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  1. I actually really like TW after the changes. I'm sure it does somewhat less damage but it flows really nicely. I try to open with Crushing Blow as the non-momentum animation is still really fast. Note: I don't have a tanker with TW, I do play a Brute with TW a lot though.
  2. Thanks for this! Can the shortcut URL be updated to point to the new thread? https://cohhc.gg/wst
  3. Dom secondaries are mixtures of ranged and melee. I know some melee sets have ranged attacks, like claws and spines, but for the most part the Dom secondary sets have more ranged than that.
  4. Let me know what you think please. Refractor Beam power (as far as I know, this is unique to Sentinel) --- "You carefully calibrate your rifle and shoot a refractor beam that will split up on impact, dealing moderate energy damage and reducing the defense of your target and 9 nearby foes. The beam has a high chance to split again off the secondary targets, hitting up to 10 foes. If the target is also suffering from the Disintegrating effect it will suffer additional damage over time. Damage: Moderate, Recharge: Slow" I could be mistaken, but I don't think I have ever seen it split a second time. Should it, and if so, can it be fixed so that it does? (Or maybe it already does and I am just missing it.) Thanks for reading/considering.
  5. I'm not the one who found this, but someone mentioned it (probably in General) and now I am genuinely curious what the devs think. Radiation Armor: Radiation Therapy has overall approximately the same attributes between the four melee archetypes, but on Scrappers it has an additional effect: +100.00%% regeneration rate for 1m 0s on self unresistable This is at least according to the detailed info. Wondering if this might be a mistake for Scrappers? Or maybe actually this should also be on Tanker, Brute, Stalker? Thanks for reading.
  6. I know some of us are frustrated by the limitations of supergroups and not being able to have basically personal housing. And in HC, since SG bases do not require prestige, some of us have personal supergroups where all their characters are. But it'd still be nice to be able to be in an SG with your friends too. Could you maybe consider allowing us to join more than one SG? I realize that this might be a daunting task, programming wise. It worked for Wolverine, Beast, and countless others. It can work for us too! Thanks for reading/considering.
  7. Personally I check names by trying to /friend them. You could also create a new character and check the name (there's a button for it to the right of the name entry).
  8. The character I am playing the most lately is an EM/Rad brute. Tons of fun. Very powerful.
  9. Really looking forward to checking this out!
  10. I have a Dark Melee/SR brute that is a lot of fun to play... though, to be honest I find my Dark/Rad more fun. The build is attached here (hopefully) if you might be interested. I'm not going to say it's the best build ever but it is pretty inexpensive. The defense is very high so as to hit or come close to the incarnate cap. Brute - Dark Melee - Super Reflexes.mxd
  11. This is a really cool batch of Quality of Life stuff and I really like it! Thank you for all of this!
  12. I feel like 5 is too few targets for Shadow Maul now. Could you please consider maybe 8, 7, or even 6? I know that's not much different from 5 but it'd still be better. As of now I don't currently plan to respec into Touch of Fear because I can't really fit it into my build.
  13. Came here to ask basically the same. I so very want it for Arachnos Soldier gun, and Arachnos Widow claws!
  14. garvisdol73

    Hulking out?

    Bio armor has a minimal FX option as well. It gets rid of the large sections of carapace armor. You do still have a certain amount of particles though, and I think they can't be tinted either; they are sort of a sickly green/yellow/brown.
  15. Titan Weapons' mechanic is just sort of weird. It takes some getting used to. If you want something with a more regular rhythm and still respectable damage output, consider perhaps War Mace instead.
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