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  1. Some attacks lack a positional tag. My Fortunata loves using Domination on Paragon Protectors in MoG, for example. I would expect it's something like that.
  2. Take a trip to Peregrine, he's all over the place.
  3. Character: Scarlet Siren Account: Treacheres Battle Cry: That Psi hole looks painful. Mind/Psi Dom
  4. Yup, just pulled up the ones I had been working on after downloading Pine today.
  5. I've been writing Statesman Lives for years since the shutdown. If Paragon had brought him back after making such a big deal out of the Who Will Die? arc that would be one thing, but if he came back now when the game itself has been resurrected for so many of us, well I don't think folks would mind. I sure wouldn't.
  6. I had been playing on Infinity since I was too young to have any idea what I was doing, all the way to the disconnect notice. Great times, the whole ride.
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