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  1. Going to bump this since it is from April and almost 6 months since reported. Focused Accuracy for Sentinels is basically just tactics (for the entire team) so it wouldn't make sense for it to be shut off. Same with Frigid Shield being detoggled, as it is not an offensive toggle. Thank you.
  2. I like the idea of game balance, but I also like the idea of seeing underperforming sets be made stronger before nerfing overpowered sets. Obviously, the latter will take precedence. Seeing Force Field or Sonic get an absorb shield would be nice. Seeing -recovery/-end do something to mobs would be nice (it's nice in PvP). My question for the mods would be: what sort of questions could the player base answer to help you gauge what/where would be the best thing to look at? Or is this just being done by the lovely individuals over on the closed beta server so there isn't too much discourse that would influence it? I'm sure series of questions that could be answered without whataboutism would provide a lot more answers than emotion fueled responses.
  3. Should we sign up with what account/character we will be bringing or is it one character limit?
  4. For a quick glance, this looks more for PVE than PVP. Doesn't look like you used any PVP IOs which are a big deal. Plus your attacks aren't slotted with procs which will deal a lot of your damage. I know my info isn't helpful without a build to supply, but I don't have mids on a work computer. I'd check out the PVP discord for some help.
  5. I rarely see the devs comment on bugs like this. Posted something about Frigid Shield and Focused Accuracy on Sentinels being bugged (toggled off during mez) without a word from the devs. Same with a Martial Assault bug months ago. No word, but that one was fixed. So, good luck.
  6. Hey, it's been about a year since this post happened... any progress? Thanks, love pvping!
  7. if they remove PFF i am never doing hero side accolades again!!!!!!!!!
  8. The Good Boys (on Thin Ice) are currently looking to fill out our roster. Nothing specific needed, just consistency. We are all flexible enough to fill whatever role we need, so we hope you can be the same 🙂
  9. Thank you for this honorable mention.
  10. Hey, are you the same Killawar from Virtue? Glad to see you're back man!
  11. That is fair. Would it be more reasonable/feasible to just make a "max boost" booster (+5), then? I don't code/develop, so I'm not sure what level of work it would need to be.
  12. I only do it to showcase bugs I find 🙂 If that is a problem, I can stop doing it.
  13. With this patch, will there be possible progress on doing this for +5ing enhancements with boosters? It's currently a slog to +5 an IO.
  14. Correct. Neither of these are damage toggles or something that affects an enemy in any way.
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