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  1. Honestly, she sounds very professional. Owned up to her mistake and apologized. Offered a free piece. Sounds like someone who is actively trying to do the right thing. I'd request a commission from her in a heart beat with that level of professionalism (mainly because my supergroup already received a commission from her). She nailed our characters perfectly. I don't see any problem here.
  2. I am finally getting around to include a video of the issue. Thanks!
  3. I'd like to add my endorsement to the dab.
  4. Will there be any additional post made to locating the new PvP Zone badges or will it be "go, hunt, kill find badges?"
  5. There are 134,076+ Brutes. It is clearly the most picked archetype. We should delete brutes from the game. Additionally, please get rid of Arachnos Widows and Warshades as the one is the the least picked archetype and the other is a plague on this game.
  6. I think we should delete all the underutilized powers and archetypes from the flavor of the month thread.
  7. I don't believe the damage value changed.
  8. Could you also look at Call Hawk? The description on the power doesn't say it's moderate DoT, but it does 5 ticks of it. That's probably more of a text change, but I'm not sure. Up front damage might not be a bad thing for it.
  9. Hope this helps the devs figure out what powers could use a little love! Confront is pretty worthless, from the looks of it.
  10. Sinister Squad is where it's at. Good stories, fun characters, and cool people.
  11. I forgot I posted in here! But yes, while active defense is good, you might also want something that has some debuff elements. Earth with Earthquake, Dark with all of the -To Hit, or Ice with all of the Slow.
  12. A lot of people are recommending that sets be fixed based on the low number usage. While I'm in complete support of this, there will be a number of individuals who proclaim "Cottage Rule!" or "I actually use this power and it's great, you just don't know how to use it!" despite information clearly displaying it isn't very useful or it's just bad. I loved seeing this breakdown of selected powersets and combinations. I think it could definitely help the devs look into the sets that need some support (Trick Arrow, for example). I'd just hope that the devs focus on the betterment of the set and the support they have from community members, as opposed to not doing anything because a handful of individuals say "don't do it, it's my baby!"
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