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  1. The global channels for the server that I'm on are: Everlasting Everlasting Monsters Everlasting TFs Then there is also: RP OOC These aren't strictly Everlasting channels, but considering we are the unofficial rp server...they kind of are.
  2. I've written an opinion piece that as the title suggests, says that Statesman deserves better. To specify, this is Statesman the character, not the developer. There seem to be a lot of people who can't separate the two but in my mind they're completely different. It's also in no way trying to start a fight or say that the devs aren't doing enough. It's just my opinion, as a Statesman fangirl that the city should do better by him. I hope you enjoy it! I'd love any feedback you have on the piece. http://maressa.net/opinion/statesman-deserves-better/
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