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  1. Mt...i accidentally posted 2x and it wouldnt let me delete 2nd post
  2. Hi im having similar problems as Bardweiser. I think ive created the files correct but I dont get a Macro window in game. What am I missing, ive restarted the client but no macro window
  3. BTW i got one that works...needs the target in camera and click the macro 2x. powexec_name vengeance$$target_custom_next defeated friend notmypet hope this helps
  4. Im gonna try /macro "name" "target_custom_next defeated$$powexec_location defeated vengeance" ill keep posting
  5. Hi ive been trying to figure out the macro command for using Vengeance on a fallen teammate...ive tried /macro "name" "target_custom_next teammate defeated$$powexec_vengeance" and /macro "name" "target_custom_next teammate defeated$$powexec_location target vengeance" niehter worked( i was on a league) what am i doing wrong...is it friend or leaguemate that i should be using instead of teammate? any help would be appretiated. thx
  6. Hi i just ran 3 tips missions of another players, where they chose vigilante as the alignment...i was hero...but did receive the badge. Am i missing something obvious?
  7. Hi ive had fun learning the ropes...think ive got the hang of a lot of the tricks....but i cant seem to find a way to customize power colours for custom char....not even able to upload existing power schemes on toons im adding from my char list...am i missing something. Is this possible? thx
  8. Hi how do i complete this mission for the badge after out lvling it. its not available in the Ouroboros list as it precedes the story arc from Gordon Stacy?
  9. Hi im building a proc Monster but have a question about the weird wording of the Dps procs,,,they say blah blah cancel on a miss,critters. what does critters mean...does this mean only minions are hit by dps procs or that on a miss minions take no damage...what im trying to get to, is.... do dps procs work on liet/bosses and higher? thx
  10. Hi i just got this mission and im stumped for where to go. It shows no mission entrance under the title when selected as active mission. it has nothing i can glean in clues or the right up to hint as to where to go...except the obvious...PI. ive gone to PI and there is no active mission entrance, nor any IDF soldier to attack(if its a kill x number of enemies). it is not at the Tram station as an option. where do i go...what do i do to further this mission. please help thx .
  11. Hi i keep getting a variation of the too busy response from contacts(Ouroboros/rwz)...even though i have no active missions in my mission log. At times like with the Incarnate intro...i finally got him to talk to me once id finished Tina Macintyre arc...but then when i started a new PI arc...i started getting the same "too busy" responce from Laventara and Mendor in rwz and ouroboros. What am i missing..i can find no online info about what to busy means(i thought it meant i have max missions) but when i get the same response with no active missions...i wonder which or what arcs am i missing. Please help> Thx Cairo Urchin.
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