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  1. You can also go to the Tiki Lounge in Pocket D (which conveniently is where the VIP teleporter drops you) and talk to Tina the Body Sculptor on the walkway across from the door.
  2. This is more based off a personal problem, but perhaps some people will agree with me. I like roleplaying. It's fun to make your character a real character, rather than just a bio and a pile of stats. But it sometimes feels like I'm wasting my time hanging out in Pocket D (even when it's a lot of fun!) because I could be out in the city grinding missions and getting XP. I remember hearing that the philosophy for Homecoming was that all modes of play should be equally rewarding. Should that include roleplaying? I'm not suggesting anything drastic - you obviously don't want people power levelling while AFK - but a steady trickle of experience if you've got the new Roleplaying tag on (and you haven't earned any other xp for some time) might be a nice concession. I remember many roleplaying servers in games like Neverwinter Nights would actually track if you were talking near other people and you'd get XP that way. Hell, even just accumulating patrol XP while logged in and roleplaying might be nice. Is anyone with me on this or am I just daft?
  3. Just for reference the redside mayhem contact is called Lord Schwienzer. I cant for the life of me remember the blue one though. Agent Hassan I think?
  4. PBAoE is Player-Based AoE, and almost always refers to effects coming from your own character, so it should be around the Corruptor.
  5. Unfortunately there's no inherent option to alternate costume pieces. Champions Online allowed this, but it wasn't possible in CoX outside of certain specific costume pieces (like the robot arms, peg leg etc) and those can't always be modified. Edit: that said I have heard rumours that some of the volunteer devs are looking at making this possible.
  6. Hi Flash, love your style. Could I have a rough quote on what a standard half body shot might cost? 100 quid is a bit steep.for me this month, but I'd be interested in the cheaper option.
  7. ...there were catgirls. On the old forums there used to be 'last night' threads where people could recap any important conversations, shout out memorable pieces of roleplay, and just generally discuss the night's goings on. I figure that Pocket D is pretty bustling nowadays, so it would be nice to have one for here. (The last night rule isn't strict! Feel free to bring up events from a little further back or you like.) Please keep the thread free of drama and flaming, kthx <3
  8. Hello from the West Midlands, where bread is cobs and Greggs is a restaurant 8)
  9. Character: Continuum (Gravity/Time Controller) Account: itsyagirl Battlecry: <unintelligible>
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