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  1. Had to have some smoke somewhere! Concept-wise, I just wanted to have a Mumbo Jumbo-like character from the Teen Titans animated show.
  2. @jonwol2 Nekreon's second outfit is straight fire, man! Love how you incorporated the Meka claw with the right-hand glove. Introducing Smoking Mirrors, a stage magician obsessed with fame and showmanship, ready to commit any crime of the flashiest fashion! (Ill/Dark troller)
  3. Forgot about both of Cimerora's tracks - suitably epic for the zone!
  4. @jonwol2 Absolutely LOVE Commander Coldsnap! Such a great design (and clever reinvention of the "supersoldier wakes up from an icey coma" trope).
  5. That's a tie between 'Blyde Square' in Steel Canyon and 'Vanguard Compound' from the Rikti War Zone for me... those tracks make the zones feel so badass!
  6. My newest Earth/Earth dom and Indiana Jones tribute - the earthbending adventurer from the land down under, Groundbreak !
  7. Well, it is a very solid costume! Great character design, Shade. (and great concept to boot)
  8. @Carandiru Is Henge inspired by Omni-Man from the Invincible comics by any chance? 'Cause he certainly looks the part!
  9. Made a "level-up" costume for Paragon's favorite demonic rockstar, Hellbanger !
  10. A spirit of righteous vengeance that protects police officers and punishes the wicked, the ghastly Grimslinger! (DP/DA Sentinel)
  11. These would be the Retro Scifi 4 gloves and Barbarian shoulder pads, my good sir!
  12. Thanks, AA! He does indeed, but in all fairness, it's quite difficult to create a skull-masked soldier type character (who's on the side of the angels, in this case) that doesn't evoke good ol' Crossbones, unfortunately. 😄
  13. Finally made a "classic" (read: spandex) outfit for my main guy Reaper, pretty glad with how it turned out, especially the chest combo! (mixing tights and tactical gear is hard!)
  14. @Jawbreaker Love both of those! Concept-wise, they remind me of Hellboy's Johann Kraus from The Golden Army.
  15. @RikOz Great costume! But I feel your pain regarding that Arakis mission.. I dread it every time I have to do it.
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