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  1. Bumping this. While it is now an auto, and now can be slotted for Heal - Still can't take Heal Sets.
  2. THANK YOU! I've been waiting for an update/fix to be able to slot heal sets into Power Armor for EnA Sentinels... Now I was able to change it myself!
  3. So, Bitdefender informs me y'all's certificate has expired. I assume that's something ya wanna update?
  4. I've actually got Melee Radial and Assault Core/Radial on my Spines/Ice - And, yes, Melee Radial is amazing when I'm duo'ing. When solo, though, since I don't have to worry about aggro overflow, I've found the faster clearing of Assault Core means less time spamming EA or Ageless... Yes, VERY end hungry, still. Just sustainable, now. Agree on the shitty APP's for Scrappers... I'm debating swapping Dark Blast to Moonbeam... But there's no AoE present to complement. Now, I realize that cottage may have the Brute pools locked... but I do feel that Scrappers should have some better options for Ranged AoE in APP's (or just make Throw Spines and Impale longer than 40'? And maybe swap their animations? Gods, Spines needs help in ST DPS.).
  5. Red can access Echo: Dark Astoria from base TP. But, mid-20 mobs. I have made it from the TP to the Oro portal without any stealth... it took the Temp Run+Backpack and some paranoid tabbing, but doable by just flying as high as possible... then landing on an abandoned roof if needed.
  6. I've a tweaked Spines/Ice/Soul as my main. Looked at all the combos, and felt it might work out. Endurance HOG until I got sets into him, however, now he's near perma Hasten, Perma Hoarfrost, spitting distance of S/L soft-cap (3 mob EA to hit it), E/N/F/C soft-capped... and just does stupid Scrapper tricks. I only wish that Icicles would crit, and/or one of my two damage aura's would get a taunt component. Also, I had an Ice/SS on Live... Icy Bastion >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Hibernate - crashless Tier 9 with Reg/Rec/Res boost? Gets me out of what little trouble I can manage to get into. I run on +2/3x8, regardless of the content, just missions and TF's... can't stand to farm.
  7. My wife (who I met THROUGH game) has said I play everything (other AT's, driving IRL, personal offenses, life) as a Scrapper. I think it is a compliment? I'm taking it as a compliment. Edit: "It is a comment. I'm glad you're TAKING it as a compliment. But it is just a comment."
  8. Underwhelming, not necessarily bad. Definitely trash for damage aura's, though. Virtually no EndRed in most PBAoE sets.
  9. Avalanche might be another set to consider 5-6 slotting. It has a KD proc as well. I 5'd OForce in Spine Burst, 5'd Scrapper's in Quills (since proc is global), 6'd Critical in Ripper, and 6'd Avalanche in Icicles. - Note, none of my PBAoE's are using normal PBAoE sets... They're all rather underwhelming.
  10. Nostalgia kick, I remember collaborating on that thread... sadly, my Kat/Regen never fulfilled that build, due to funding on Live. And, oddly, I haven't felt the need to reroll him here on HC. Wow, nostalgia kick on this, seeing some names. I need to come into the Scrapper boards more often... Good to see all three of you. Sorry for the delay in noticing.
  11. Probably the League causing issues. Banner event predates leagues, so it may interact wonky with it for rewards. This does mean, of course, that it is "balanced" for an 8 man team.
  12. 1) She had linked it on FB groups as well, I read it there, and commented on the inaccuraccies then and there. Seeing it here, again, meant that it hadn't been corrected. I was trying to avoid further spread of misinformation. 2) Paragon Wiki doesn't give strategy, but it did give mechanics. Seems pretty clear you need to divide and conquer. When I ad hoc ran it a few times the other night, I directed solo capable toons to fight on the banners alone, and then sent support toons out to aid as I got more team members. - So, HP sacks, while you've got to be divided for the defenders, clearly, you need to concentrate on one banner at a time with your team. It's a DPS check. Source. So, with that knowledge from the wiki, having not run it in 7 years, I managed to recruit, direct, and pull together an ad hoc team on Indomitable that took 2/4 banners down... And we didn't get them vulnerable until about 7-8 minutes left. The event is doable, not complex, and doesn't need a lot of strategy. It isn't easy to pick up from in-game, but there's sufficient and reliable resources out there to do it blind. Edit: Pre-form your team, make sure you can go go to red/blue/gold (so sit in PD/Oros), watch the event channels and wait for a smaller zone to have it (if you're really paranoid) - KR, PO, AP would all be good ideas. Have 4 toons that can solo +0 normal mobs, and 4 other support/additional DPS. When the zone pops you want, head in - you've got 4 minutes before defenders spawn. Make sure at least 1 toon on each banner ISN'T stealthy (mobs won't spawn), and go to town at 16:00. Once banners are vulnerable, group up on one, and just move to all 4. Jump on GM at end. Profit.
  13. I wouldn't link that, it's missing or has incorrect information.
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