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  1. Intermittent PSA about specific names: the /getglobalname [name] command will tell you who currently has [name], so you can send them a direct global tell in-game rather than rolling the dice on the forums.
  2. The animation is basically the same as the one that plays when a hovering/flying character gets hit with KB, so there must be some kind of special tag that I’m not aware of.
  3. Apologies if this is the wrong forum and/or this is a dead horse, but...is there any particular reason that Air Superiority doesn’t accept Knockback set enhancements? The power description reads “0.75 knockup” as opposed to the usual “0.67 knockback”, so I’m guessing that’s the issue. Just seems a little odd.
  4. Has anyone ever tried a Deadpool/Ambush Bug style character? I'm wondering if it's cute or just plain annoying for other players (I know, I know: "it depends").
  5. How many powers from Illusion did you take? There used to be a "trend" of players playing "dedicated support"; the most extreme version of this was Emp Defs with just their T1 attack full Leadership and, for reasons passing understanding, Medicine pools. While I personally find unsolicited negative criticism tedious and pointless, those builds did indeed deserve to die in a fire.
  6. Plant/TA/Fire for me. It's going to be glorious.
  7. Ah, dang. Tricksy Devs.
  8. Couldn't be arsed to search the forums, so apologies if this is a rehash. I also assume the answer is no, but: Anyone know if KB procs in Propel check against the splash targets? I'm particularly wondering if the...I want to say Kinetic Crash has the Smashing proc(?), could potentially fire off.
  9. Farting around a little today and found the following, if anyone can make use of them: Bruin Eagle Woman Fishboy Ghostwoman Graybeard Hourwoman Major Chord Mange Monkeyboy Nordique Organ Grinder Racehorse Spearhead Spitball
  10. You hit the nail on the head with the secondary bit. Eradicating entire secondaries for soloing efficacy is /sadface (I know this is 'by design' to encourage teaming, but there are very few 'modern' controller secondaries that are designed this way).
  11. I would just like to be able to buff confused mobs.
  12. Yes to the holding onto part; from above: "Let me know (via a reply below or forum PM) if you'd like one and we'll try to sort out a time. First come first serve".
  13. Few more: Sherpa Mountain Man Prairie Dog Foxman Drama King Doc Atom Madame Atomique Kid Cupid Max Speed Iron Horse Dame Danger Frazzle Frazzler Fetish Doll Bearhug Moxie Danger Doc Danger Statique Ohmgirl Starlet Sermon Grimrose Doc Science Hurricane Jane Hateball Crackpot Axeman Rockabye Siesta Seaboy Sea Boy Shadetree Volcano Girl Starfather Bogger Bog Boy Riotess Ironhorse Bog Queen Bog
  14. Dropping a bunch of names this weekend. Let me know (via a reply below or forum PM) if you'd like one and we'll try to sort out a time. First come first serve. Here they are. Sea Maiden Deathwail Madam Mirror Lovebird Native Son Fair Maiden Torturess Badmouth Sister Salem Windy Doc Steam Copy Boy Rah-Rah Newshound Auntie Agony Agony Aunt Storm Devil Peaceman Mother Madness Bloodcrow Vignette Bounce Judge Midnight Soul Sister Brother Peace Peace Man Crime
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