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  1. 1. A rebuilding of Galaxy City. Slowly bring back the city from ruin. As it rebuilds have the enemy factions battling for power. Heroes must struggle to keep control as the city is rebuilt. Story Arcs could tell the story of it's comeback. 2. Mastermind Secondary power revamp. Seems the secondary is more of a Defender set for most of the powers. Would like to see more of a "Blaster/Scrapper" mentality for the player. More "Hero" type options for Mastermind pets. Early in my thought of this so not sure what to implement here. 3. More higher level content for the Skulls, Hellions and Outcasts. 4. Newer Graphics Engine yet keeping System Requirements as low as possible. Thank you for your serious interest and hard work in reviving City of Heroes!
  2. The Lusca GM takes more players and time. Please increase the Merit reward from 6 perhaps 15
  3. I would like to see Super Trolls used in Story Arcs.
  4. There is also the possibility of having the Oni to use a "warmth" healing power or something similiar.
  5. Suggest to replace the MM Ninja LvL 26 pet Oni with a Healing one like the Tsoo Sorcerer. Of course it cannot be a Tsoo, but could still remain as a Ancient Human-like pet but has healing as one of it's powers. This would balance this with the other MM pet choices. It seems that the original creators did not think this through. If this is possible I strongly believe "many" would enjoy and appreciate this change. Thanks for bringing back this game and continued work!
  6. Thanks so much for bringing back this game. I realize it took lots of planning and work. Please keep going with this and the negotiations. My best memories involve team play. The community was so great.
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