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  1. I have an ice character, named Kid Frost. I will make sure the ice blocks are not a thing on him. Didn't realize had the choice for different ice effects, just assumed color variations.
  2. Anytime I am watching an epic team up in the arrowverse on the CW network. Those battles just scream live action city of heroes.
  3. If you have a base with the mission computer, you can create tip missions, I find once you get the ball rolling tip missions should start popping up as you play. Make sure you defeat all baddies when playing your tip mission. A lot of times I get additional tip missions from enemies I skipped past earlier.
  4. If you want to grind for something go ahead. Enforce the original restrictions on yourself. For instance, I prefer to change my alignment the old fashioned way. I avoid Null the Gull and use the tip system. The great part about homecoming is that people have lots of different avenues to play the game in a way that is fun for them.
  5. Is there a way I can swap skies? I would love to see the Isles have a nice sunny day!
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