Maybe add the option to increase +Acc or +To Hit of enemies?
  12. Have you tried killing them faster?
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