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  1. Are visible foreheads too much in the redesigned costumes?
  2. Maybe every profile should be changed to only read "Shove it up your nose." and then we all play as if we were in a single player game. That would certainly solve the problem.
  3. There's one way to make sure it doesn't, and that's single player. Which means it wouldn't be an MMORPG any more.
  4. This is the most revealing outfit I have left on a character, and I'm going to switch it next.
  5. I'm in the process of redesigning costumes for full armor with helmets.
  6. One of my oddities is known by the name El Miercoles. El Miercoles is a former professional wrestler who suffered a brain injury that's left him convinced that he really is the character he portrayed in the shows. He's listed as Natural origin, but he can outrun cars and jump from rooftop to rooftop, simply because he believes he can. So is he magical, or something else?
  7. All right, I've deleted the only character in the group, the one I was using to edit the base. That should solve the problem since the base no longer exists.
  8. Well, I tried moving the portal from the starting room on a base I was working on, and it resisted moving past a certain point and left glitched duplicates behind. Leaving it empty to reset didn't work, a GM tried kicking it and that did nothing. So I guess I have to abandon that project, and probably most other ones.
  9. And it's KLAATU-14298 if you didn't see the edit.
  10. Incorrect button press cost me my edit before I was finished, so I had to start over. But this one will get the prize for the worst base ever created.
  11. Character name: Cerebral Vixen Global: @El Miercoles SG League of Researchers Shard: Everlasting Passcode: KLAATU-14298 Builder: Cerebral Vixen (I'm assuming alts don't count)
  12. For what it's worth, I'm able to play the game tolerably on a Dell OptiPlex 3020. I'm planning on getting something far more powerful soon, but the fact that the 3020 works is a good sign for budget builders.
  13. So there was a time once when my grocery receipt informed me that I'd purchased LOL BUTTER. I thought that was humorous enough but today I got something that could be a character name in some sort of game like this one. BLUBRY CHRIOS. I'm also reminded of the time a store had posted a sign for a sale on Vodak, which could also be interesting. Are there any similar examples circulating around out there?
  14. Okay, I tried another type of wall, this one with 45 degree angles in the corners instead of 90 degrees. Even with the grid off, it's impossible to line the pieces up next to each other. Why bother to include rotation if you can't line anything up?
  15. All right, I've determined after considerable trial and error that building a wall in a half circle is not possible. First, I can only use the preset angle rotations if I want to avoid object spinning on the wrong axis. This forces a distortion in the shape of the wall. That part would be tolerable, if it weren't for the second problem. I place a section carefully, lining up the edges precisely and giving a slight overlap to prevent gaps. Then I move on to the next piece and do the same. Four or five sections later, I look back to see gigantic gaps. I wish I'd known before I started tha
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