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  1. There are inherents that define how the AT plays, and inherents that, well, don't. Fury or Domination are AT defining. Opportunity, self evidently, is not. Nobody plays Blasters for Defiance or Masterminds for Supremacy. One of those is actually a really good inherent, but it's entirely in the background. The other is and has always been kind of lackluster. I don't think any realistic change to Opportunity is going to make it an AT-defining inherent. But they might manage to make it a good inherent that just happens to be operate in the background.
  2. Thread title: "Why is it so hard for me to play Red Side?" I think that explains why people are responding with reasons why they don't play Red Side. Possibly. I may be giving basic literacy too much credit though.
  3. I don't think the game structurally fits well with villains. Heroes, sure, they run around, talk to people who they know to be well informed, learn what the bad guys are doing, and stop them. Heroism is fundamentally a reactive endeavor. As a villain, they other folks should be reacting to *ME*. Certainly I shouldn't be taking marching orders from random dudes I'm sent to by a "broker." Some of the villain missions do overcome this structural problem, but in the end, I tend to feel more like a lackey or henchman than a true independent villain. The redside writing, howe
  4. I like that I can get consistent mez protection without having to play yet another melee toon.
  5. I'd like to know this too. I really liked the old rainbow aura for Invulnerability powers, but I significantly prefer Brutes over Tankers or Scrappers for the set on a play style basis.
  6. And that is exactly why you shouldn't do it. There are very few "wrong" ways to play City of Heroes. The pure empath concept is famous because it is one of them. It is a build and play philosophy that absolutely requires a team to support, and provides extremely minimal support to that team in response, because it is based on the unfounded belief that providing healing (and only healing) to your teammates is essential in all circumstances, when it is usually not even helpful. A Mastermind with no personal attacks is usually perfectly self sufficient and contributes well to a team.
  7. Please don't compare a Mastermind who chooses to play to the AT's strengths to a "pure emp" who thinks being a dedicated healer is actually useful in CoX and likely ignores the really great powers in Empathy like Clear Mind and Fortitude because they aren't heals. I have nothing against personal attacks in your Mastermind builds - or even in my own Mastermind builds sometimes - but you don't need to be bringing them to the forums. Not everybody enjoys playing the same way as you. Nor should they. They are not wrong. Neither are you. The case that one way of playing or the other is
  8. Power picks and enhancement slots are in strictly limited supply. Masterminds have such a low damage scale that spending them on direct attacks is easy to consider a waste of resources, unless you are playing a primary where the attacks have more utility than just doing damage. Most Masterminds have plenty of things to use power picks and enhancement slots on that contribute considerably more to their arsenal than their direct attacks. At least until they need to mule a good set, but by then you're usually done or nearly done leveling, and depending on the secondary they still may
  9. I am content that my Robots jet feet are now useful for more than hanging out in Pocket D. Having Group Fly actually be a useful group travel power for my pets is intensely satisfying.
  10. Caltrops is amazing on a Mastermind. I can't imagine ever wanting it on a melee class though. Stalker Ninjitsu just does not seem like a well designed set.
  11. Depending on the specific primary, the "extra" power may be skippable too. Serum for Mercenaries or Repair Robot for Robotics are easily skipped. On the other hand, skipping Hell on Earth for Demons or Gang War for Thugs may well earn you a diagnosis for clinical insanity.
  12. Can't you just disable redraw in your power customization? Or are there some weapon sets where redraw cannot be disabled?
  13. So, umm, why the heck does the Command of the Mastermind ATO set have so much Recharge enhancement? Don't Mastermind pets specifically ignore any kind of Recharge buff or enhancement? I suppose for sets like Thugs it helps things like Gang War, but it seems kind of weird considering that many Mastermind primaries have no pet powers except the major three that can take the ATO's. I suppose it helped a little back when MM pet summon powers had long recharge times, but it seems painfully obsolete now. I don't really expect it to change, I'm just sharing my head-scratching confusion he
  14. Personally I'd settle for keeping all the pets at the MM's level. It's already happening in Incarnate content, and MM's still aren't ruling the roost there. The level reduction for low tier pets is super painful when going against content that is common at high levels - ie, +4/x8. Or +4/xanything.
  15. Can anybody with a Robotics MM on the test server say whether Full Auto Laser was included in the list of changes to all versions of Full Auto for a shortened activation time? It won't do anything about Flamethrower on the Assault Bot, but it'd be nice to have it not root my other bots for so long.
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