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  1. I decided to go to the Shadow Shard for the first time since starting to play HC, and for some reason I thought the portal tothere was located in the little courtyard to the right of the main entrance to Portal Corp in PI - it's got a helipad and some police drones in it. I asked in chat and nobody could remember any portal there at all on live. Is this just my memory playing with me, or can anyone else remember any sort of portal (and some npcs and whatnot stood around) in that location on Live? I know how to get to FBZ now btw, lol, but for the life of me I swear I can recall someth
  2. I also would have jumped at it but I dont have discord (dont even know what it is tbh, but I dont need another channel for communication and discussion and whatnot) so I just assumed I was excluded.. MCM
  3. I didnt mean to insult you, I was confused at some of your stated approach, for example having SOs at lvl 50 and not using inspirations. The tutorial teaches us how to use inspirations, for example, and I was surprised at a lvl 50 player not knowing about their usefulness. There's nothing wrong with powerlevelling, I hasten to add, if that's your cup of tea then its all good. Just that when you said you were 'rolling' a lvl 50 I thought you were somehow being able to have a fully powered lvl 50 without levelling it, as I usually see 'rolling up a character' to mean creating a new o
  4. Can we roll up toons at the level cap now? I’m confused as to how OP has a lvl 50 he doesn’t know how to use. MCM
  5. I’ve not had much experience at all with Masterminds. Can we choose the gender of the human pets such as ninjas, thugs etc, or are they fixed, or random? MCM
  6. I came here as someone who really doesn’t like the perma-night at all, but the poster who pointed it it’s only one month and we get 11 other months with daylight made me realise that the game isn’t just for me. And I can cope with a few more weeks of gloomy downer overcast weather in game by remembering that somewhere out here are fellow gamers who ARE THE NIGHT! And they are very happy with the perma-Dark. I’ll be jumping for joy when the sun comes up over the Striga island volcano, but until then, carry on 😄 MCM
  7. To the poster commenting about ‘Depression’, my sincere apologies, I used ‘depressed’ lightly not as a description of an actual clinical diagnosis. Depression is a serious illness and I shouldn’t have used that phrase even though it’s commonly used by people who are lucky enough to not suffer from it. I will try to remember not to use it in future. As for the topic, I’m not going to stop playing ofc, and I’m v happy that other players are loving the Long Dark Lol, I’m always happy to see my fellow CoH players joyous over something even if whatever it is i
  8. I think it took me well over a year, maybe even 2, to get my first 50 back on Live lol. I always had altitis, so at that point I might have had a few more in the low 40s.
  9. I had 36 alts back on Live but only a few at lvl 50, and now I have 9 at lvl 22 or so. I’m a story-hound so I very rarely farm, and even when I do it’s on occasions such as getting to Doc Delilah at lvl 19.5, where I need half a level to unlock her arc, do I’ll go do a DiB until I hit 20. I have done the moon map farm a few times when i couldn’t get on a DiB I have done The Hollows, Faultline and Montague Csstenella umpteen time’s now and I have got to the stage where it’s kind of like farming, the various maps and missions are so familiar lol. Some people have said they farm becau
  10. The Halloween event is cool but good god Paragon City is depressing being constantly dark. A whole month of darkness is too long I think. One of my GFs started playing recently too and we’re currently in a Striga and I don’t want her to think the game looks this gloomy all the time lol. Is there daytime anywhere in the game heroside for lvl 30 and under apart from Ouro? MCM
  11. I’ve done the Hollows arcs ten times in the past few weeks, getting alts up towards lvl 15 to take them to BB for shivans. Hate the pumicites but I’ve grown to love Frostfire and his moron. :D MCM
  12. I was here when Perma Haten was created. I am so proud. MCM
  13. I haven’t had much difficulty against the Vahzilok for some reason, and I’ve recently taken 10 toons from 1-15 doing The Hollows and Midnighter, Vahzilok Pollutant Plot and Lords of Death arcs, but the goddam igneous are doing my head in. Why? Because they run about like they’re on amphetamines and the goddam knockdown from having rocks thrown at my head makes me AAARGH lol. I don’t have any toons above lvl 16 yet, but I look forward to hating the carnie illusionists and Malta sappers and gunslingers all over again. As someone else said, I’d fight Malta sappers every day until my d
  14. I thought this said ‘Kinkdependence Day’ for a moment. Was not the thread I expected. 😂 MCM
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