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  1. this looks like where I need to post..... kinda long story into a question, here we go My SG does a monthly in SG costume contest, I have a Character that needs to say certain phrases and then change costumes. Is there a macro string that can be written for each costume change along with each section of her "speech" I have been through this entire thread and I guess I just got overwhelmed by it cause Im more confused now than before I started looking for an answer ........ PLEASE HELP ME ! the costume changes are for slots 1 through 4, 4 being her main look, 1-3 are the speech and looks tha
  2. My name is Edinia, but my friends call me EnnVee, I grew up in the forest of Divinity on the continent of Eponia. I am a creature of the "old world" half Elvin, half Mortal. I grew up in a time where healing was a gift, not a skill that could be taught to someone. I was trained to use my gifts by someone known only to me as Lorcona, a strong and skillful mage from my homeland. When I achieved my right of passage I decided to venture out, I came to Paragon on the rumors that there are others like me here, I now live in Atlas and have found many astonishing beings with gifts of the mind, body an
  3. I present to you Berry Cobbler Berry Cobbler.costume
  4. I AM BEYOND OVERJOYED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got the final piece this morning !!!!!! If you are looking for amazing art and at what I must say is an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING price PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reach out to @MysteryMouse ASAP !!!! I even ordered my very first custom mouse pad !!!!!!!!
  5. I have entered into a commission with @MysteryMouse the artist and wife of @nwisth and I wanted to share just the smallest little glimpse of her progress!!! TRUST ME when I say you want to get this amazing woman to draw your character!!!!!!!!! I can not wait to get the finished work of art and share it with everyone here because it's going to be A M A Z I N G !!!!
  6. not "exactly" true - the reason it's furniture is because it represents stability. Which brings you back to my suggestion of Aplomb (meaning stability) :)
  7. I am the above mentioned - on the pedestal of irateness ....... lol I am actually well over the situation. LOVE LOVE LOVE @excessionoz and no matter how his friends, outside of our group, act or play, I will never stop loving the group Im in !! Im blessed to be a part of it, glad to know these people, and can't imagine life without them around !
  8. Aplomb !! It means stability and is the representation of a 17 year anniversary
  9. I love that you put your male character next to a female for height comparison, as I put my female character next to a male !! LOL
  10. Let me know if you want her costume file, happy to share
  11. oooh first this week !! I present to you A "Minor" Major Minor major.costume
  12. As I include my details of where each color is used I would prefer not to hassle with attaching the file. I hope that's okay, its just one more step that I don't see as worth taking for me.
  13. I present to you............ Lady Ethereum
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