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  1. @Healix She looks fantastic! Maybe we should start a sub-category of "superhero demi-gods" at some point. 😄
  2. Love Karat Clash, very regal! A great name to boot.
  3. A couple of magic characters I came up with recently! Murdermask : a mystic mask from an ancient civilization granting its owner supernatural reflexes as well as a thirst for killing, found its way in the hands of a high school dropout with an axe (or a baseball bat) to grind... what could possibly go wrong? (War Mace/Ninjitsu Scrapper, my hommage to Hotline Miami) Thunderson : a man with tremedous lightning powers claiming to be one of Zeus' many unwanted offsprings. An actual demi-god or a metahuman with delusions of grandeur? Only time will tell. (Full Elec Sentinel)
  4. Exploiter looks amazing, but Bump & Grind made me literaly laugh out loud!
  5. @Peacemaker Those are all awesome, but Couterfeit is a FANTASTIC concept and costume. (being a frenchman with a taste for corny french villains, I might be a little biased, though...)
  6. Got inspired by one of @Arctique's fantastic costumes/concepts, and decided to make a "Doom"-inspired armor for my main and SoA, Reaper! (the glowing green skull in the back really sells the thing, in all fairness)
  7. Oh, Child of Talos and Normal are simply FANTASTIC.
  8. @Arctique You should have posted around here sooner, those are all amazing! Special mention de Dreadnaut, Webby and Dwarf Fortress!
  9. Made some changes to Blitzfeet's oufit(s)!
  10. Captured by the Council during an investigation into a string of abductions, private eye Victor Lugosi thought he'd finally met his end at the hand of Nosferatu, who chose him as a patient zero for the latest version of his Ubermensch serum... only for the unfortunate investigator to transform into an improved, "sane" version of a Vampyri! Breaking free of his captors, Victor decided to use his newfound bloodcurling powers to keep the Council and any other criminal organization from ruining good people's lives. He now roams the streets and rooftops of Paragon as the vampiric vigilante, the crimson V of vengeance... Nightblood ! (Savage/Bio Stalker)
  11. I have been, yeah! I mostly took inspiration from Mystery Men's Captain Amazing (the corporate hero thing), but I agree that The Boys is a big inspiration in the "villain with good publicity" department.
  12. My latest concept - a corporate "superhero" created and controlled by Crey Industry as their industry speedster, Blitzfeet ! (Elec/Shield stalker, with his Crey agent outfit)
  13. AND you get the most awesome ambush in the game, as well!
  14. Heroside, Crimson's "World Wide Red" arc is an absolute classic. Villainside, Viridian's is pretty great as well !
  15. Well, in a way, he's a lot more hot than cool ! 😛 But thanks a lot !
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