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  1. I don't remember the build I used while leveling mine up as it's been about a year since I hit 50 on it. I did not skip Build Up, though, I remember that. Placate, in the long run for sure, is skippable. Actually, I don't think I used it at all on this one. I remember using Jacob's Ladder up until about 20 and them spec'd out of it (didn't like it and other attacks are much better for AOE), but took the other powers in Electric Melee (except Placate). In Shield, the only power I didn't take was Grant Cover. One With the Shield I only use for an IO mule. I know this isn't much since it's been so long since I leveled mine, but I hope it's at least a couple of good notes for you. Good luck with this combo and prepare to become the eletrical outlet for all those mobs carry forks trying to stick you... coz you're gonna become Electric Death to them (love this set!)
  2. Heya! Awesome program for sure but I just ran into the same problem Lithobraker had.
  3. Shockacon

    Pet Names

    I have a demon/dark that names his demons after different sandwiches since his name is The Sandwich Maker... Hamsamich, Peebee n'jae, Monty Cristo...
  4. Jeez, I had forgotten I started this thread months ago. For the record, I tried StJ with a few different secondaries, Willpower, Invuln, SR, EA, and one other but I can't recall now. So far, I've liked it paired with SR the best. Early on it just felt right. I know saying that is subjective, but that's what I go by.
  5. Hmmm, I would probably go Chain Induction or maybe Thunder Strike? I honestly don't remember what I use when in that situation. Mine usually goes Lightning Rod or Ion Judgement with Shield Charge after followed by picking up the pieces of their tattered souls. But yeah, pre-50, pretty sure Chain and Thunder were my follow ups from AS.
  6. I was so used to mostly ST damage on past stalkers that once I got an Electric/Shield stalker up high enough for Lightning Rod and Shield Charge (later on adding Ion Judgement) I'd cackle in evil glee over the AOE damage I could cause. Savage has been fun and I leveled to 50 with one pretty quick. Claws was my first 50 so it has a special place in my black heart for it even though I recognize it ain't the best damage-wise. I'm working on a Street justice one right now, and it's early, but I get a good vibe from it so far.
  7. Same thing happened to me last summer or maybe early fall... I hadn't played around with the color scales at all before that, but switching alignments did not change colors, and this happened on random characters but not others. Eventually it started changing colors with alignment on its own, sometimes even on one that I DID change the color for, so I dunno. It did make me play with the color sliders and eventually found a color I actually like better for some of my characters. Still, it's kind of odd...
  8. Yeah, that electric/shield combo got my back into stalkers. Lightning Rod and Shield Charge is indeed a glorious combo. Otherwise, mine tend to have either Ninjitsu, Energy Aura, or Bio Armor lately. Ninjitsu I like simply because 3 or 4 of the powers are easily skippable so I can pick up more goodies out of the ancillary pools. I leveled to 50 quicker with a Bio Stalker than I have any other character so far. I've been working on a Dark Armor stalker. Not sure if I would play it on another one yet because I haven't gotten a feel for it but it is definitely endurance heavy big time. Also just started a StJ/Invuln toon I am looking forward to after reading some peoples' thoughts on the sets.
  9. meanwhile, I think I found the unofficial t-shirt for this thread:
  10. Yes, you can recolor the Mu Mastery attacks. I changed them to purple on my one toon that uses it.
  11. Shockacon


    Tell me a stalker Of yours has this battlecry Or I will steal it 🙂 (seriously I can't stop chuckling over that line...)
  12. Shockacon


    A shadowy threat To stalk, to stab, to strangle Haikus for stalkers
  13. I've yet to finish working on my own sav/bio final build which bums me a bit because it was super fun leveling with it (could be the toon's story and playing it up in-game as well) and kinda zoomed to 50 without realizing it. Had to try going between different posts on the primary and secondary by themselves at first but kinda gave up. Between sav/bio and elec/shield, I'm not sure I've had more fun with stalkers. Now I've started an elec/bio for sport to see how they work together.
  14. For funsies one night I had an idea to come up with an in-game story for several characters I had. After playing through one of the redside arcs involving clones (not sure which one offhand, but it was during Sharkhead Isle level range) with my Night Widow, I got the idea of what if someone else made clones of her, like her "long lost father"? So, I turned my electric/shield stalker (a former Arachnos scientist who had learned magic from his infiltration of the CoT) into her father and the clones were his cabal trying to find said lost daughter(the Night Widow) who had been stolen by Arachnos years earlier for their Widow Program. In a twist, the mother was a former Portal Corp scientist who ran away in shame of her husband/depression over losing her daughter into a dimension that happened to have an Arachnos active there, only to have a daughter she was pregnant with (unknowingly at time of dimension jumping) joining the Widow Program of THAT dimension. It's been fun writing the bios for them so far. Most are stalkers with a blaster, a brute or two, and a dominator thrown in. Plus, A couple of the clones have placed in the GM-run costume contests so there's that. Originally, I was going to only have 8 clones to fit the father character's naming theme (8 arms of an octopus) but alt-itis is hard affliction to overcome.
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