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  1. Joined a 50+ team the other day running Unai’s missions; I jumped in with my WM/Ice for one of the Family ones. I’d say the average spawn had 3 Singularities in it. I got ragdolled, a lot. How are the melee folks handling these? Is there a level of non-inherent KB protection to build for to avoid getting tossed around?
  2. +1 to all this, and there’s also the side benefit of Savage’s End Discount more than paying for AA’s End cost.
  3. Sky Devil, Golden Age aerial vigilante
  4. Yeah, that was bad info from me. Sorry OP!
  5. End drain can be a tough beat, mostly because of that whole “this mob has a 1000 damage attack that costs 1 end” thing. There’s also two components to a dapper build; -End and -Rec. Neither by itself is enough to keep a mob drained. All that said: there’s a case to be made for attrition-based sapping. In other words, survival+sapping rather than damage+sapping. If you live got a build that consistently saps (End and Rec) that can survive a few salvos of shots, you can kill big game. Boomie had a thread on the old boards of all the GMs he killed with an Elec/Cold.
  6. Electricity in some form (Control or Blast) is usually your best bet, as well as Psi Assault for Doms. My personal favorite sapper build to play, though not the fastest or best way to sap, is an Elec/Energy Sent. Good sapping between Short Circuit and…whatever the Sentinel version of Energy Drain is called, good survivability and QoL with Energy Aura, Elec Blast does decent damage with Sents, and you can proc out your blasts with that Heal proc to get more consistent healing. edit to add: sapping is a fun kind of mini-game that I personally enjoy, but I also embarked on
  7. I honestly can’t remember a time that this wasn’t a feature on HC (it definitely wasn’t on live).
  8. Periodic Public Service Reminder: if you want to contact the player who owns a name you're interested in, try /getglobalname Name in-game, and send them a global tell. People log in to the game far more frequently than they do the forums (especially this specific topic in this specific forum).
  9. Good lord. That is genuinely unnerving. Great job!
  10. The Marvels are the best-dressed SG in Paragon. Congrats to the winners! That Hyperblink design is particularly awesome.
  11. 😮 First time seeing Bulletman. Amazing design.
  12. Ahhhh, I was hoping someone would unearth this! The only thing I could clearly remember about it was, “hey, stop Kung Fuing our friend”
  13. This was one of the first videos I thought of. Well earned temp bans for those guys. I just saw this one for the first time today. Pretty damn hilarious.
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