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  1. I'd be slotting for max instant snipe damage (should be insanely easy with perma soul drain), and I'd put the achilles heel -res in my snipe. Rad snipe in particular is good for this, because the -res will actually take effect on the first dot tick, meaning the next 3 will do 20% more damage. I know you said you weren't planning on perma soul drain, but I feel like it's worth it and pretty achievable, especially with things like ageless in the mix. Smite, rad snipe, and midnight grasp would probably be my single target bread and butter. Definitely be taking and slotting the damage aura for free dps. AoE wise, irradiate is one of the best in the game, but everything else you have access too is pretty... bad. Realistically with soul drain being up every 30 seconds, and you having a massive damage bonus always... I think soul drain and irradiate, with your damage aura should be enough AoE. You'll have your nuke too. Pretty much all the other AoEs have really bad damage for the cast times. Shadow maul was changed recently right? I'm not familiar with those changes, maybe that's useful now? /dark's main issue is that touch of the beyond is really clunky. I feel like in both /dark and /elec, the sustain power should just be merged with the damage aura, kind of like /fire.
  2. With temps, some are more high maintenance, like the amplifiers from p2w, since they cost 2.5 mil each. I can understand not wanting to build around those. Others are really cheap, and it's just a matter of replacing them. Kinetic dampener is like 12ish (i think) percent s/l defense. It's a toggle that you can buy for pretty cheap (I think about 1 mil for an hour's worth). You can buy up to one hour of the temp, and you can turn off the toggle when you're not using it, so you won't waste any time. Basically, you COULD make a build with s/l defense in the 30s and then softcap with the temp, saving you some slots for other things. I feel like it's worth using the temp, because in most fights, you don't actually NEED softcapped defense, and 1 mil isn't that much for an entire hour of combat, especially if you're turning the toggle off when you don't need it. I can also totally understand not wanting to deal with re-purchasing it and remembering to de-toggle it, though. So, up to you! You can also use VERY cheap base temps (we're talking like 2 pieces of common salvage and one piece of uncommon) to get things like 30% +recharge, or +recovery, drain resist for fighting certain AVs, etc. They last for 1.5 hours, and I almost always run the +recharge one when PvEing.
  3. I mean, plenty of people have seen me do it, and plenty have done it themselves (because it's not a crazy achievement, and anyone can do it), including the people who made the asteroid farm map in the first place. But sure, indom server, @banana man. Idk if I can do 2:30 regularly anymore, but I can still probably do around 3 minutes, which is a little faster than most top tank/brute speeds. It's not about bragging or having a big head, it's about answering a player's question asking about blaster farming.
  4. I can make you an all purpose PvE build, or at least something to point you in the right direction. I'd ask a few questions first, though. 1. Do you use temps? (base temp for 30% recharge, kinetic dampener for s/l defense, amplifiers, etc) 2. Is fly a must? If it's a must, I can make a build with it, but combat jumping is pretty key on /fire blasters so you can get into good positions quickly to maximize your AoEs.
  5. I'd like to think I don't weigh in on subjects unless I have some sort of idea what I'm talking about. I don't farm much anymore, because I don't have any reason to, and I have a pretty short attention span for it. When I did farm, I farmed using an ice/fire blaster on maps functionally identical to the popular "Comic-Con" map set at +4/x8 with bosses on. I did full clears or near full clears in about 2 minutes and 30 seconds, closer to 3 minutes on the higher end. I can show anyone who wants in person. Anyway, I was talking about the fire secondary. Fire primary is like, maybe top 4? Also, you don't need a primary or secondary to mitigate any damage. Surviving on fire farms is insanely easy if you're built for it. If you're only fighting one group at a time, you could probably afk for a few minutes and not die... don't do that, though, because fighting only one group at a time is a very slow way to farm. You want to be fighting as many things as you can so you're not wasting any damage from your AoEs, and you're minimizing you're time moving/not casting. Every now and again you'll get bad RNG and take a bunch of damage, but you'll usually out-regen the follow-up, and if you're especially worried, you'll be gaining insps at a rate that you can spare a green. Indom 😄
  6. Basically any blaster can do it with the right build. -regen doesn't really matter because most AVs are going to resist it heavily, and blaster -regen debuffs are pretty weak to begin with. You want a lot of global recharge, a lot of damage, and ideally something you can slot a -res proc into and have it proc regularly. With dark blast you're gonna want to build for instant snipe and use that as your main attack. Moonbeam is the only good single target attack in the set, so you'll want a secondary with more damage options. I'd go with /fire. Dark's weakness in normal gameplay is limited single target damage, and bad aoe. AoE isn't as important vs AVs, but /fire is probably still your best move. It not only gives you AoE, but gives you more single target damage in fire sword, two damage auras, and burn (great place to put fury of the gladiator -res). It's the best blaster secondary in the game in the vast majority of cases. Runners up would be /dark (damage aura, decent single target damage, soul drain) and /elec (damage aura, very high dps melee attacks), but you'd see some fall-off if paired with dark blast, because both /dark and /elec lack AoE, both have really clunky sustain powers, and no reliable source of -resist. You might already know this bit, but I saw you were also asking about farm builds. Keep in mind that, for killing AVs, a standard PvE build will work just fine. On the other hand, farming blaster builds will typically require a very specific build, unless you're farming really slowly. Farm builds are in most cases gonna be terrible for killing AVs.
  7. "Whilst Homecoming is still undergoing efforts to become a legitimate operation, live broadcasts or uploads of gameplay footage are not permitted." Fire is far and away the best for any primary when farming (and usually in general). For farming purposes, the best primary with a secondary that isn't fire probably would get out-farmed by literally any primary paired with fire. Tldr: For farming: best primary/not fire < worst primary/fire Dark isn't great for farming, but its doable with /fire. The only powers you'd probably use from dark for a farm build are umbral torrent and blackstar.
