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  1. Back in the day, I had Mako's Patron Pool as my choice and took School of Sharks (didn't use much) and Bile Spray (always felt like my toon had been at a bender of an Arachnos holiday party when using it). Omega, then Bile Spray, then Suppression while the spiderbots were blasting away was always fun for thinning a herd. I don't know if it still works because my poor crab spider is still in the early 30s because alt-itis is an addiction.
  2. Most of mine use the SS/CJ combo but I use Flight on 2 toons. One because a couple of wing options go really well with it's costume theme, the other because one of the cyberspine options on it with the sparkles aura kinda looks neat when you pan back and watch it in flight, like on of those GN drives for any Gundam fans on here.
  3. Why not frankenslot Mind Link instead with a collection of Defense/Recharge and ToHit/Recharge IO set pieces? I don't have a fort but that's what I did on my NW. It worked wonders on its near perma state.
  4. Ooohhhhhhhh you're right! Thanks for jogging my memory. It was Swipe that had the different animation. Not sure why I thought it was Eviscerate. Oh well... but I do love me some Slash, be it Stalker or Night Widow Slash... you can almost hear the first slice say "Yer" and the second say "dead!"
  5. Back on Live, didn't they change the animation for Eviscerate? I swear it was something different and quicker, and when they changed it I had a couple of toons that used it and wanted to shake my fist angrily at things because I hated what they did to it. I swear it was Eviscerate... I still take it but it doesn't seem to find its way into many attack chains I use.
  6. Ahhhhh... such fond memories of rolling on those all-VEAT teams... almost felt like we were running on cheat codes most of the time or Lord Recluse had sent us his own Order 66 and instead of Jedi, it was any other villain group in the Rogue Isles... but if Arachnos was in the way it was their fault. Good times... Night Widows and Fortunatas and Crab Spiders and Bane! Oh my! I really should finish leveling up my Crab Spider...
  7. I do like the storylines and character progression on the redside much better. And Nerva is still better to traverse than Independence Port (screw that damn zone). But yeah, if you want a team, it is much easier on blueside (damned do-gooders...) Otherwise, welcome to the Redside
  8. Hmmm, yeah, it wouldn't be the same.. The only other MMO I ever played longer than a week before deciding to take a pass on it was Dark Age of Camelot. I do miss my little reaver sometimes, though. Kinda feel like if this game were transplanted into a fantasy setting it would lose a good bit of the charm and appeal it had originally and even now. Do kinda wish I had a reaver in this game sometimes, though. Then again, maybe I could make an equivalent here... hmm...
  9. I just finished getting a DB/nin up to 50. I liked it well enough considering I had trouble finding a groove with another character after playing a night widow for so long. Not sure I would've gone with something other than Ninjitsu or Willpower just for what Machariel said about secondaries paired with it. The combo system wasn't too bad, though it made me concentrate too much on it) once I found my own pattern with it, even compensating when an attack missed and killed a chain. I'm not sure if I want to try the incarnate stuff on the toon, though, and I am not sure why. I don't feel lacking in damage per se, but I can see where some might feel that way. Maybe the incarnate stuff would help there... I would not dissuade one from playing it as overall I do like it. Plus, you can always use the Vanguard weapon options and pretend you are stalking enemies with lightsabers at least. Whatever path you choose, may the Force be with you.
  10. Gyah! That never dawned on me even thoug it makes so much sense that it should've... You know for as much and as long as I've played this game one would think I'd have a better grasp on all the mechanics for it rather than the usual "Is it moving? Stab it until it ain't!" theory. *Sigh* such is the life of a night widow with stabbing tendencies I suppose... But seriously, that also explains a couple of smaller things I had wondered about but not often enough to question anyone about. Thanks.
  11. Oddly enough, Psi defense is the lowest percentage but I NEVER get hit by anything it seems I assume because its resist value is pretty high. I can shift at least 2 slots into Indom Will at least so I guess that would help, right? At least a start? Was planning on moving 2 from Elude since I don't use it often now, maybe another from Placate since the story is the same there. I don't have Mids up to see where I was and about to head out the door but wanted to respond before I forgot. Oh yeah, and besides SS and SJ, I actually did grab Mystic Flight at 49 coz I didn't know what else to get and thought it would be neat to basically have all the travel powers. (again, travelling across IP and Nerva... ugh, I need a better travel agent) But hey, using the built in teleport to sneak up quickly and do a "stalk stab strangle" (coz she don't play that "live laugh love" bit, no sir!) is always fun.
  12. I took a look again at mine, and my defense actually sat between 45% and 50% (before Barrier) on everything except Melee, Ranged, and AOE (which were way up). Resistance appears to be under 10% except Toxic (15%) and Psionic (85% which I really miss on every other toon now every time I get hit with a stun, mez, immobilization, sleep, restaurant check , tax bill, or other such thing). I've got the Assault and Support Hybrids. Maybe should've gotten that Melee one after all... I've got 2 slots available on a planned respec, too, that I suppose I could shift to something for resist... I also admit to getting greedy on travel powers and 2-slotted super speed and super jump for zone travelling coz gaaawwwwwd when you have to cross Independence Port or Nerva sometimes... but I'll use ninja run in mission.
  13. I've only ever tried SR once before and it was when I first got the game in '06 on a katana scrapper. I really didn't know what I was doing with ANY toon at the time so by the time I quit playing around with ATs and powers and settled on one to level up to 50, it got put to the wayside. Maybe I should bring him back but with a different primary... not like I haven't revived others from Live. I did already have a shield stalker but with Electric Melee. I haven't played him much because with the Dark elemental shield and hide activated it looks like this dark nebulous blob running around which entertains me to watch way too much... perfect name for the powersets combo too!
  14. Ya know, I never thought about using EA before. Honestly, I've only ever used Ninjitsu on stalkers before because like a 1/3 of it is skippable so I can raid more of extra pools. I think I might keep the toon as a claws/Elec brute for now, but this does give me ideas for a different stalker to consider.
  15. I popped the build into MR and I sadly admit to being a bit jealous of the higher defense numbers than I got on mine, but I aimed more for offensive in a "kill them before they stab you" mentality. They've done better on resistances than me, too. I'll give them credit there even though I kinda scratch my head over slotting brawl and sprint but that's personal preference only. Still, a couple of non-NW selections are making me rethinking my respec plan. (So thanks ahead of time if I end up using them as suggestions!) I do agree with Slash being taken earlier as both night widows I've had (both then on live and now on HC), Slash was the most damaging attack. I slotted it with Superior Dominion of Arachnos and have enjoyed the carnage it creates.
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