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  1. @Professor Sad Welcome to the council of Thundersons !
  2. My mandatory "heavy-duty" outfit for Bulletlaw : sometimes, you just need a bigger gun ! (and more body armor also helps)
  3. @Arctique Holy hell, that's a lot of good costumes! Hard to find a favorite, but I especially dig Raveyard (GREAT name!) and Villainous.
  4. As a long-time fan of your work when it comes to costumes, that might be the highest praise I coule hope for. 🙏 Thanks, FP!
  5. Slight rework of one of my older characters : Bulletlaw (DP/SR), former Malta Gunslinger turned gunblazing peacekeeper.
  6. Holy shit, @Yellowjacket, that's an amazingly genius costume.
  7. Staff/EA for the win! Great costume as always, of course.
  8. You'd be surprised to know that I found the similarity to Gambit only recently. 😉 He's definitely inspired by other card-themed characters, though (especially the animated versions of the Royal Flush Gang)
  9. Great costume as well, Vulp! I find it really hard to dislike EA - it's such a versatile and well-rounded armor set, and it goes with any origin (technological forcefield, magical aura, etc).
  10. Decided to remake my mystical gambler, the Card King, as a Staff/Energy Stalker (EA representing his natural flashiness and his magical "probability aura") ! Along with a "Casino" outfit for his St. Martial days!
  11. Plasmaguard (Beam/Energy Sentinel) A decorated IDF commander, and veteran of the Hamidon Wars, Captain James Mercer came back home to find a very different Praetoria than what he fought for. Enlisted in the Powers Division as a propaganda tool under the codename "Plasmaguard", Mercer fought for the Praetorian people, and eventually went rogue upon seeing the corruption of the Loyalist government. Using his customized IDF power armor and canon, the "Crimson Commando" now fights for Praetoria's future on both fronts. (my love letter/hommage to Mass Effect's Commander Shep
  12. That chest detail/chest emblem combo is absolutely killer, @Occlusor!
  13. The secret love child of Mister Miracle and Red Tornado? 😉
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