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  1. Considering I have some exes that I am positive are members of a real life Burning Legion, I have no interest in joining such a game
  2. Hi there! One thing I did on mine was frankenslotted Mind Link with different sets' Def/Recharges to get it close to perma. I think the way mine is right now I'm off by a few seconds but the defense worked out better in mine. CT: Offensive could probably be dropped for almost anything else. I never noticed it really helping much, even at earlier levels. Your build reminds me I keep forgetting to respec so I can get Aid Self (thanks for reminder #451... perhaps it will light a fire to remember finally). Mental Blast I don't know much about because I tend to stick to the stabby mcstabyourface powers on mine. The IOs you have I didn't pay much attention to because it is late her and the sleepies are kicking in, but I did want to post something of a reply so you didn't feel left hanging completely. Happy toxic stabbing out there!
  3. I saw an odd badge pop up in my display... "They Still Walk Among Us" or to that effect. The info says it is for all the exploration badges in RWZ, but when I look in the exploration badges I can't find the listings for Scarred and the one on the building east of the ship. Never got a notice for them either.
  4. Has anyone else out there tried this powerset? I rolled it on an elec blaster for funsies but I'm curious if it is worth it long run or if I should go back to the original secondary I had which was energy manip. So, thoughts? Likes? Complaints?
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