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  1. Personally I'd settle for keeping all the pets at the MM's level. It's already happening in Incarnate content, and MM's still aren't ruling the roost there. The level reduction for low tier pets is super painful when going against content that is common at high levels - ie, +4/x8. Or +4/xanything.
  2. Can anybody with a Robotics MM on the test server say whether Full Auto Laser was included in the list of changes to all versions of Full Auto for a shortened activation time? It won't do anything about Flamethrower on the Assault Bot, but it'd be nice to have it not root my other bots for so long.
  3. I'd prefer it if pet upgrades were never downgrades to pet firepower, personally. The fact that my Assault Bot does more damage if I skip the first upgrade on it is awful design. Fixing Flamethrower's animation time would be a huge help here, but I don't know what other pets from different sets might be better off without.
  4. Because powers whose use should be timed and which cannot be made permanent by any means are totally comparable to powers that are permanently active without any form of enhancement and which are intended to be used once and then forgotten indefinitely? Making Aim and Build Up auto would utterly change their nature, and dramatically increase their power unless other changes were made. Making MM pet upgrades auto would be a significant convenience with at most a trivial increase to their power. They aren't even really comparable to toggles, since at least some toggles can be forcibl
  5. That people treat the comparison as even remotely valid is bizarre. Build Up and Aim are short duration buffs intended to allow a brief burst of higher damage and accuracy. The Mastermind pet upgrades are permanent buffs intended to increase the baseline effectiveness of the pets. I'm not sure it's a good reason to just make the pet upgrades auto powers, but the comparison to Build Up and Aim is spurious and deserves to be called out as such.
  6. Just when I thought it was safe to respec out of Group Fly. Not actually complaining, though. I'd rather it be a useful power pick instead of having to respec out of it.
  7. In my experience - which is far from comprehensive - once you have the Assault Bot fully upgraded and slotted, the damage and accuracy slotting in your other pets is kind of meaningless. Battle Drones are the lowest level pets and get hit by the purple patch super hard, plus their damage output isn't that amazing even if slotted ideally. Protector Bots are useful for healing and bubbling, even if slotted for damage they aren't big contributors. So you can use Battle Drones and Protector Bots as aura and set mules and not actually lose all that much. I don't *LIKE* that the Assault
  8. Also, you can order your minions by type. For example, with Robotics something like 90% of the damage potential is in your Assault Bot. So tell it to attack high priority targets, leave your Battle Drones and Protector Bots in BG mode. Other sets may be less lopsided or just favor different pets, but the point still stands - you don't need to remove all your pets from BG mode to send some of them out to attack something that needs attacked.
  9. What level are you reaching when you decide against a set combo? Beasts deal some of the best single target damage of any MM Primary. You may have better luck with Thugs or Demons if you don't like the single target focus, but it will come fairly late. Robotics will be even more AoE focused than Thugs or Demons, at the expense of fairly wretched single target damage - but again, it comes fairly late. Masterminds are a late blooming AT - I don't know of any primary that really feels strong before level 32 when you get the second pet upgrade. And regardless of primary, your personal
  10. Thank you all for the input. I'm currently thinking Dark/Dark, as I have played neither primary nor secondary before while most of the other recommended options I have played before on another AT. There's something to be said for trying something new. I may try some of the others when I'm in the mood for another Defender or a Corrupter, though.
  11. It was highly useful for Hamidon raids in those early days. Lets the melee folks stay in the cluster when attacking the mitos. No idea if that's still how things are done, my last Hamidon raid was back in issue 3 or 4 I think.
  12. Devouring Earth are the most egregious micro-stunners I've found. It's mostly the Fungoid enemies, although I think the various ranks of Devoured and also Deathcaps do it sometimes too. So focus down the Fungoids first, and you will probably be able to keep your offensive toggles active for the rest of the fight. Personally, I just avoid the faction when possible, and when not possible I lower difficulty so I can just blast past them. I have yet to find a character that is fun to play when facing Devouring Earth, so I don't care about anything except finishing the mission(s) so I c
  13. What are some recommended power set combinations for a solo-competent Defender? I'm not planning to make the character dedicated to solo play, I plan to team most of the time, but sometimes I think I won't be in a good situation to team up and will just want to knock out a few missions or something, and don't really want to have to shelf the character in that situation. I don't have a specific theme picked out other than a Defender that is useful in teams but not entirely dependent on them.
  14. Sincerely hoping this gets fixed. I'm not playing a /Kinetics Mastermind, and thus don't get the luxury of replacing missing enhancement value with massive buffs like Fulcrum Shift. Granted, the missing enhancement value is not a make or break issue for Beast Mastery, but it is still a problem.
  15. One thing I didn't mention is that normally Beasts, being almost entirely melee based, would have some issues with flying enemies. However, the personal attacks in the set offer -Fly, and thus can be used to pull enemies flying frustrating out of range from your pets down to the earth where their faces can be properly eaten. While I don't recommend Mastermind personal attacks as a major source of damage, Beast Mastery offers better ones than most others, with proc opportunities as Clave Dark 5 mentioned above, and a special effect that is in some situations highly useful to your pets.
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