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  1. I mean, in a group, you either ruin people's gameplay by summoning the spec-OPs or you just have 4/6 pets total. What is so facepalm about that?
  2. Since everybody just wants to avoid Abyss, why not make Hive Co-op? Let the helicopters from the isles reach there, and add an exit helicopter from the Hive.
  3. At the moment, much like Soldiers of Arachnos' "Wide Area Web Grenade", the Mercenaries MM pet "Spec Ops" will use a web grenade that grants huge KB / KUp protection on targets, preventing knockdowns. I don't think this is fun to people who slot their builds with lots of KD.
  4. As a very very suicidal AOE stalker, I've only taken 700k damage to get to 50. My Tankermind MMs (due to how suck their provoke is?) only took 350k to get to 50. I think the 1 million damage badge we need for the accolade is excessive. Damage farming is just a waste of electricity. Down with big fossil fuel!! :P
  5. I mean, no, not unless they also add villain SFs at the same time. :) You have choices right now.
  6. Incarnate nerfs for level 50 pre-incarnate stuff. Hamidon merits nerfed, otherwise (too high merits / time with incarnates and removal of player caps, don't need to do mechanics, just rush in) Fix Wormhole! More Dean MacArthur. Content release of CoV content with parity of CoH content.
  7. Only gives 2 stacks of Blood frenzy if used while hidden.
  8. Also, this affects simple +2 (because some enemies spawn at +3) and above content before level 50. The thread title is pretty misleading, but catchy.
  9. No.. It would be OP. Great control, defense, and offense. lol
  10. its an annoyance that pretty much no other powerset has to deal with. Maybe intangible powers fare the same way, but people don't care about those....
  11. Cann we lock this thread because as we've seen it is just a terrible idea? People use this IO in multiple ways, and a global change like this would ruin many builds.
  12. Knockup is not knockdown... Again you are wrong. A knockdown is simply a knockback that is less than 1.00 magnitude. A knockdown that has its magnitude increased to 1.00 or beyond becomes a knockback. Reistance to KU / KB simply lessens the distance traveled by a knock (which in these cases converts it to some insignificant number that it becomes a knockdown). Protection means ANYTHING less than that value of protection won't affect the monster at all, thus preventing team tactics with knockdown. What I was saying was to remove the PROTECTION component. That what was what was implied in my very first post if it was read carefully. Just having the RESISTANCE part is fine.
  13. fun and useful in lower content that isn't at set past +1!!
  14. You are saying Bane Spiders' mace attacks don't have KB??? Edit: Read first half then replied.
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