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  1. Yes indom. I think there's some tonight at 9 est, actually. Hop in the PvP discord if you haven't already. https://discord.gg/ACfXPxK
  2. More subtle, earlier resets. If you're waiting til both your emps are down and you have blasters being cycled off your spikes to adapt, you're waiting too long. It's gonna be hard to flip a hard roll unless the other team really screws something up, so ideally you notice your own mistakes early enough to prevent getting rolled hard in the first place. I haven't been scrimming since I've been away, but I did play in one scrim with my team. In one of the games we were off to a sort of rocky start, so Vinnie changed up the targeting before things got too out of hand, and it worked out.
  3. I'm being told that due to the nature of these changes it's a fresh wipe with no copies. I'm also being told that you can craft without salvage now on test. I'm sort of split on doing this next event on test or live. I'd like to do it on test, but I realize higher prize pools may not be enough to motivate people to spend an hour or so just for this. Maybe I'll do a poll...
  4. Based on my limited and accidental testing, fiery embrace on scrappers, maybe tanks and brutes too does -nothing- in pvp currently Also, I'd encourage people to do some KBs on justin to see how this stuff is shaking out.
  5. Emp has always been a thing, originators for that would be like i4 players.
  6. Things being "viable" or "having a place" is based on circumstance more than anything. Those are really vague terms. Certain teams in the pre-i13 system could have rolled almost everyone else running blasters with randomized power-sets. But if you weren't running ice blast until issue 8, fire blast after that, or psi blast when it came out, you were hindering yourself, because those sets were outright the best. Those "good teams" could have run no blasters at all, instead electing to run peacebringers, and still beat 99% of the player base. But if you were running kheldians, you were hindering yourself. If you were running scrappers and tanks, you were hindering yourself. If you were running anything other than controllers, defenders, and blasters, you were typically hindering yourself. Just because it works against certain people doesn't mean it's good. Blaster secondaries other than /em were very usable, especially in duels, where things like devices, ice, and even elec were generally better than /em... I saw people have varying degrees of success on a multitude of builds across tons of ATs... but if you were dueling on anything that wasn't /rad, /cold, or mind/fire, you were going to lose to someone good playing those more often than not. One thing people don't often consider about the old pvp system is the combination of A: how much longer it usually took to level, accolade, and slot out characters; and B: how much harder it was to get accurate information about what was good and how to play it. Back then if you played something sub-optimal, you usually just stuck with it for a long time and made it work, and any advice came from your server's local RV population. Now, people get advice on a PvP discord full of veteran players and often have new builds level 50 and ready to go the next day. You did see more build diversity in the old system, but there is a very good chance that most of it was due to so many people playing sub-optimal builds (or playing optimal builds sub-optimally), allowing other sub-optimal builds to appear better than they actually were. For the record, I do like the pre-i13 system better. I think with the right fixes that system could be made to work again. Just "reverting back" right now would introduce many variables that we don't have enough data to make very educated guesses about (incarnates, sentinels), and would also introduce a ton of things that break the game. In i12 rules I could literally do 3-5000 damage in a 1 second window on a titan weapon/fire scrapper, about a third of which would be un-resisted.
  7. You can already do this by typing /arenalist
  8. The only thing more despised in this game than a Warshade.
  9. Banana Man

    PvP Bugs

    Warshade: essence drain: doesn't have a pvp value for damage. It does 47 damage instead of following the PvP damage formula, which would presumably make it much higher.
  10. Speed Instructor Casey TF. Solo.
  11. KB in the post-IO PvE world is negligible. Again, I'm not really feeling strongly either way on this change, but that part is not an opinion. Any character with a travel power can already get a free 4 KB protection, because slotting travel speed in PvE isn't needed unless you're going for a concept build or just enjoy going fast - ie, non-objective (but perfectly valid) reasons. Where do you really encounter KB mags over 4 in PvE? A few AVs? Pylons? That one earthquake event on that one TF where you go to a ruined skyway city? When you do need that extra KB res, the 10 KB protection base temp's cost is basically so low that the cost doesn't exist. I usually don't even bother getting the temp anyway, because one thing you can build for without much downside is soft-caped defense to everything, letting you mitigate over 90% of incoming damage on any build in the game while still having enough recharge to run perma hasten and enough damage to two-three shot bosses. In the rare event that I do get KBed in PvE, it's little more than a minor nuisance. As several others have already stated, you're greatly overestimating how much KB protection matters right now in PvE.
  12. I've heard some hype that you're working on this really cool AE story called JWTF? When can we expect to see that?
  13. Giving 20% slow res to everything actually is sort of questionable. Then again, you can slot like 80% slow res into every character now without that much commitment. What are the characters specifically that are having issues building into adequate KB prots for PvP?
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