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  1. Hey there. My names Limes, I'd like to share some of my suggestions for updates to the game with you for consideration by our wonderful devs. NEW EPIC ARCHETYPES Would love to see some new VEATs and HEATs, my suggestion for the two would be this; Paladin/Champion of Justice (HEAT): Paladin/CoJ AT would consist of a melee a based primary, with a support secondary. Since we have to use coding and such already in the game they could go something like this; Paladin: Shield Primary, using mixture of tank AT shield skills, alongside healing abilities from either thermal or empathy and invulnerability bubble from bubbler support. Essentially being a Tank with the ability to heal in an aura, buff teammates, and cust a bubble of protection. Champion of Justice: Invulnerability mixed with healing skills and skills from leadership/pain mastery sets as primary, with a superstrength/street combat secondary. Essentially a Scrapper with close range Healing Capabilities as well as buffs for the team. Dark Champion/Watcher Dark Champion: Hammer, axe, or Titan weapon primary with a mixture of dark aura/upain management secondary. Essentially giving you a brute with the ability to heal and transfer damage from other players or to enemies from teammates/self. Watcher: primary should be a healing set mixed with stalker skills such as hide and one or two other creative skills mixed in, with a secondary using dark melee skills, with mastermind summoning skills mixed in (pets to be determined). ASYMMETRICAL SHOULDERS Now that we have the option on our boots and gloves it would also be nice to have on shoulders as well. For example, I have a character who has a very large diamond arm. Looks awesome, problem is if I try to put any shoulder set on to make the other arm look not so...boring, I have very limited options as to what sets I can use that are left shoulder only. Giving a little bit of a creative restriction on players wanting to use the robotic arm sets. Gender Block On Costume Pieces There are some pieces of equipment on the male character creator that I would love to carry over to a female toon and some on female toons I'd love to carry over to male/huge (looking at you shoulder kitten). I know a lot of people have been asking for that one, and I for one would love to roll a huge model werewolf with a small kitten on its shoulder. Many more suggestions but I'll keep the list short for now and update later.
  2. Eh random recipes, enhancements and such. I was selling a lot of the recipes on my inventory for between 500k and a mill easily last week, but a large portion of them are showing at 6k to 15k now which isnt even worth listing them. I logged on yesterday and posted up my surplus of recipes because I had around 60 of them, all of them are now below 20k a piece when they were worth way more last week. I sold recipes all week last week and was at 73 mill within a day or two, the same recipes, same level, but now drastically lower on what I'm getting from listings on AH, while the enhancements costs have barely changed. I'm at 50, wasnt doing the exemplar exploit, just kept my xp turned off and ran mission teams and traded merits for salvage or recipes for my inf, which was totally fine, but now it's taking me significantly longer to work on the funds to buy all the sets I was working on for my tank.
  3. At this point yes, all of my stuff that was regularly listing at 100k is now listing at 6k and is worth more to vendors while IOs are still setting at 15 mill, now absolutely painful to try to slot a new character out with the sets to make them actually functional.
  4. Is there any way we could possibly get a basic movement animation for beast run/ninja run as a costume option or purchasable auto power from the p2w vendor PLEASE? What I mean is for normal movement to have the same animation. My character is a robotic gargoyle set at the smallest character setting and looks absolutely amazing while moving in beast run, it fits his costume perfectly and back story perfectly since he is basically an alchemists clockwork familiar, so I would love to be able to have that be his basic movement animation rather than standing up straight and walking like a normal person, as I'm sure plenty of ninja players would love to have the naruto run as their basic animation and cat people would love to walk like that. I dont know how feasible it would be, but it's something i would love to see implemented and I'm sure many others would love too.
  5. So where exactly do I place the RAR file for the character select screens?
  6. so how does one actually go about installing this? sorry to dig up old threads, was doing a quick search for mods and addons and this has been the only page I could find any.
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