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  1. I prefer to use the stealth IO in SS so I can maintain a higher level of stealth while I run. Murcielago is a vampire so part of his concept is invisibility.
  2. This is a work-in-progress build. I use it for exemplaring so I am not stuck with two attacks. http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1517&c=699&a=1398&f=HEX&dc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
  3. I like what the live devs did with the Resistance at higher levels by adding a lot more +Acc to them in order to combat IO'd heroes. Maybe add the option to increase +Acc or +To Hit of enemies?
  4. Have you tried killing them faster?
  5. I've slowed down my trading. I have too much money and not enough time to play alts lol. I haven't really noticed any change in prices in the enhancements I'm selling other than the well documented change in price of the uncommon salvage.
  6. Hit me up if you need some INF. I've got more than I know what to do with.
  7. I usually buy salvage in 100 unit bids and usually have it filled in a day or two at the seeded price.
  8. Those were the days, you know you made it when you had a few of them hoarding away in your base storage. Back when scarcity was a thing.
  9. I'm going to lobby the devs to make this change. It might be against the devs goals but its not against mine, I would stand to make billions of INF once they adopt my proposed changes.
  10. Considering all of the stupid stuff I've said and haven't received a warning, I wonder what you said in order to get it lol.
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