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  1. Considering Null’s awesome power, probably Null.
  2. Sorry @Pab57for being so late getting back to you but thanks @Ura Hero for picking up my slack 😄
  3. I straight up said that there is confirmation bias at work here. Why are you pushing this point? Again, we are providing solutions we know to have worked. That will not change until we find out something does not. Sure it is possible that some work and some don't. We do know that some combination of these three do work. As for testing busy zone, thank you for doing so. I'm sure that will further help the devs in identifying the cause. As for testing it under failed respec circumstances, neither do we. If we did, we would know the root cause and this conversation would be moot. W
  4. The first thing I would say here is that the two of us (the GM team and yourself) are looking at this issue from two different perspectives. The GM team is not looking for the cause which your tests seem to be focused on. As Kaiju mentioned, that is more of a dev team focus. If we stumble across a solution for the cause or you (generic you) find it, we are more than happy to bring that to their attention. We are looking to solve the immediate issue of a player having a failed respec. Is it possible that just waiting and trying again resolves the issue? Sure, I personally haven't seen that occu
  5. Title: Smol KB presents: Us against the world Format: 2-person team Free for All Date / Time: January 30th, 2021 @ 6 PM PST 9 PM EST Where: Indomitable / Pocket D Arena Discord: Smol KB discord https://discord.gg/9N6ktRn Event Overview Match Settings: • 10 minute rounds • T1 Inspirations only • Alpha Incarnate only • Only Arena Temp Powers allowed. Non Arena Temp Powers will be disabled. • No heal decay • No travel suppression • Maps - TBD Rules: • Alpha only incarnate powers. Other incarnates
  6. Hi everyone! Here are the December winners. March Winners April Winners May Winners June Winners July Winners August Winners September Winners October Winners November Winners December Winners December 2020 🏆Here is our list of winners for Top 10🏆 1. HC_Ura_Hero with 140,425,467 points! 2. HC_Dahle with 126,906,090 points! 3. HC_Malohin with 109,120,330 points! 4. HC_CptGreedle with 91,959,057 points! 5. HC_Count_Midnight with 90,264,15 points! 6. HC_Some_Girl with 88,351,316 points! 7. HC_Arctic_Witch with 66,075,306
  7. As mentioned, we will make an announcement when there is a change in policy. Until then, that policy remains in effect. Locking this thread.
  8. To clear up a few things, CR Mochi is an addition to the community rep team for PvP along side @CR Banana Man. They are not replacing anyone. Banana Man has done quite a bit of work on the community's behalf including providing the aggregated requests from the community over the past year or so (several of which were addressed in Issue 27, page 1). He has been great to work with and is a big advocate for the PvP community. Mochi came on as that feedback was being shared with the development team including Faultline and was part of those conversations. The Smol KB team is still... well, kick
  9. Welcome to the team, Mochi! Excited to work with you.
  10. Hi everyone! Here are the November winners. March Winners April Winners May Winners June Winners July Winners August Winners September Winners October Winners November Winners November 2020 🏆Here is our list of winners for Top 10🏆 1. HC_Ura_Hero with 171,026,805 points! 2. HC_Malohin with 108,337,209 points! 3. HC_Some_Girl with 96,531,326 points! 4. HC_CMOT_Dibbler with 91,435,498 points! 5. HC_Count_Midnight with 90,875,015 points! 6. HC_CptGreedle with 76,244,110 points! 7. HC_CodeJunkie with 73,350,897 points! 8. HC_
  11. Yes, I'd say that is a about average timewise. Sometime it is faster.
  12. If you’re still having issues, I’ll second EmmySky’s advice and recommend trying the Homecoming Launcher. It’s recently out of beta and is easier and a bit more stable in my opinion.
  13. Try deleting tequilia.xml (make sure this is not the one with the shot glass icon), tequilialog.xml, and TequiliaActivityLog.txt. if that doesn’t work, you might try the Homecoming Launcher instead. It is just easier.
  14. If you still getting this error, please close and relaunch the launcher. Let's see if we can force the dl.
  15. The error was on our side but, it has been fixed.
  16. Hi everyone! Here are the October winners. March Winners April Winners May Winners June Winners July Winners August Winners September Winners October Winners October 2020 🏆Here is our list of winners for Top 10🏆 1. HC_Ura_Hero with 128,384,419 points! 2. HC_CMOT_Dibbler with 112,411,481 points! 3. HC_CptGreedle with 101,244,609 points! 4. HC_Count_Midnight with 100,696,510 points! 5. HC_Icee_Bear with 98,671,572 points! 6. HC_Malohin with 98,251,631 points! 7. HC_Polymidis with 88,585,543 points! 8. HC_Some_Girl with 83,
  17. Hi there. Thanks for testing. Please create a new topic in the main Homecoming Launcher forum here with the details about the bug report. I'd say to help visually distinguish it from topics like this one, start the subject line with [Bug Report]. This is not a requirement just a recommendation.
  18. Both of these are unrelated to the launcher. Details about both are listed on the Patch Notes for October 6th
  19. We, both the community and the GM team, have lost a valuable member. I don’t really have the words to express why but, we all know it by the work he put in to help members both as a player and as a GM. RIP Cyclone.
  20. The pattern seems to be the game being installed on a root directly D:\ for example rather than something like D:\Games\COH.
  21. First thing to try here would be to close and reopen Tequila. If that does not resolve it, re-validate the files through Options.
  22. Ok. Ruled that out. Hmmm, let me see if anyone has any other ideas.
  23. Just want to make sure that tick - ' at the end is just a typo on the forums and not in your manifest URL within game? I'm sure it is the former but, you never know. Can you also try in your browser of choice going to the URL? This will not fix anything. I just want to rule out possibilities. I want to make sure you can see something which starts with: This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below. <manifest> <label>Homecoming</label> <profiles> <launch version="20201006_2439" e
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