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  1. I PL some of my lower toons, mostly defenders and controllers. It's just painful without joining large teams to raise them faster than pouring molasses in January. My farmer farms for infl for all my newbies. I start them all off with 3.5 mill infl. Controllers once they are at lvl 32 are fun to play but for me not before. I have taken one defender back on live to 50 with no PL or double XP (ah, the good old days when we worked to 20 to get a cape and 14 to fly). Today, I play for fun with no real uber toons. My farmer is vet level 45 slotted but I don't bother with any of my other toon
  2. Doug Graves, interesting idea. I never thought of holding a toon at a certain level by turning off XP. I have a badge explorer alt that would be perfect for. That way he could collect badges and infl farm at the same time. Thanks.
  3. Hi, I'm Gary, and I'm an altoholic (altaholic?). I have 263 alts at the present time, after deleting around 50. Every one has a bio because I don't enjoy playing the game unless I know who I'm playing. My average level where I stop playing an alt is around 17 (yes, I track all my alts on a spreadsheet with graphs, what a nerd). A small part of the spreadsheet is shown below. Its actually handy for deciding an unused power combination for a new toon. Usually I choose who to play to suit whatever mood I'm in at the time and take them on up. I only have 8 50's, and only 30 or 40 that make
  4. The base always turns out at donation time, average window usually less than a couple of hours. I've only made the window twice and I try and desire to contribute every month. Solid servers for a recurring fee is good for me. Give us a means to make our donations automatic and many of us will sign up
  5. I have several as I'm sure we all do if we play long enough. My never break rule is no toon out of the gate without a biography. I have to know who I'm playing, even if its a throw away character created just to try new powers. They all deserve a story. Other things, when super jumping I always bounce along roof tops, monorails, etc..., never the road unless there is nothing there. I have rotating banter binds on some but not all, 75 on one in particular.
  6. I for one like the proposed changes. I am a casual gamer, mostly solo, light role player, altaholic, and played the original game from beta til sunset. I currently have about 100 alts, only 4 of which I've bothered to take to 50+. I've played the low level content (sub 22) through enough times to have exhausted all the different ways it can go. Like many, I now either DFB or use my multibox farmer (during offtimes) to PL my toons up to 22 or so to get SO's. I craft common IO's at 25 or 30 but rarely go the uber route on sets. For me, the game is fun when I'm making a new toon, playing wi
  7. My process is to enjoy the game to the max. My forays into PL'ing were very unsatisfying. What i love is to create a character that I love and then I love to play him. I spend a ton of time on his costume and bio. A toon without a bio is hollow and I won't play it long unless I'm just trying something new. Once I know his reason for being a hero then I play him that way. Some solo and some team. I have over 70 active toons currently. I play with the ones that match my mood that day. All of that is why this is the greatest game in the world to me.
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