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  1. Followup went fine, weekend just got busy. Might be able to color tomorrow night - we'll see.
  2. Yeah, hadn't made any changes, and image was still visible when I looked. Don't remember what the site was anymore, sorry. Long incomprehensible string, and not a site I recognized as one I've ever used.
  3. Works fine on my end, but I'm going to go ahead and move it to my own hosting anyways (I think I got that link from you, tbh).
  4. I'm glad to hear she's taking commissions still. I had reached out to her about possibly doing more for me, but then before I had time to get together references, her social media had all gone dark, so I didn't want to presume she still was available. I'll reach out to her again tonight.
  5. Flat colors is probably a good warm-up for getting back into art. I've got my followup on Friday morning, so if I get the all clear, I'll see if I can do some flats this weekend.
  6. Spider assassination attempt had an unforeseen casualty amongst members of the strike team...
  7. Sadly, more hand drawn art is probably going to have to wait until after my fractured pointer finger on my dominant hand heals. However, I am starting to play around with Daz3D, so maybe there will be some rendered art in the future.
  8. Managed to sneak in another donation! Haven't managed that since June 🙂
  9. Oh, I'm never going to argue that we can't use them however we want! I use sorcery on characters who have no hint of magic on them. I don't believe that the Legacy Devs had planned on locking them to specific origins. I will likely use Force of Will on many different characters, not just Mutants, too. I was just pointing out, that based on the options we were given, that was probably how the different origin pools were mapped out. (And of course, there's nothing that binds us to the Legacy team's intentions anyways...) 🙂
  10. Gadgets was likely Technology. Experimentation is pretty clearly Science. That leaves Force of Will and Utility Belt to slot in for the remaining two origins, Mutation and Natural. You can make an argument for Force of Will, but the others seem pretty clear cut in context of the other options.
  11. I think "Utility Belt" was the intended Natural Origin flavored pool.
  12. I believe the /coxg/ server retooled all the control sets to bring the pets up to the first power slot. So in that sense, the new powers are probably "balanced" against the other sets as they exist on that server, but would have to be shuffled back into the traditional power ordering to be implemented here.
  13. Right now, it averages about 15-20 minutes of open donations per month to meet the operating costs to run the servers. Until and if Homecoming comes to an agreement with NCSoft to legitimize the server, they don't want to raise more funds than the bare minimum required. Until one or both of these facts change, there is no benefit to putting banner ads on the forums. ETA: And that's not taking into account the fact that the bottom has pretty much fallen out from ads as a revenue generating concern, unless you are talking major amounts.
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