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  1. That was us! We like to socialize and visit the clubs.
  2. Hey folks, I'm about three weeks in but this is my first post on the forums. Thought I'd say hello to all the forum operating players. Most of you from everlasting will know me as Chrontion or Darksolar. I'm still introducing my newer toons. Maelstrom Vortex is technically my main but played less as I'm playing him in line with my beloved Wife, Koudoawaia Vortex when she has time to play which isn't often due to the nature of her work sadly except on weekends. If you see us around do not mind poking us we are very walk-up, social-able, and rp friendly. Trying to get more of my own crew to move over from some other games as well. It's an old game, but a good one. Most of you will rapidly figure out She and I are a bit obsessed with dragons.. that's just us.
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