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  1. Global: @March/@Murky Morality Known aliases: March, Delving March PvP Builds (fully IO'd and accoladed): Ice/Kin Corrupter DP/Plant Blaster Psy/TA Blaster Ice/Regen Sentinel Emp/Water Defender
  2. If there was accolades for PvE, but only way to get them was to pvp with your pve toon for 100 hours and get 100 pvp kills and 2000 pvp assists, and 100 hosipal visits and collect 400 bounty in sirens, would that be good for you? ... This cannot be understated. Yes, most PvPers have in the past grinded for all of the accolades and done so very efficiently. But the point is that it's NOT what they are playing the game to do. If they were playing for the grind, then they wouldn't want to fight other PLAYERS. I wholeheartedly believe that there should be a way to implement PvP only accolades. It impacts nothing on the PvE side of things and evens the playing field out for everyone else if they decide to enter a PvP zone or Arena match. PvPers will still need to grind out influence to buy IOs or farm them. So it's not as though all of the grind is removed from the game. But implementing this would allow people to actually do what they enjoy much faster than previously.
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