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  1. And here I thought breeding leviathans was bad...
  2. Dr. Forrester is an homage to Dr. Clayton Forrester from Mystery Science 3000. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dr._Clayton_Forrester_(Mystery_Science_Theater_3000) I've not made any connections with the other brokers yet. EDIT: I think Micky the Ear in Port Oaks is an homage to Mickey Goldmill from Rocky https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mickey_Goldmill
  3. Yep, you're right on the Callahan. The Westbush/Eastwood connection is what lined the dots up for me.
  4. Sam and Dean Winchester would have fit into Croatoa. As would have John Constantine. q
  5. Deckart was a private investigator, so there does seem to be some wiggle room. Harry Dresden wasn't a police officer, he was a consultant, but never an actual officer.
  6. I completely forgot about Bricks. I picked up on both Fish and Miller, but I didn't get the character model references. Thanks for the Hawaii 5-0 reference, I should have picked up on that given the Hawaii connection of Magnum PI.
  7. I would think going a bit older...with the great granddaddy of T.V. supernatural investigation, Carl Krochack. - Perhaps Det. McGavin as an expy. Given that Striga is populated with seemingly supernatural creatures that are actually alien in origin, I'd suggest expys of two FBI agents. Agents Cully and Vulpes
  8. OK, see the Fraser threw me, as Brendon Fraser played Dudly Do-Right. I couldn't figure out what the Baker was referencing, but the Mountie - Fraser seemed like a Dudly Do-Right reference.
  9. I don't know if this has been discussed (I've done a quick search but didn't find anything), but I'm trying to piece together all of the homages for the detectives in COH. I'm trying to line up who all the homages are referening, but I'm missing a couple. Kings Row - Becktrees - Pep Streebeck (Dragnet) -Freitag - Joe Friday (Dragnet) Steel Canyon - Martins - Martin Riggs (Lethal Weapon) -Rogers - Roger Murtaugh (Lethal Weapon) Skyway City -Sluggit - Frank Bullitt - (Bullitt) -Westbrush - Harry Hallahan - (Dirty Harry) Faultline -Frasenbacker - Dudly Doright -Kowacc
  10. Given that stealth now functions as invisibility use to (making you indetectable to NPCs until an action was taken) and infiltration now acts as stealth use to (detectable to enemies at a certain distance, but with additional travel power benifits) I'd say keep "Invisibility" as invisibility and rename "infiltration" to "stealth".
  11. I searched the forms but couldn't find any mention of this, so sorry if I'm missing something. But as I was working on IOs today, I noticed that there are no "slow movement" recipies offered in the auction house, or in the workbench to purchase. However slow movement IOS are currently listed in the AH.
  12. Weatherman Dan - Storm/Elect Corruptor (All of his costumes look like 1980s reporters) Supafly Samuri - SA/Katan Scrapper dressed as a 70s street pimp Sphagnum P.I. - Plant/Nature Affinty Controler Rock Mobster - Thugs Mastermind that looks like a lobster in a suit Headless Norseman - Battle Axe/Dark Armor G.I. Normous - Shield Tanker Blud Bath - Water Blast (all power color sets are red) Doctor Mange - Werewolf Time/Energy Defender Baby Batter - War Mace Brute (think a very tiny baseball player) Mr. Generic - Super Strengh Invunerlable Tanker in an all white costume. Hoode
  13. I would agree with re-vamping the older TF's. Just ran Citadel yesterday after running Yin's and Admiral Sutter's TF and the difference in how well the newer TF's flow versus the Launch TF's is pretty staggering. The travel betweeen zones itself in Citadel is such a time sink (with kill all missions ping-ponging between Talos and IP) that even with Ouro and Base Portals getting a group to missions feels like you're running a marathon versus the quick focused story of the newer content.
  14. Having the same issue. The temp power doesn't seem to be awarded after returning to the contact on the mission just prior to the "Talk to Ashley McKnight" mission.
  15. I just realized that you can travel up and down the chimney of the fireplace in the Ski Challet in Pocket D. May I humbly reccomend adding a badge to the inside of the chimney that's awarded if a player jumps through it. Something like "Down the Chimney she/he Goes". or "Santa's Little Helper".
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