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  1. @TrixieKixx, I'd like to bring Conan's girlfriend, Valeria the Brave, savage/shield scrapper. If anyone has their heart set on scrapper, let me know. It's just as easy for me to bring a sentinel.
  2. Yay, Jax is bringing a tanker. Whew. I had to tank today on my brute that didn't even have taunt! LOL. Although @Bananiac fancied himself as our tanker today on his scrapper. Which can be perfectly legitimate. 😄 Welcome home from vacation, @Jaxman100 and your beastly wolf guy.
  3. @TrixieKixx Count me in. Character TBD depending on what ATs are still available.
  4. Fun day with the Theme Team! After the initial theme run, we switched characters and ran 2 more, then ran one respec #1 trial. Sorry you couldn't make it today, @TygerDarkstorm! After all the shenanigans, Midnyte was glad to spend some nourishing time moonbathing in Nerva!
  5. Trepsarciel Respec Trial - Beach Theme Saturday, 9/25/21 Today we had all kinds of beach babes and sea monsters galore!
  6. I haven't been able to log in all week... going through a crisis at work, and may wind up leaving my company this week. 😞 I'm logged in tonight and fancy changing my bikini color to something other midnight-ish, like TEAL, haha, so that we look different.
  7. @Bananiac, thank you 🙂 I totally understand your work crisis, I am having a bit of one myself. We can only do what we can do for our hobbies, within physical and emotional and mental limits. I'm glad you had fun with Khan, and we are here for you. ♥
  8. LOL, that was a riot. It was super amazing! At one point when several of you had gone to the hospital, I was able to rez in that end room and they didn't know I was there at first. I tucked myself away near the entrance in a side corner, and waited around a pillar for the ambushes to find me, one by one. Wave after wave of ambushes but I was handling it all right, and I really thought I was thinning them out! That's before we realized that they kept spawning. LOL. Ah well, I got lots of XP and good drops, and leveled from vet lvl 11 to 13. Haha, y
  9. Today's SWS was loads o' fun! After getting through the Mako arc for Bloodletter badge with the glitched mission that we had to restart, the Barracuda SF was craziness with that Reichsman fight at the end! Longest fight ever, but once we figured out a strategy there was no stopping us. I was pulling out every trick I could think of... I burned through 4 shivans and almost a whole pack of envenomed daggers, my lore pet, my patron pet, every temp power I had in my arsenal. I know others were using tricks too, shivans and Amy Jonsson and backup radios..... whew! Great challenge and great fun!
  10. That barbarian bikini is just too good to resist!
  11. Midnyte will join this. Dark Melee/Willpower Brute. She doesn't much care for the beach except at night when it is dark and gloomy. But from the darkest depths of her closet she conjured up a purple bikini. Something long ago forgotten that Ghost Widow had her wear about 180,000 years ago for some beach ritual. She won't let down her allies. So to get into the role, she is soaking up some sunrays at an "acceptable" beach in Croatoa. And keeping an eye out for any Believers along the way.
  12. Khan Task Force - Pet Theme Saturday, 9/18/21
  13. I will be there for both, probably on my ice/rad sentinel whose name I can't recall right now because she changes personas pretty often for the different theme events. You'll know me when you see my evil frostiness in Ouro! Does the Barracuda SF have the third segment of Tried and True badge, like the Khan TF does?
  14. Pro tip: if you are going for Tried and True badge on anyone, Khan is the one that gives you 1 chunk of the progress bar for visiting the Hero One Memorial in the instanced City Hall during the TF. You have to be one of the blue alignments for the progress bar to show and to get the badge awarded to you. If you are one of the red alignments at the time, you will still get credit for it but it won't get in your list until you switch to hero or vig. Completing the task force itself gives Column Breaker accomplishment badge. Trixie, put me down for Hell's Heart, SS/WP Brut
  15. Wow, October themes kick ass! Thank you, @TrixieKixx 🦇
  16. I will let you know if I have a patron badge mission queued up that could be shared for one of these SWS. I know for sure I have a Spider's Kiss ready and waiting that I informed you of recently. I could save it for next week if you like. If you are looking to run the whole arc as an event, we could all do my lone badge mission as a secondary badge that day. 😄
  17. Did I say 4? I meant 3. 🙂
  18. When I tossed out that idea in-game I had forgotten it is a max of 4 players. So I didn't have a logistics plan ahead of time. But now that I am musing, tag team would be great. I don't think we need to adhere to a strict 12:00 (eastern) start time every week. So I think running multiple trials that day of 10/30 would be feasible. It's a great opportunity for 4 event badges, and not too difficult if everyone is on the same page and knows what to do. I personally would love to join a run multiple times to get all the badges on characters who missed it last year or new characters since then.
  19. We will miss you and your wisdom. Hope you have a rejuvenating break. 🤗
  20. Have a marvelous time... you know where to find us when you get back! (Who are we going to blame while you're away?? 😏)
  21. Oh wow, you're right. I hadn't noticed that! 😂 I didn't bother with close-ups today without a costume theme, and didn't even get any combat pics, but all in all was a fun event, as usual. 😍
  22. Numina Task Force Free for All Theme to Commemorate 9/11/2001
  23. I would always choose Ass Traps over anything else.
  24. Ha, I'm with you there, don't think I've logged in all week. Life is too busy!
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