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  1. Man, that sphere is an annoying visual. Is there any way to disable it?
  2. Thank you so much!
  3. I only have a Mac. Could someone post the long-form version of this build for me? |MxDz;1476;669;1338;HEX;||78DA6594CB52134114867B3283DC8209D770270409102010716F5980542954A13C00350563328A499C192C5929EAC2AD6EF08ACA03F82ADE2D9FC095DCD49D977832FF4F4255BA6AF2A5FF73FAF439A77B66E1D64CF0CDDCE659A585A6D74CD75D9EC95DB7B3A697736A16D63DD3B373595DC9A896A7BF645B9ECE653D27B7969C73CC9BB6B771348F963DCEB9AEB9BEE62567B39693DE389AAABAC59C2C5BCA5BD66A83FFF7BC9DCE7876361DF267F396B96A396EC6CE078FE6793176CDE6ED956439F882B962C98FEB59CE46BB64169767CCCFB3380A01F5423064A8C02BF225F83D50F251EAA12066A85DD13468BA
  4. Hola heroes, I have needed to take a break from the game for 7 months because of the pandemic. Can anyone summarize what's new in the game during that time? (Also, is there a place akin to Paragonwiki where I can see new enhancements that have been added since Homecoming?)
  5. Hello. I am a Mac user using Tequila (32-bit) to run Homecoming in High Sierra 10.13.6. When I "Show Package Contents" in Applications, I see the below directory tree. I have been trying to bind_load_file C:\Games\coh\data\io.txt or lowercase "c" or just /bind_load_file io.txt with the file in /data/ or in the root of /coh/. No luck: always says "Unable to read in keybind file io.txt". Any suggestions on how I might type a valid path?
  6. I spend a great deal of time leveling up doing the same things with every alt for accolades. Killing longbow, running mayhems, ghost pirates, vampyri and warwolves, Rikti monkeys, etc. I know I can do whatever I want and then come back and do all these things for zero XP at level 50, but it's really the idea of accolades requiring basically the same thing every time that bores me. So, my idea: determine however many hours it takes to earn the seven major stat-boosting/temporary buff accolades currently (using alignment-switching) and assemble a selection of missions that take about that l
  7. Agreed. The accolade is usually within reach at level 35 with the "Bad Luck" badge, except for this weird hoop.
  8. This is a neat guide. For those of us without Mids (I'm on a Mac), could you post the verbose version of your build at some point?
  9. Does that include the hybrid slot? Trying to uncode Paragon wiki's old notes with the current state of the game...
  10. Now that I have reached level 50 (yay) is there a reason to keep gaining XP (incarnate abilities?) or is it smarter to turn it off and gain more inf?
  11. Anyone up to doing a Wine Bottled version of Pine's for those of us who don't speak 1337?
  12. Okay, so this is more of a sigh and wait for level 50 project. In the meantime, I'm pretty darn accurate! :) <sighs> <waits for 50>
  13. Hi, I see the yellow circle around my snipe power (psi lance on a defender) occasionally when I level up, and see on the old Paragon Wiki that Issue 24 was going to make it instant-cast if you had 22% or more toHit. I tried increasing my *accuracy* in the power to 22% but that didn't work so I figured it was global toHit, so at level 22 I 4-slotted Exploit Weakness (7%) and Positron's Blast (9%) and added a Kismet: Increased toHit (6%) to Stealth. But that combination of slotting enhancement sets didn't work either. Now I see from the power's "Detailed Information" that I need *97%*
  14. Just started playing again recently. So, how are alignment missions and morality missions working nowadays? I see some different notes on patches and in threads. 20 hour timer per 5 tips? Hero/Villain merits? What about if I play as a Rogue/Vigilante?
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