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  1. I made a StJ/EA stalker. By the mid 40s I was regretting not going /SR. That said, /EA is not terrible, works rather well. /SR is just easier to softcap defense.
  2. I play this game because it is fun. I find certain ATs more fun then others. Over time, I have gravitated to Scrappers and Stalkers. I branched a bit into Brutes. I played these ATs because I felt that the journey of progressing from new hero (or villain) to elite incarnate was a nice smooth gradual growth. Getting IOs and incarnate abilities did not fundamentally change the powers, how I used them, or what I could do. I just found that my toon became more effective the more powerful they became. You can look at my post history and see that I am by no means a power player in this game. I find
  3. Thanks @Hopestar!! This is perfect! I will get working on this tonight. Much more survivable for my play style.
  4. @Hopestaryou asked some really great questions. I wanted to spend some time thinking them over to have some good answers. I played Warlock's build, and even fully slotted it out as he described. On the whole, it was a good build. There are a few things that bother me that I could not figure out how to solve. I think my build is an over fix to my problem. Trying to find a good balance. I discovered in play, that some enemies would really, really like to target my MM. The damage they could do was crazy. They would always hit. I often would only discover what killed me by
  5. @laudwic, can you post your build? I have been considering playing a Dominator for some time. I like the sound of what you are doing and seeing your build may give me some good insights into how to play a Dominator. Could you give me an idea of your combos? Does it work well on a team?
  6. I am working on my first MM build since live. I loved my Thugs/Poison when Villains shipped, but wanted to try something different. I ultimately choose /Time since it came out after I stopped playing on live. I read the /Time post that is stickied, but there were several things in the build I didn't like. This is what I am building out towards now, please let me know if I am setting myself up for failure. I noted that @Warlawk used lots of procs and build-ups in the pets. I am not sure why, so that could be something am doing wrong. I do like my set bonuses. Feedback welcome!
  7. Thank you Redlynne. That is a huge wall of text,, but exactly what I am looking for. I will spend a few hours getting that merged over for my pets. I appreciate the help!
  8. Thanks for all the great information everyone! Next step, find a good MM command binding when you have no keyboards with the numpad....
  9. I have been reading the forums trying to understand some basic things about my MM. 1) Do the bonuses from my IO sets apply to my pets as well? 2) Do the pet resist/def bonuses from IOs assigned to a T3 pet also apply to the T2 and T3 pets? 3) Can I check the def/resist of my pets in game? 4) Are there any good guides that explain how to MM anywhere? Thanks for the help!
  10. Thanks for all the advice. I was able to get much of what you suggested yesterday and will likely be able to afford the rest in a day or two. This has made a huge difference in DPS for me. I had no idea procs were so effective! Thank you so much for the help!
  11. You are right @oldskool, my group has been slowly raising the fights to +3 and +4, and I have not been keeping up. Thanks for the suggestions on slotting, I appreciate the guidance. I had not bothered to update Pistols since I was not using it much. Based on advice here, I will change that. I will also invest in some procs. I also spent most of my time leveling without using inferno. I only switched in the past few levels to try and and see if it made a major difference in my damage output. I saw that it definitely helped. I generally preferred standard over the other ammo types.
  12. I started up a DP/WP sentinel recently after reading the guides. A slightly weaker blaster with higher suitability sounded like fun! I had a great time until about lvl 38/40. After that point, my DPS has seemingly nose dived compared to other ATs. I don't mind other ATs being more effective, this is more like I am having an embarrassing time with DPS. I am still leveling and working on slotting out my toon. This is my first character, so I am sure I am doing something wrong. I used my first respec to remove some fighting and add in the fire pool for non lethal damage. It helped, but not much.
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