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  1. Excelsior is still showing as down for me
  2. I can't even be trusted to keep a house plant healthy and they want me to watch a KID? This is like a 3 Stooges episode. Come to think of it . . . .
  3. I agree with srmalloy - I am seeing the same thing. When it freezes the loading bar starts a little bit but stays there. When it loads it starts a little bit of the bar. Then that vanishes and it then loads really fast.
  4. I've run across several of the missions that seem to have never been balanced. If Calvin is defeat-able - I've never succeeded. Spent a dozen times trying.
  5. Yup! It was a really tough fight but I realized I was doing it wrong. I was going straight for the generators and the allies with me were being wiped out by the underlings and the Walker. First I cleared out all the enemy BUT the Walker. Then went for the generators. THEN went for the walker. That left me with all my allies to smash the walker. Took me 5 tries to do it!
  6. I am doing Provost Marchands missions and up to "Finale: One way out" . I am fighting the war walker but cant seem to actually defeat it. I get it down to some 25% hit points and it heals back up! Ideas? Suggestions?
  7. What mission? There is the one mission that is a real pain to get to. The mission marker shows in Overflow but the entrance is in Overbrook dam. In Overbrook dam after you exit the office and into that map go to your right. There you will find a tunnel entrance leading underground. Go in and follow the tunnels.
  8. I was a long player on Triumph. My Main was Misha Brightleaf -a A blaster archer/devices and Strela a Corruptor Trick arrow/archery. But also had a Mastermind named Dr Circe.
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