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  1. When did I say it's a character from disney? Read my post above, I didn't say a Disney character
  2. no i didn't why do you keep asking me that nonsense?
  3. that was on the LFG channel also who the fuck said i copied? also i do see as telling others what to do...
  4. UPDATE: i add another guy on global ignore because he is telling people what to do on LFG after someone was forming a speed run LRSF. he was saying " iF YoU ArE gOnNa sPeEd ThRoUgH a tF pLeAsE AdVeRtIsE iT aS sUcH" telling others what to do and worrying about what the other person is doing. i was on the excelsior server.
  5. i usually ignore people who complain like 3 year olds over anything and i usually also ignored that one dude who is trying to cry like bitch-ass dweeb on LFG just because he didn't join the hami raid.
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