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  1. 1. You and your pets gain stacks of a buff called Pack Mentality as they attack (and as you attack with attacks from your Primary set. This buff increases the damage they deal, and allows them to deal critical hits when you have Fortify Pack taken. When you activate Fortify Pack, the buff no longer increases their damage dealt and they cannot deal critical hits, but they gain a defense and regeneration buff. The more stacks of the buff they have, the higher these buffs become. 2. Yes, pet damage suffers quite a bit while this is active. As per answer 1, your pets no longer gain the benefits of the Pack Mentality buff, which are increased damage and the ability to deal critical hits. 3. You can make it perma I believe, but I have always used it as a panic button. I use it less as I gain enough powers in my Secondary set to keep my pets alive. Eventually I only have the power at all because it allows my pets to deal critical hits. 4. No. If you go into your enhancement management screen, you can mouse over a power to see what kinds of sets any of your powers can take.
  2. I think the obvious answer to the thread title is "Why not?" Blasters have melee attacks. They do a ton of damage. They are better equipped than ever before to survive using them - and even in the past they could survive using them easily enough in teams with the right buffs flying around. So why not melee?
  3. Note that Emperor Cole was correct in that Primal Earth is an existential threat to Praetoria. Primal Earth has the Hamidon contained and has plans in the works that we know are effective to defeat it - we defeat it pretty much every time it respawns. That leaves two possibilities. First, that Primal Hamidon is just as powerful as Praetorian Hamidon, and Primal Earth's heroes will eventually come and defeat Praetorian Hamidon because it's horribly dangerous even if it isn't actually unstoppable, which will remove Emperor Cole's whole justification for seizing absolute power. Second, that Praetorian Hamidon is significantly stronger than Primal Hamidon, in which case Primal Earth's heroes will eventually come and attack Praetorian Hamidon, fail, and irrevocably break the agreement Emperor Cole has in place that allows Praetoria to continue to exist. Either way, Emperor Cole loses, unless he can subdue Primal Earth before it happens.
  4. It was fun back when perma-Elude was possible. Broken, but so were many things back then. Super Reflexes has changed a great deal since then. The defense cap was much higher than 45%, it had no scaling resistances, and there were no set bonuses to allow it to bolster its pure defense focus. It was hit pretty hard by the global defense nerf and ED. Not as hard as Regen, perhaps, but there's a reason "Nerf Regen" is a meme. Unlike Regen, Super Reflexes was actually fixed by subsequent changes to the power set and the game as a whole. It's not my favorite armor set any more, but at least I can enjoy it if my whimsy decides that today I'm playing something with Super Reflexes.
  5. Spider-Man, like almost any hero in published comic books, is "strong enough to carry the plot." If he needs to be strong enough to throw cars around, he can. If he needs to find just lifting a car a little tough, then he'll be straining hard to lift it, even if it's the exact same car he was chucking across the street last issue. Telling the story has always been more important in comic books than maintaining perfectly consistent power levels for the heroes. No matter how much that infuriates a lot of comic book readers.
  6. I had an on-screen message telling me a new contact had been added while I was in my enhancement management screen. It covered the Exit button to return to the main screen. It also had every interactable element, including the button to close it, off-screen. This is legitimately game breaking. OK, not quite, but any "glitch" that forces you to Alt-F4 to get out of it is a serious issue IMHO
  7. But that can't be true - Spider Man is effective. In all seriousness, if Street Justice didn't suck, I wouldn't mind Super Strength being kept away from Scrappers nearly as much. Also, if the Hulk is the base for qualifying for Super Strength, then almost nobody has Super Strength. Not even the Thing, or Colossus. The Hulk is pretty much the strongest being in all of comic books, unless there's a cross-over with Superman.
  8. I started a Beasts/Nature MM. If you don't mind the very limited offensive support, /Nature seems really nice. Lots of defensive options to keep your furry buddies biting and clawing the bad guys. Might not be the best secondary for Beasts, given that Fortify Pack can already make them pretty tough, but as long as they're up and fighting, I figure I'll eventually get the bad guys dead. Not like MM is a low damage AT - even without offensive support, I figure I'll kill stuff fast enough.
  9. TheMoncrief

    Pet Names

    My Robots are named after poets. It was good enough for the main antagonist in A Miracle of Science (excellent web comic) so it's good enough for me. Chaucer, Dryden, Coleridge, Byron, Tennyson, and Spencer. I like to think my victims have a moment as they die to appreciate the sheer mechanical poetry of their clanking feet and whining capacitors as they unleash a torrent of high-energy death. My robots are no mere cannon fodder, each is an individual piece of advanced technological art, and I name them as such.
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