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  1. @Sparrows Those are all absolutely excellent, Spar! Brain Blister's final form looks straight out of an old Dr Strange comic. Body is appropriately creepy, as well!
  2. @Jawbreaker Simple yet efficient! It looks great, and the name is pretty puntastic. I used the same pattern trick for my tank, the Immovable :
  3. Could we also get the Beam/Robotics rifles ported over to Assault/Mercenaries rifles? I'd really love for my AR Blaster to have access to the Resistance AK..
  4. I solo pretty much most of the time, so I consider myself to be a "chill player" : I rarely play above x1/+1 (except on endgame characters), I mostly do story arcs... I just like taking my time, and the fact that the game lets me do just that is one of the many reasons I've loved it so much over the years. When it comes to teaming, I'll join pretty much any fun group I can find, although I'm not a big fan of +4/x8 groups - mostly because I never see the appeal in fighting stuff I can't hit (since most of my toons only use basic IOs), no matter how rewarding the fight. I'd rather have a +2/x4 steamrolling, chill group any time!
  5. That much is true, but unfortunately, only the right shoulder can be equiped.. Hence why I can't wait for the HC team to find a way for us to have every shoulder piece asymetrical!
  6. That looks iconic as hell, @biostem! Nothing original to propose on my end, but I did make some slight changes to my Beam/Traps gadgeteer, Mr. Mechanic. Asymetric shoulder options can't come soon enough!
  7. @Saeletra Thank you! And no, I'm a Reunion native, through and through! (although I have a few toons on Ever, but not this guy, though)
  8. Introducing the Neon Dragon, corporate assassin and Syndicate renegade working his way up the Loyalist food chain. (DP/Martial)
  9. Aw man.. As with every "what is your favorite CoX [insert topic]", it's pretty much impossible to decide, since CoX has just too many cool zones to pick. After some thinking, here are my favorites : - Blueside : Faultline. Great story, great design, and the Blueside zone that feels most "alive" (runner up would be Brickstown or Kings Row). It has fantastic architecture and layout, the Arachnos-infested tunnels and the Dam are just awesome. And as mentioned before, the over-arching story makes this zone a must-play on basically every character (especially for Agent G's storyline and the final battle royale between the Arachnos and Sky Raiders lieutenants). Runner-up : Croatoa (magic town, great story, 'nuff said) - Hazard Zones : Striga Isle. How many villain groups can actually claim to have their own zone/volcano island? While I may find the Council to be pretty dull (especially compared to the more colorful and punchable 5th Column), Striga stands as one of the most unique and fun blueside zones. From the linear storylines to the amazing TFs, Striga reminds me of Syndrome's island in The Incredibles : full of green and baddies. Runner-up : Dark Astoria (both the eerie original and Lovecraftian versions are some of the most atmospheric and freaky zones in the game) - Redside : St. Martial. The Las Vegas of the Rogue Isles, and as others pointed out before me, the one Redside zone which truly feels like what a criminal town would actually look lik. St. Martial makes the player feel like part of a colorful world, and while the playing cards theme certainly helps, the zone's SAs are what makes it truly shine. Runner-up : Grandville (the Arachnos metropolis, just for how iconic and representative of Recluse's mindset it is) - Goldside : Imperial City. Probably the most beautiful and realistic city-like zone in the entire game, IMHO. IC makes me feel like a Marvel superhero every time I run the contacts there, just because it looks so much like NYC would look like in a comic book world. Nighttime IC.. is just downright gorgeous. Runner-up : First Ward (amazing zone design, and who doesn't love a sunken/post-apocalyptic city?) Here are my two cents about it, at least!
  10. @Starwind That might the best/most disturbing use of that face I've seen yet, huge kudos!
  11. I tend to make quite a lot of military-based/inspired characters (thanks to the game's endless supply of paramilitary NPC organizations) so I've made quite a few that might help you find your inspiration! Codename Reaper (FBSA special operative) Quickdraw (ex-Malta gunslinger)
  12. Had to have some smoke somewhere! Concept-wise, I just wanted to have a Mumbo Jumbo-like character from the Teen Titans animated show.
  13. @jonwol2 Nekreon's second outfit is straight fire, man! Love how you incorporated the Meka claw with the right-hand glove. Introducing Smoking Mirrors, a stage magician obsessed with fame and showmanship, ready to commit any crime of the flashiest fashion! (Ill/Dark troller)
  14. Forgot about both of Cimerora's tracks - suitably epic for the zone!
  15. @jonwol2 Absolutely LOVE Commander Coldsnap! Such a great design (and clever reinvention of the "supersoldier wakes up from an icey coma" trope).
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