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  1. That is one of the most scaringly efficient costume posted here, and a hell of a way to start the new year. Great concept too, Spar! (Would you mind if I borrowed some elements? I'm insanely jealous of that hood/skull/Spectrum head combo...)
  2. Decided to rename my previously posted Rad/Rad Brute as the proton punk Gamma Death (who needs subtelty when you can punch capes with irradiated fists, really?), and really lean in on his Freakshow origin and attitude (complete with glow-up mohawk when he powers up !). Also included is his "civilian outfit".
  3. That's a pretty slick design, JB! I had a similarly-named character back when I played on CO, a sizeshifting brawler who made full use of that game's version of Super Strength (which made you grow in size the more you fought your enemy).
  4. A more dynamic rework of one of my oldest (and favorite) characters : the Card King (Dark/Martial Dominator, with the shurikens supposed to be playing cards), a poker-obsessed ex-Midnighter who sets out to become the biggest player in the Rogue Isles, with the ultimate goal of taking over St. Martial.
  5. Reminagined my Beam/Energy sent as a heroic hacker (and Primal Earth doppelganger of my previously posted villain, the Neon Dragon) : the technopathic Hackdown !
  6. That's a pretty neat concept, @Erratic1! I've got a Fire/Bio sent as well (my Halloween villain, Burning Jack), I can attest that it's a damn good combo.
  7. Firearm (AR/Martial) : ex-Longbow Officer who decided to take the law into his own hands after losing an arm against a particularly vicious supervillain during the infamous "Bloody Bay Massacre". (the idea behind his character is that his AR is actually a continuation of his robotic arm, which allows him to switch between different kinds of "ammo" : burst, grenade, flamethrower, etc)
  8. Those are mighty good, JB. I might "borrow" some elements of Soloist's costume if that's alright with you!
  9. Never thought about using this pattern that way, that's pretty slick!
  10. My hommage to pulp heroes : the amazing Rocketfist ! A 1940s inventor who decided to use his rocket-powered creations to punch nazis in the face! Until the fateful day when, while trying to prevent the 5th Column officer known as Ubelmann from completing his time machine, the "Brass Brawler" ended up displaced... in 21st century Paragon City! (Energy Melee/Willpower)
  11. Reworked my Beam/Traps guy as a hommage to Mandalorian characters from the SW universe : introducing the Capebuster, an ex-Malta operation engineer, now working as a lone mercenary, catching superpowered heroes for a price, using a modified Sapper rifle, as well as a vast arsenal of specialized gadgets !
  12. Decided to whip up a little Christmas outfit for my favorite ice-sliding mutant !
  13. @Nuclear_Fusion_Kid Love the Hellraiser-inspired guy, he looks appropriately freaky!
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