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  1. My biggest concern is that it just plain wouldn't be fun, for any game. Sure, some people might enjoy it, but others would complain about frustration! Imagine this: let's say I get a character to level 49 without dying once and suddenly I get killed, and said character is DELETED! How do you think I'd feel? How would YOU feel?
  2. Pretty sure you just did. Don't worry, I won't notify the police or something like that.
  3. How about a Pawg (Group translated from Hmong) of Tsoo? A syndicate of Syndicate An squad of Council/5th Column A gang of Hellions/Skulls/Warriors/Outcasts/Trolls/Destroyers/Freakshow. A coven of Cabal A company of Longbow A company of Wyvern An insurgency of Resistance A menagerie of Devouring Earth
  4. Personally, I'm still waiting for Arabian-style clothing/armor.
  5. I have a question regarding AE. Why is the only outdoor map for Sharkhead Isle the Sky Raider base?
  6. Monster Hunter (Blueside): Defeat Babbage, Kraken, Eochai, Kronos Class Titan, Jack in Irons, Lusca, Jurassik, and Paladin. Monster Hunter (Redside, possible name change?): Defeat Deathsurge, Ghost of Scrapyard, Caleb, Arachnos Flier.
  7. The funny thing is that usually, I deliberately "soft-lock" myself from things like Capes and Auras until I've reached the respective level that you would've unlocked those. Anyone else?
  8. Anywhere I find something interesting or humorous. Or just want to take a picture of my characters to show people.
  9. That would be cool if we could get a way to spawn a whole team of doppelgangers. (Kinda like the last mission from Part 1 of Positron's TF.)
  10. I'm also writing an arc that involves a mythological race known as the "Frost Giants," so snow-covered maps are a must for me. Also, the map from the last mission from Twinshot's second arc would be cool. I don't think there are too many Galaxy City maps.
  11. Damn. I wish I read that when I made a Claws/Super Reflexes Scrapper...in Praetoria! Also, sure it's the SLOWEST Travel Power, but have you ever tried Super Speed in Echo: Faultline or the Shadow Shard? You'll thank me later if you ever try the last one.
  12. We've learned that a Villain from the Rogue Isles has come to Paragon City, intent on causing destruction in Atlas Park, in order to rob the bank there. And this villain has enlisted an army of Vahzilok to do it. We need heroes togo to Atlas Park and protect the bank from that villains! The robbers are already at the bank, you should make your way there immediately. You probably have about 5 minutes or less before they make their escape. A Twofer this time: 1. "togo" needs a space between "to" and "go." 2. "villains" either needs to be changed to "those villains" or "that villain"
  13. Probably obvious but... DO NOT SOLO THE HAMIDON! Scratch that. If you've made it to level 45 and you somehow don't have all the Debt badges or the "Endure x number of points of damage" badges, go ahead and do it until you've gotten them.
  14. PPD Justicar: I believe in what Emperor Cole wants for this city, so it infuriates me when they crawl out of their holes, talking like I don't know what, and scaring ours citizens. Should be "our"
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