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  1. Decided to give my former Outcast, Snowstrike, a superheroic makeover! (Full Ice Blaster)
  2. Great name and costume, JB! Maybe give him some actual pirate pants?
  3. Reminds me of my own vampire-looking, DM/Bio guy, Nightblood!
  4. Decided to remake my famous Immovable as a former mutant boxer and undefeated costumed brawler! (SS/WP Brute)
  5. Gave my Battle Bee a slight redesign, to make him a little bit more airborne and tactical! (to fit his role as "anti-Sky Raider" character)
  6. You went with /TA after all! How's that combo going?
  7. Perfect character in my opinion - name, concept, costume, powers.. everything just fits.
  8. That is high praise, thank you so much! 🙌 Love your Promethea look-alike, great job on rendering the costume IG.
  9. Final draft on Spyfall's main outfit! (and I promise I'm done with the guy afterwards!)
  10. Despite what my username might indicate, I've got nothing but love for other colors. 😋 But considering I already have a DP character using the red-glow version of the Cybertech shades (a baddie, nonetheless), I tried differentiate my spy from that guy in that regard!
  11. Sorry for the double post, but here's the aformentioned update on Spyfall :
  12. That was the idea! But I'm thinking of switching his original organization to something more obscure, like the CIA's Omega Watch (mentioned in Agent Six's bio : https://archive.paragonwiki.com/wiki/Agent_Six )... It's a work-in-progress, ahah.
  13. Thanks! Given that he's a covert operative, I figured a small dash of color was all that he needed.. Although I'm considering making the glass glow and the HUD green..
  14. Spyfall (DP/Ninjitsu), former Longbow secret agent "burned" by the Malta Organization, now working as a freelance superspy to take down their paramiltary conspiracy!
  15. In my defense (as an European player), I wasn't even aware of what AT&T's logo looked like, just thought the symbol looked retro enough. 😛
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