  8. Posting videos is against the CoC so I can't give you a video. I can show you in game sometime. I'm probably easiest to reach via discord. I'm @S on the PvP discord and @CR banana man on the main homecoming discord. Kin is basically non-existent in asteroid farm runs. Most of what it offers is fulcrum shift, and you can damage cap for the entire run using t1 insps. I feel like the best buff/debuff secondaries would be things with aoe -res debuffs that are ticking patches, so they can hit more than 16 things (sleet, freezing rain, etc).
  9. A single ice/fire blaster can farm faster than a single brute, so I don't know that I'd call it a novelty. It's much more work than farming on a brute, or a tank (tanks are probably better than brutes now), but you can reach similar or slightly greater levels of efficiency. When farming with two people, ie one blaster + one tank or one brute, it starts to get considerably faster than running two brutes. Spines/fire scrappers could POTENTIALLY be better than anything, but it'd be a matter of how much saturation you can maintain on it. Fire isn't a bad primary for farming, probably top 4 for farming blasters. Atomic though is pretty lackluster, so you won't be out-clearing any min/maxed optimal brute builds on that. It can still work, it just won't be super fast. Incarnate wise for a farming blaster, I would use -Musculature (for proc rate and increased judgement damage, and having to pop fewer reds) -Ageless for recharge that won't mess up proc rate, and recovery -Degen interface (75% chance for -hp side) -Ionic judgement (max aoe version) -banished pantheon lore pet with the invincible pet to pull more aggro -Double-hit assault hybrid
  10. Orrrrrr you could come play too. lol.
  11. Apex is pretty fun and easy with tw/fire. Tin mage isn't that much harder, just more tedious because of all the goliath war walkers and their s/l res. Tw/bio should be more than able to do them too.
  12. You probably want your crit strikes proc in follow through, and I'd avoid slotting it with too much recharge.
  13. If you want to do a bunch of damage while still being basically just as durable, I'd run something like this with musculature, ageless, degen, and assault. You'll have perma hasten and then some, optimal proc rates, 56% damage bonus at all times, and much more single target damage potential. I haven't played SR, so the slotting might be a little janky, but I've played kat/bio. I realize the slotting on GD and SC probably looks weird, but it's good. You'll ensure your crit proc goes off as much as possible while still being in a power useful for doing single target DPS, you'll apply -40% resist on most targets, and you'll make up for the lack of slotted recharge with force feedback going off. | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1478;699;1398;HEX;| |78DA65544D6F1251147D0F06B114282DC596B614292D503E86A22E5C68BAB06A628| |BD6A26EC994BE52E2A410A0498D2B172ED5444DDCB8F4236EFC0F6ED5C63F50BF76| |BA686B627463142F734F691326991CDEB9F7DC7BDEDCF7C86FCEB95F5FBC332BA4F| |79C69341AC542A96ED46AAAEEC81BE54A49B41F27BD817DBE9857A652FABCD134D6| |8D70879D53AB6ABDA1F4C2467BB5A4564DB5A91AC2B558AD9A7AA1A6D48ADBFAB9A| |08C5A65BD3CB8BF5851F5C65AA5565C564DC36391172AE5B526A504CFD72A25BDD0| |34CC9B54B150DD308B79A3D154F55BC3E4274EEF3DA7C0D3D2C45BBB10394DD8DE0| |1DF336A5BC00F8CF9B64642E3921677A417D8C778D403F4325E268D844622C70DAD| |1B5A2F72BDD05E218D9D35767B80B9819FEC61609771708FF101E53AB00FC72B1BC| |79E331E7BC6987B017CC938E1E4B990463A53827381510AF4704CF46CA30E71BDEC| |47F6C2CFF05F5A8634B19C14C2C331E189708DAB94DF07AE0FF98BC4F5A36E3FF29| |688F323CF9F61EE217101CE7304FE70FFE17F8C2382F73CB26BB37A8FDD66CDD816| |C7256987586B1BDAE6DCF18FC04F8C8F282788FAC133049A5D8CC7587F3C05541AE| |35D5E47DE10FA355120ED28FB758C625F11CC32825946DD40CC328AD9DA491BC237| |0C0D49CBFFE409F6F4986261780A9FE69E936781F0189BE5DC18BCC4E0ED1A69277| |0BE26E0250E2F719CB738BC4CC3CB372A35857E5339AE339D06EA8CC92C7006F8B4| |7D71E82E50BF04FA2550378D3E69F44FA37F06FDEE9326857E29CC3483996630D32| |C6698C56CB398ED770AEB38ABFA2F9CE3DF8CD7A9EE0CCED40CE631A675EEB54D7C| |E5DAAE2FC0CF8C61AD738F5BF3C94E7E2B79A06D2F5B54B58BC9753127BB98535DC| |C4217B3A8C10231D2627A7CA2FD2D2C273BAECEBF8690B8197B079C4D467827BE4B| |D29A8AEF06EF7EF7B02EC1BA1F87B927FCE5E6FD04F802FF014E3EDB7D| |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
  14. What kind of fire blaster are you using to farm?
  15. If the question is whether or not you should slot more, it depends on how you're going to play and what you're gaining by not getting to 45%. 45% isn't that hard to get, so it's likely that you should try for it unless you're gaining some kind of really high damage bonus, or optimal proc slotting. Also, you can still have 45% defense without slotting for it if you use things like purples, or the super cheap and effective kinetic damper (I think that's what it's called) temp from the p2w, or the p2w amps.
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