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  1. It would be nice to have the ability to project blasts from different points. Eye beams, hand beams, chest beams, etc.
  2. Is the "overperfomance" of the set based on SOs or IOs? I'm sure at 50, built with incarnate powers and IO sets titan weapons is amazing, but what about before all that and with just SOs?
  3. May I file a petition to change the set name to Antimatter's Blast?
  4. I don't love the nerf of tar patch here. I'd rather see a buff to defenders' version rather than bringing the other versions down. Dark miasma and dark affinity are both fine- they do what they do and are good sets. I'd rather not give people fewer reasons to play support sets. People will avoid them if they are weaker. There's also time invested in existing characters. I have three storm summoners at 50, fully IO'd (soon to be four). I love the set- it does a couple things well and while freezing rain is a great power, it's never felt like I am breaking the game. It's gonna feel bad to have these powers be less effective, even if the performance change is relatively minor. Again, a buff to defender numbers, or just maybe having a sliding AT scale where certain powers go to the full scale, while others don't always have to. I think looking at sets holistically rather than forcing the imposition of the single modifier in all situations is the better move.
  5. This is a nerf that isn't too painful which is the best kind. 8% regen is much less common and therefore less likely to conflict, so it seems pretty much perfect now.
  6. I wonder if removing the recharge bonus would be a better option than swapping the range defense to AoE defense. We still have the Posi Blast set that has the recharge bonus, so maybe having the option for ranged defense without the recharge would be a nice addition.
  7. Defrib would be nice if it did a small radius AoE stun or hold to enemies at max stacks- gives it more utility and give the set more options. As it stands I think the set's Rez feels like a power to skip every time.
  8. I agree with this- the comparison to obliteration is apt.
  9. Bombardment looks great! I think with the lower recharge bonus Posi will still be better for many builds. I also agree on the damaging end mod sets. Having a small damage amount in the Synapse set in particular will sting. Getting to 80-90% would be nice since the goal here is to boost the end mod properties of a damaging attack. Changing recharge/end mod to damage/ end mod might be the best option.
  10. Bombardment seems amazing. I like the suggestion of Dam -> Acc/Dam and Acc/Rech-> Dam/End/Rech to help with the high end cost AoEs that will love this. It could even drop the 6.25% recharge down to 5% and still get slotted over Posi.
  11. My Spines/Fire farmer is named A Means to an End. Because, well, she is.
  12. Hi. On an archery/ninjutsu sentinel on Everlasting, no weapon appears when the animation for sting of the wasp plays. No option exists for weapon customization for the ninja tool weapon either (though maybe that's intended?) Thanks!
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