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  1. With categories like mutation or magic or tech its very open ended as to what kind of costumes one can create. And as has been correctly pointed out each GM has thier own tastes. That being said the GMs decision is final. For future CCs i would like to recommend subcategories for the more open ended themes. For example in the mutation theme we could have the "Monstrous" mutations and the "Benign" mutations. With two finalists being picked from each subcategory and the winner being picked from these 4 finalists. Magic can be things like: elemental and ancient or modern Tech can have subcategories like: steampunk, high-tech (robots, mech), and biotech (like cyborgs) Just my 2 cents
  2. Black Fang is an all VEAT (Villian epic archtype) super group based on Reunion: HC We accept all Spiders and Widows of any form and build. Our sg base is compact and functional with all the amenities availible to help facilitate the dastardly plots of our spider allies. We have sg runs on wednesdays, where we will do a SF or badge run or go for an accolade. Our rule is simple - have fun. This means there is minimal pressure to constantly be active (although we do kick a recruit rank at 14 days inactivity) and you can recieve a lot of help, support or just general companionship with your fellow spiders. Enhancements are freely availible, with recruits being able to access the crafted IOs (periodically seeded), enforcers and up can access attuned and set enhancements. Operatives and Webmasters can access purple IOs. Gaining rank is a fairly simple task of joining in on missions with officers who will then mark you with a star. At 5 star with any particular officer you will be promoted and your stars reset. Recruits can also obtain the enforcer rank (one up) by getting lvl 50. All lvl 50s that join are automatically promoted to enforcers. If you have a Widow or Spider and would like to join our SG you can msg me Old Man Crab in game or email your toons name to @Rivvic. Alternatively msg or email Six-Six Ps: all sg members get a free Arachnos coffee mug
  3. Not many understand the power of Lord Recluse, he is often dismissed as weaker compared to other incarnates and the well of furies itself describes him as a failed experiment. But Lord Recluses strength lies not in his apparent power but rather in his singular intelligence, a unique mind capable of grand strategy on a scale many cannot even concieve of. Black Fang is a unique arm of Arachnos that understands this, founded for the purpose of carrying out the will of Lord Recluse against enemies that even the patrons would falter against. Led by Commander Kaldor Krabb aka "Old Man" Crab, this villainous group recruits only the finest from the Arachnos ranks. The soldiers of Black Fang are bound by the understanding that the group (Arachnos) is stronger than any individual incarnate and our loyalty is unquestioned. Whether we are engaging in a full-scale battle or working undercover within paragon city, the soldiers of Black Fang are women and men of loyalty, ambition and power. Black Fang is an all Arachnos SG based in Reunion HC, recruiting only VEATs (Villian Epic Archtypes), we have 18 members so far and growing fast. Wednesday evenings +-20:00 CET are our SG runs where we tackle various SFs and trials as an all VEAT team (bring your buffs xd). Our base is compact, well designed, functional and highly detailed (thanks to our resident mad scientist and poisons specialist) Ranking is well throught out with a functional system that ensures active recruits are able to progress in rank at a steady pace, higher ranks give access to a variety of free enhancements with recruits being able to access crafted IOs and top officers being able to access purples. If you have a spider/widow that you would like to make a part of this group then please email your character's name to @Rivvic or send a tell to Old Man Crab in game Looking forward to hearing from :)
  4. Would it be possible to give Super Speed the "ninja run" animations as an option in the tailor? Ninja run looks very cool on most chars but the Super Speed makes you look like a plank. Not the buffs just the animation.
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